With the window open, Qianqian was able to hear what Ji Shuyang had just said while she sat in the child’s seat.

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He said she was Xiaoxiao’s uncle.

But isn’t uncle her own uncle? Why did my uncle say that he is Xiaoxiao’s uncle?

Moreover, my mother’s younger brother is called uncle, but Xiaoxiao doesn’t have a mother. Why is her uncle is also Xiaoxaio’s uncle?

Qianqian still didn’t understand the relationship, she only remembered her uncle’s words that he was also a Xiaoxiao’s uncle.


In the back seat of the spacious Bentley, Huo Xiaoxiao leaned over the window to watch Ji Shuyang and her mother who were gradually moving away.

Despite the fact that her unreliable uncle nearly killed her, she has no problem with Ji Shuyang and even finds him a little comfortable.

Whether it was towards Ji Shuyang’s desire to protect her, Huo Xiaoxiao still doesn’t want her father to do bad things and she didn’t want Ji Shuyang’s leg to be really interrupted.

This time, count on repaying him.

Huo Xiaoxiao thought.

The car window slowly went up.

“Huo Xiaoxiao, sit down. ”

Huo Xiaoxiao retracted her hands and head, and sat down.

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Huo Suicheng glanced at Ji Shuyang and others behind the car, “Why can’t others remember, I just said your uncle once, do you remember so clearly?”

Huo Xiaoxiao looked at him seriously, “Because my dad was going to break his leg, I was very scared, so I remember it very clearly. ”

“Then you can forget him now, because Dad promised you that I wouldn’t break his leg. ”

“……okay. ”

Xiao Wu, who sat in the front passenger car, seemed to understand, turned his head and glanced at Huo Suicheng, and uttered an understanding, “Oh-so last night…”

Huo Suicheng raised his eyes.

Xiao Wu shut up and turned his head.

The driver turned a corner and drove away from kindergarten street.

“Your birthday will be in two months.  Do you plan to celebrate the occasion in a specific way?

Huo Xiaoxiao really has no idea about birthday party celebrations.  For her, it was just another birthday and she didn’t want anything out of the ordinary.

Mainly because she doesn’t like birthday parties. Adults have often used their children’s birthdays as an excuse to eat, drink, and have fun with their friends and family.

“You can do whatever you want. ”

“Throw you a birthday party? ”

“Yes! Then I want to invite Yi Qian and Zhouzhou to come to my birthday! ”

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Huo Suicheng turned his head and glanced at her, “Who would you most like to attend your birthday party? ”

Huo Xiaoxiao was still talking about Yi Qian and Zhouzhou for a second.. So when Huo Suicheng asked, she thought she was being asked to choose between Yi Qian and Zhouzhou, so she ignored the word “most.”

She had already been confronted  with this type of multiple-choice question by Yi Qian and Zhouzhou.

“I hope Yi Qian and Zhouzhou are both there, because they are my best friends! ”

“Is it? It seems that you have a good relationship with them. ”

“When I was in school, they all took good care of me, so we have a good relationship. ”

Huo Suicheng gave a meaningful “hmm” as he slightly retracted his gaze.

“Will my father give me a gift on my birthday? ”

Huo Suicheng sat back in his chair and answered the question with a casual glance at the screen of his tablet, seemingly absent-minded, “You are not a child of one or two years old, what more do you want for a gift?”

“…but why can’t I ask for a gift? I’m not that big either.”

Huo Suicheng paused with his hand sliding the screen, turned his head and glanced at her, and said very perfunctorily, “Say it again.”


Obviously, he came up with the idea first, and then he  do things half-heartedly,

Forget it, don’t be angry.

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Huo Xiaoxiao persuaded herself not to care about him.

“Then I won’t have a birthday party. ”

“No? How can it work,” Huo Suicheng finally gave her a look. “At that time, let Aunt Zhao dress you up beautifully, and dance for everyone at the birthday party. Maybe there will be other aunts asking if you can sing or play the piano, Huo Xiaoxiao, What will you do?”

“…”Her dad really knows how to hurt people.

It is intentionally embarrassing for her if someone will ask her that question?

She can neither dance nor play the piano, but she can sing, but even if she sings, someone has to dare to listen to it.


“I… on my birthday, why should I perform these? ”

“What did you tell me when you came back from a birthday party at a child’s house?  You said that kid was awesome. He danced and played the piano at his birthday party. Now your birthday is coming, why are you questioning why you have to perform?

“I’m not shy, I don’t want to be in front of so many people.”Huo Xiaoxiao mumbled in a low voice, “Embarrass.”

Huo Suicheng was almost unable to hold back his laughter . He turned his gaze back.

“Dad, would you dislike me if I couldn’t do anything?”

“How can I dislike you? ”

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“…also. ”

Huo Xiaoxiao, on the other hand, believes that she will need to learn in the future and acquire new skills, but she does not want to put too much pressure on her body, lest she will be unable to do anything when she ventures out in the future.

The vehicle slowly drove into Huo Mansion..

Huo Xiaoxiao got out of the car and ran into the mansion happily.

Xiao Wu got out of the car and handed the key to the security guard, and he asked Huo Suicheng as he walked: “Brother Cheng, Ji Shuyang, that kid, just let it go? Is it true? Don’t pursue it anymore? ”

Huo Xiaoxiao heard it at the tip of his ears, and turned his head, “Brother Xiao Wu, I heard everything you just said! ”

“…” Xiao Wu smiled, “Kid, go in and play, brother and your dad are talking about things. ”

“Dad promised me not to interrupt my uncle’s leg, why are you still asking!”

“What are you asking?” Old master Huo  smiled as he walked through the small side door to the garden on his right and clearly heard Hup Xiaoxiao’s last sentence.

Xiao Wu quickly said: “Master, it’s nothing. We are just talking casually.”

Huo Xiaoxiao looked at her dad’s expression, the little flame in her heart hadn’t been extinguished, coupled with her dad’s cold posture in the car, she said seriously: “Grandpa, I met my uncle at the entrance of the school today. Daddy said he wanted to break my uncle’s leg, but my dad has already promised me that he won’t break his leg. Brother Xiao Wu asked Dad just now if he could break his uncle’s leg. I said…Dad promised me that he wouldn’t break his uncle’s leg. Why he is still asking? ”

Old master Huo looked at Huo Suicheng,“……?”

Huo Suicheng looked at Huo Xiaoxiao and sighed helplessly.

Xiao Wu moved two steps back, lowered his voice and hurriedly said to Huo Suicheng, “Brother Cheng, I’ll go first. ”

“Xiao Wu, if you dare to run, I will break your leg today! Dad, listen to my explanation… Hiss–”

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