The senior executives were trembling with fear. They looked at each other and quickly followed.

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When they came over, Lu Heting was in a good mood. They didn’t expect him to be so angry all of a sudden. The higher-ups couldn’t help but glare at the middle-level manager. It was all these insensible employees’ fault. Why were they gossiping instead of working during working hours?

These managers were also complaining. They had originally thought that the higher-ups would come and check on them. They had arranged everything well and prepared everything so that they could leave a good impression on the higher-ups. Who knew that this ignorant person would ruin it?!

The middle-level manager scolded angrily, “All of you have nothing to do, huh? Lu Group is paying you a generous salary for you to gossip, huh? Besides, everything is just a rumor. How dare you openly slander the company’s A-list female artist without clarifying anything? You must be tired of living!”

The male clerk’s head dipped lower.

A female employee said, “Camilan has already clarified it. Didn’t you see? Director Camilan personally went to retrieve the surveillance footage of the coffee lounge. The surveillance footage shows that Su Bei didn’t even touch his hand. Su Bei just handed Director Camilan a bottle of mosquito repellent from S Country!”

The middle-level manager was so angry that he cursed the male employee.

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On the internet, Camilan had cleared things up before Su Bei did. He pulled up the surveillance footage from that night and showed everyone the most controversial part.

Su Bei had indeed handed him a bottle of repellant, and he reached out to take it.

Their fingers did not touch.

The video that Sheng Xiaotang provided only caused a misunderstanding because of the angle. The two of them seemed to be holding hands, but in fact, they didn’t even touch each other.

This surveillance footage was a slap in the face for the anti-fans.

The surveillance footage was pinned at the top for the entire day.

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This was a day when the anti-fans were seriously mocked. [Anti-fans, come out and take a look. The matter is so clear. Why aren’t you saying anything? It seems that you’re blind and can’t see.]

[Su Bei has already proven her strength with the acting skills she showed in the previous two movies, and Director Camilan has never used an artist who doesn’t match the script of the movie. However, others just have to continue to spite her. Look at how the tables turned in the end.]

[Everyone should focus on the movie Mother. I’ve never been disappointed in Su Bei!]

[This mosquito repellant is super handy. Really. I used it when I was traveling abroad.]

[Su Bei recommended a national product to a foreign director. She’s simply the best spokesperson for our country. However, people actually said those things about Su Bei. What were they thinking?]

The passersby who were watching the show previously were also stunned by Su Bei’s down-to-earth actions. “I’m really going to be a fan of Su Bei now. She has spared no effort in recommending our country’s products. She’s simply the spokesperson of S Country. By the way, this repellant is really useful. Go overseas and give them to your friends. You don’t have to bring anything else. Just bring the repellent.]

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After some time, the netizens had long forgotten about Su Bei’s scandal. All they remembered was Su Bei’s pious look when she recommended the repellant.

At first, everyone was just watching the drama unfold, but now, they were happily sharing all kinds of useful products and medicines from S Country. In an instant, this trending topic turned into a large-scale recommendation session.

Su Bei also gained a large number of rational middle-aged fans.

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