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Just as Halo Academy lived up to its reputation as one of the best educational institutions in the world, the facilities of the hostel were amazing enough to leave your eyes wide open.

First of all, it was basic to have a single room per person, and the room itself was very spacious. It was not a one-room apartment, but an apartment of almost 20 pyeong.

There was even a device that could control the temperature of the dormitory as if by magic, as well as a refrigerator. I have no idea what it was, but it had to be done by magic.

‘It’s got to be good.’

This was a fantasy world where previous lives’ common sense had been horribly shattered. There were a lot of monsters that drop even meteorites right now, but it was common sense.

I entered the hostel after taking a look around. There was a comfortable bed, a desk, and everything else I required.

It was extremely satisfying.


I found clothes neatly laid out on the bed in a familiar color. I dragged the suitcase and walked towards the bed.

As I got closer and checked, it was the uniform provided by Halo Academy. The top was a white shirt, and the pants were black. In addition, there were several clothes that could be worn over the shirt.

Since Minerva was an empire with four seasons, it seemed to fit the seasons. I looked around at the school uniform that seemed to fit my body perfectly.

‘They measure your clothes before, and you pay them right away.’

To be honest, wearing a school uniform was preferable to wearing regular clothes. Even if you dress simply, you will wear the same outfit every day.

I eventually put on my school uniform for one trial. There was also a full-length mirror, which made it easy to check my appearance.

“Suup… No matter how you look…”

I looked like a girl disguised as a man. My face resembled my mother’s, my lines were pretty and thin, and my body was also slim. Of course, it was better than being ugly.

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I hung my uniform on a hanger and started unpacking. To be honest, I only had a few books, clothes to wear on the weekend, and finally a manuscript. It was something to take care of.

“Now is the time…”

I unpacked everything and checked my watch. The current time is 4:30. Slowly it’s time for dinner.

I wanted to enjoy a meal together with my older brothers and sisters, but they are busy. It’s impossible to call someone who’s already busy over trivial things like this.

I thought about just starving myself, but I was curious about how the rice was served here, so I decided to go. I can write a manuscript during that time.

“Oh, right. Paper.”

So, first of all, I needed to know where the manuscript paper was sold. I had brought a lot of spare, just in case.

There were no pencils and erasers here, so if you made one mistake, you had to discard the manuscript. Because of that, there were many times when I got angry or spit swear words out of my mouth.

“Puetch! Oh, damn it.”

Just like right now.

While writing the manuscript as I was running out of time, I suddenly sneezed. The manuscript was smeared with saliva and the ink smeared.

I couldn’t help but frown now that I was almost at the end of one page. But what could I possibly do? It was sad, but I had no choice but to throw it away.

I transcribed the manuscript onto new paper before tearing it up, then ripped the remainder of the paper into shreds and threw it away.

However, my concentration was broken by the sneeze, and I was forced to put down the magic pen.

“The time… only thirty minutes have passed?”

Since it’s like this, let’s eat and look around the academy. I stretched to loosen up my slightly stiff body and prepared.

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I debated wearing a school uniform or not, but I didn’t see the point, so I went out in my regular clothes. I remembered to bring the pocket money and student ID that my parents had given me.

By the way, the student ID was magically processed, making forgery impossible. If it had been possible, the country would have taken them directly. Also, the student ID was issued before admission.

“It’s really spacious.”

I toured the inside of Halo Academy in earnest. When viewed from the carriage, it looked like a castle like Hogwarts, but the inside was completely different. It was safe to say that it was another city or village

Buildings for lectures, as well as libraries, bookstores, shops, clothing stores, restaurants, blacksmiths, etc.

It really had the shape of a small city.

However, they were not randomly mixed but were well separated. Well, if it was mixed up, it would have felt a little cluttered

It was as if they had designed it as a city and not as an academy from the beginning.



“Is there a manuscript here?”

“What manuscript paper are you talking about?”

“This kind of material.”

Buying manuscript paper at the store was easy. Take the paper you prepared in advance and show it to the store owner and you’re done.

Also, the price of paper was very cheap. The widespread availability of books suggests that papermaking technology was quite well developed.

I looked around the store to see if there was more to see and went outside. There were many strange things but not enough to attract my attention.

‘Shall I go to a bookstore?’

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On the way back to the dormitory, I suddenly remembered a bookstore I had seen on the way. I know that the building was quite large like the large bookstore in my previous life.

So far, with the help of my parents, I had only given manuscripts to publishers and had no idea how my books were selling. It wouldn’t hurt to see it at least once.

Therefore, I turned to the bookstore on my way home. The road was already memorized in my mind.


[Currently, all volumes of ‘Xenon’s Biography’ are sold out. We sincerely apologize to our guests.]

“… …”

At the entrance, an unusual phrase was written. It was not even published recently, and all the books were sold out. Was this really true?

As I looked at the phrase with a stunned face, a woman next to me said in a sharp voice irritated.

“I-I. Really! I’ve only read 5 books yet! When the hell is it coming out?!”

“Hang in there, Marie. The publishing house said they are only printing Xenon’s biography, so it will come out someday.”

“When the hell is that one day?! You said that it was sold out even when you came here!”

The noise made me wonder about her face. I turned my head and saw the woman who was making a fuss.

She looked stubborn because of her frown, but she was a cat-like beauty. Uniquely, she had snow-white hair and blue pupils.

The man who was sweating to calm the woman was presumed to be his brother. Although the facial features were different, the color of the hair and eyes matched perfectly.

As I was thinking about it, the woman’s hysteria continued.

“You said that if you enter the Halo Academy, there will be a Xenon biography! Were you lying to me?”

“Well, that’s… I’m sure it was until yesterday.”

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“How many books?”

“…there were three books for volume six and none for seven.”

“Are you kidding me now?! You should have bought it for me!”

“Marie. As you know, Xenon’s biography is blocked by a rule that one person can only buy one. Don’t you know that a gang who used to be a hoarder in the past was arrested?”

I was dizzy now.

I’m not sure about anything else, but I’ve never heard of book hoarding. He’s not smuggling anything.

Unfortunately, the white-haired woman looked at me as I was laughing in bemusement. Then she became even more enraged and yelled at me.

“Hey. Who are you? Did you just laugh at me?”


“Let go of me. Did he laugh at me?”

“I’m sorry. Don’t worry about it and go on your way.”

“Let go! Let go of me!!”

The woman named Marie stared at me far and wide as she was dragged along by her brother. Even as they left, I had no choice but to stand still, nailed to the feeling that a storm had passed.

But thanks to this, I was able to realize a little how my current novel was.

“…let’s eat some rice.”

I think he’s also a new student, so he won’t be assigned to the same class, right?


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