Hush Now, Saintess!

Hush Now, Saintess! is a popular light novel written by Hi My Dear . The story is translated to English and covers Comedy, Fantasy, Romance genres. releases the latest English translated chapters of Hush Now, Saintess! and can be read for free.


I transmigrated into a crazily disastrous novel and came to possess the body of ‘Roella’, a fake saintess who’s destined to die young.

‘No, but is there some sort of trend of dying young?’

A moment of despair. A determined plan to survive.

When the real saintess comes out, I’ll just say, ‘I knew it, I guess I’m a fake!’ then stand down!

The perfect plan provided a moment’s repose.


〈 Mission : A villainess, but forcibly turning over a new leaf!

1. Raise your reputation

2. Apply the automatic curse word filtering

※ Penalty in case of failure : Death within six months of the real saintess’ appearance

※ Compensation upon success : Survival

Would you like to accept this mission?

( I want to ♥ / YES! ) 〉

A ruthless system window with no conscience appeared before my eyes.

* * *

To ensure my survival, I followed what the system window said.


“The best Saintess of the empire!”

“Cursing at the Saintess is the same as cursing at me, so I won’t let this go.”

“She’s here. This era’s number one Saintess!”

What the. Seems like my reputation went up too much?

And to make matters worse.

—Ah, this crazy…!

“Ah, how cute…!”

—What did you say, you f*****!

“What did you say, you cutie!”

Because of the mayhem that the filtering brought on, I guess the cursed imperial crown prince even got swept into this kind of misunderstanding?!

“I’m… cute?”

No. That’s not what I meant.