Lin Xiang’s threat! Lin Yuan’s counter-threat!

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“Oh?” Lin Yuan’s expression remained unchanged for Lin Xiang’s response.

Lin Xiang and the Chen family had a good deal of cooperation. They couldn’t just let it go to waste and accept failure, so Lin Yuan was called over.

And Lin Yuan had it known a long time ago.

Lin Xiang propped his elbows on the desk, his two palms stacked together, and his chin pressed against the back of his hand.

Then he smiled at Lin Yuan and said, “Xiao Yuan, you can’t do anything against the Chen family. If you want the Lin Group to enter into a full hostile relationship with the Chen family, I won’t mobilize at least my staff and my resources to help.”

“You’re too young. Don’t you know how fierce the Chen family is? The Chen family’s roots came from Yanjing and they know a lot of giants in Yanjing. Also, there are many top assassins and organizations that have a good relationship with the Chen family.”

“If you make the Lin Group hostile to the Chen family, it is tantamount to betting your life, your parent’s lives, and even our lives in a game.”

The weight of threat in Lin Xiang’s tone is already very heavy.

Lin Xiang’s words sounded a little weird.

Some places are vague and strange.

But Lin Yuan understood.

Lin Xiang’s words are a threat.

Lin Xiang didn’t regard Lin Yuan as a young man, nor did he think that he could open up so many channels and establish relationships with so many big families as a young man.

But Lin Yuan could understand.

Lin Xiang’s points are very clear.

There are mainly three points.

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The first one is that he refuses to allow the Lin Group to enter the pharmaceutical industry and fight against the Chen family.

The second is that, if Lin Yuan still insists, he will not use his resources to help the Lin Group.

The third is that confronting the Chen family will threaten the lives of Lin Yuan and his family.

As to whether the killer will be under the hands of the Chen family or him, is not clear.

It was too ambiguous.

The meaning of his threat is already stark.

Lin Xiang didn’t want to make what he said more direct.

Lin Xiang wanted Lin Yuan to concede, but the threat was real.

Lin Xiang stared at Lin Yuan’s face.

But what disappointed him was that there was not even a trace of fear on his handsome face.

There is not even a small sign of fluctuation.

He just had the smile that made him palpitate a little.

Lin Yuan just smiled, turned on his mobile phone, and suddenly said to Lin Xiang, “Uncle Lin Xiang, take a look at this.”

Lin Xiang frowned slightly, not knowing what Lin Yuan was up to.

However, Lin Xiang said, “It’s useless, whomever you cooperate with and whatever channel it is, are useless. Uncle Lin Xiang disagrees with this matter and won’t help you take such a risk…Tianyi?!”

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Looking at the scene displayed on the mobile phone Lin Yuan handed over, Lin Xiang’s eyes widened.

He originally thought that Lin Yuan handed him the mobile phone to let him see other channels he has secured and who else he worked with.

He thought that Lin Yuan wanted to use that again to convince him.

But it wasn’t the channel or the information about whom he worked with as he thought.

It was a video.

And the person in the video was his precious child, Lin Tianyi!

Lin Tianyi’s background seems to be in a rather gloomy room.

Lin Tianyi was half-kneeling on the ground. There were two strong-looking men around him whom he could only see the legs, but he could tell just by looking at their legs.

There was a lot of redness and bruises on Lin Tianyi’s face.

Although Lin Tianyi is useless, Lin Xiang really loves his precious son because he was his only child.

Seeing Lin Tianyi’s appearance at this time, Lin Xiang felt very distressed, and a storm surged in his heart.

“This is…” Lin Xiang was shocked and was ready to ask Lin Yuan how such a thing happened.

“How could Lin Tianyi be in such a place. Where is that place in the video?”

Lin Yuan directly interrupted, “Keep watching.”

Lin Xiang looked at the screen.

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Then he saw Lin Tianyi on the screen with a frightened expression and was crying. “Dad, save me! These kidnappers said you should promise them one thing, and if you don’t, they will kill me. You need to promise them!”

Lin Xiang felt heartache when he heard Lin Tianyi’s words.

Regardless of what seemed to be behind the video, Lin Xiang stood up.

“I am going to the police! Thank you Xiao Yuan for telling me that my son was kidnapped!” Lin Xiang got up from his chair, and while talking strode out with Lin Yuan’s mobile phone.

Lin Xiang passed by Lin Yuan’s side, and his footsteps suddenly speeded up secretly.

But one hand suddenly grabbed his arm.

It was Lin Yuan who caught him.

Lin Xiang looked back and showed a slight pain on his face…

Because although he saw Lin Yuan holding his arm lightly, he felt as if he was clamped by pliers tightly, and it felt a little painful.

Lin Xiang tried to struggle.

However, Lin Yuan who was grasping his arm like pliers was motionless.

He was obviously fat and plump, while Lin Yuan had an ordinary figure, even thinner.

But he still couldn’t move.

Lin Xiang looked at Lin Yuan who was holding him, and when his eyes met Lin Yuan’s, he felt like he was being stared at by a tiger.

For an instant, Lin Xiang didn’t dare to move.

“Uncle Lin Xiang, where are you going in such a hurry? At this time, shouldn’t you ask? What is the promise your son pertaining to?” Lin Yuan looked at Lin Xiang indifferently.

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He knew that Lin Xiang was just pretending to be a fool.

And Lin Xiang was indeed acting stupid just now.

He said he was going to the police to catch the kidnappers.

But in fact, when he saw the video, he had already guessed that it was Lin Yuan who kidnapped and tortured his son Lin Tianyi.

He knew that those people in the video are Lin Yuan’s people.

He was afraid that after Lin Yuan showed him the video, an ambush could be waiting for him, or there could be someone who would kidnap him in the office.

He wanted to get out and flee directly.

But he didn’t expect that Lin Yuan would not need more men, as Lin Yuan was enough to hold him down.

Lin Xiang’s arm was hurt by an unbelievably terrifying force.

Lin Xiang didn’t pretend any longer to be stupid and asked Lin Yuan directly, “You kidnapped Tianyi, right?”

Lin Yuan smiled and nodded.

“He is your brother!” Lin Xiang roared angrily.

“Okay. Uncle Lin Xiang, stop pretending to be crazy and listen to my terms first.”

“You…!” Lin Xiang was extremely angry and his eyes were burning.

Then Lin Yuan said directly: “Give up all the voting shares you own and I will give you a proportional conversion into preferred stocks that can enjoy income dividends but cannot intervene in the decision-making of the Lin Group.”

“Also, cancel out all the involvements and communications between you and the Chen family, and I will let your son go.”

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