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Chapter 1572: 1572

Chapter 1572: Three Lives Fist

The Heaven Battling Ranking Competition would be held every 500 years to decide on the strongest Saint in existence. That was an activity jointly organized by the Guardians Guild, Guangling Palace, Immortal Road Chamber, and Celestial Alliance. The top 1,000 Saints of the competition would be entitled to join the four organizations, obtaining the support to break through into the Rebirth Realm.

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Of the four superpowers, the Guardians Guild was regarded as the leader. But after the changes that had happened over the years, the three other superpowers were slowly becoming more and more prominent than before.

After all, the Guardians Guild had suffered a large number of casualties in their fight against the devils. Many of their valiant cultivators had perished while protecting the dominion. As for their guild master, he had been missing since his battle with the aliens during ancient times. In fact, the guild master’s disappearance was the main reason for their drop in status.

The numerous Saints of the world would participate in the Heaven Battling Ranking Competition. Even the non-human races would participate. Although they couldn’t enter the ranking, they could still obtain what they needed from the competition because the competition would be held on a certain ancient battlefield.

An uncountable number of Saints had perished on that battlefield. Even the inheritances of God Realm experts could be found there. No race could resist the allure of such treasures.

One year before the competition, countless Saints headed toward the Central Region. The ancient battlefield was located within a certain spatial node in the air above the Immortal Dynasty. One could only enter the sealed ancient battlefield through the spatial node.

The Immortal Dynasty was the oldest and strongest dynasty in the Central Region. Thus, they occupied the best geographical location in the Central Region. It was rumored that they had deep connections with the Immortal Road Chamber.

Even as countless people started heading toward the Immortal Dynasty, Xiang Shaoyun still remained in his seclusion. The Ziling Sect members were already becoming anxious, worried that he would miss out on the competition.

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Within the cultivation chamber, two Xiang Shaoyuns could be seen cultivating in two different spots. His main body was constantly absorbing and releasing energy, circulating the astral energy through his body and astral cosmos sea without stopping.

Massive changes had happened in his astral cosmos sea. The astral cosmos sea was akin to a material world. It was covered by nine different energies, while the profundities of nine powers were branded upon the astral cosmos sea. The brands greatly resembled the brands on his nine-colored lotus soul foundation.

The brand of each profundity was of a different color. They all intersected with each other, forming a massive cycle of energy that constantly nourished the astral cosmos sea. Within the astral cosmos sea, each brand took on a different basic form of the elements such as soil, water, and fire to form a complete ecosystem.

If the astral cosmos sea was able to grow to a high enough level, the brands would become the basics of life, and numerous different life forms would come into existence within the astral cosmos sea. Anyone would be greatly shocked upon seeing such an astral cosmos sea. Who would have guessed that an astral cosmos sea could be transformed into an actual world?

That was definitely something that had never happened before and would not happen again. These changes were the results of Xiang Shaoyun cultivating over the past six years. He made use of his growing comprehension of the profundities of powers to deepen his understanding of the numerous powers. His comprehension was what had been changing his astral cosmos sea.

The two strands of God Realm energy from Venerable Yuan Shi had been fully absorbed, pushing him into the Great Saint Realm. The two strands of energy were incomparably powerful. A regular Heaven Battling Realm cultivator would have directly become a peak pseudo-God or even a God with them. However, that wasn’t possible for Xiang Shaoyun as he required too much energy for each advancement. It was already impressive enough that he could reach the Great Saint Realm.

After becoming a Great Saint himself, Xiang Shaoyun no longer feared anyone in the Heaven Battling Realm. Not even pseudo-Gods could be his match. His devil cultivation had also reached peak Great Devil Saint Realm. He was only a step away from the pseudo-Devil God Realm.

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As for his clone, it had transformed into an actual god soul under the nourishment of his astral and devil cultivation. Its combat strength had progressed far beyond what it was previously capable of.

An ordinary person would find it hard to display the strength of a God even after obtaining a god soul. However, Xiang Shaoyun had the memories of his previous lives. After pushing his soul into the God Realm, three sigils surrounded his soul, giving it an incredibly mystical appearance. With the sigils, the God Realm laws he had mastered during his previous lives were fully branded into his soul, granting him the ability to fight at the level of Gods.

At the same time, his body had also been pushed into the God Realm, granting him an actual god body. Any weapons at the pseudo-god and saint grades would not be able to harm him. In fact, his physical strength had reached the level of an ordinary third-stage Rebirth Realm cultivator. One could say that Xiang Shaoyun had obtained an extremely terrifying combat strength. That was the most perfect form of his Primal Inception Physique.

Apart from all those gains, Xiang Shaoyun had also improved significantly in his battle techniques. After fusing the various techniques and his comprehension, he had created a three-stanced fist technique. The fist technique consisted of countless permutations. It might not be stronger than the Cosmos Dao Destroying Fist, but because it had full affinity with his Primal Inception Physique, it was definitely not weaker.

With this fist technique, he could maximize the strength of his primal inception energy and unleash an unbelievable might. He named the technique Three Lives Fist.

Each fist represented an entire lifetime. One could only imagine how powerful it was. After all, it was a technique he had created when he was branding his God Realm powers of his three lifetimes into his god soul.

First fist, Current Life!

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That fist was all-embracing with countless variations. It contained the bumpy beginnings of his current life, granting him the ability to seal and predict the movements of his opponents.

Second fist, Past Life!

That fist represented the lifetime he spent conquering the battlefield during his previous life. With one punch, he could enter a truly offensive state of being, combining the dao of the devil and the dao of death to obliterate all life.

Third fist, Future Life!

That fist contained his accumulated comprehensions over his three lives. With his mastery of formations as the anchor, his fist could transform into a fist formation that could seal the world, sending all opponents into the endless cycle of reincarnation. It was a unique fist he had created after combining the dao of formations, the dao of time, and the dao of primal chaos.

One begets two, two begets three, and three begets all things.

The Three Lives Fist was a combination of all possible permutations in the way of the fist, making it comparable to the top battle techniques that had been created by the ancient experts of humanity. However, the Three Lives Fist was still a newly created technique. For it to maximize its potential, it still needed to be tested in real combat.

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