I Am Overlord

Chapter 1574: 1574

Chapter 1574: Punching Through the Aliens

The incoming warship was the weakest among the warships in the allied alien army. The strongest God on the ship was only a fourth-stage God. Even so, this warship was still powerful enough to completely overpower a regular organization.

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After killing the three-limb goblin without much effort, Xiang Shaoyun attracted the attention of the experts on the warship. In their memories, humans should be much weaker than them. However, the two humans they had encountered so far were both incredibly strong. Because of that, they started wondering if the records they had seen about humanity were right.

“Leave or die,” said Xiang Shaoyun coldly.

The biggest threat to the dominion was the aliens, not the devils. As a part of the dominion, Xiang Shaoyun was naturally unwilling to see these invaders wreak destruction in the dominion. Since his master was a lord guardian, he definitely couldn’t bring shame to his master’s name.

“Leader Wan De, let me put him in his place,” offered an alien.

That alien was a pseudo-God, much stronger than the three-limb goblin.

“Do not be careless. Our mission is to ascertain the location of humanity’s ancestral grounds. For now, don’t create too big of a ruckus. We need to wait until the main army is here. At that time, we will be able to conquer humanity’s ancestral grounds,” said the leader.

“Yes, I won’t embarrass you, leader,” said the pseudo-God alien. With a bone club in hand, he walked out and said, “Human, come and accept your death!”

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He then released his aura of a fourth-stage pseudo-God. A dark force field started creeping toward Xiang Shaoyun. The force field transformed into countless tentacles that attempted to surround Xiang Shaoyun. Not only did the dark energy in the force field contain poison, but it could also interrupt one’s vision, causing one to be slowly poisoned to death within the forcefield. In fact, the poison in the force field was no weaker than the Dark Devourer Clan’s poison.

“Looks like none of these aliens are weak,” said Xiang Shaoyun with a sigh. He formed numerous hand signs, releasing one fiery dragon after another. Instantly, nine flaming pillars appeared and approached the pseudo-God alien.

The alien’s poison was unable to do anything before the flame. The nine pillars were able to rapidly approach the alien. Looking at the incoming pillars, the alien raised his brow and screeched as the energy around his club took the form of a skeleton. The skeleton brandished its claws and attacked the incoming pillars.

Baleful Spirit!

Boundless dark baleful energy swept out, stopping Xiang Shaoyun’s flame attack. The pseudo-God alien was truly not to be underestimated. The alien had thought that he would be able to destroy all the pillars with one attack, but when the two attacks collided, he discovered how powerful the flame was.

He erupted with more strength and channeled more dark baleful energy into the club as he said, “I refuse to believe that you’re really that strong!”

Xiang Shaoyun remained calm as he continued controlling the pillars while smiling. “Is this all your strength? How disappointing.”

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He released even more flame energy, transforming the nine pillars into nine roaring dragons. The flame around them intensified by more than 10 times. The flame around the pillars surged as the ambient flame energy in the surroundings converged in the nine pillars. The profundity of flame was activated fully as the power of the flame was pushed to the top intensity.

The ruthless flame instantly burned through all the dark baleful energy in the air as the nine fiery dragons turned material and charged at the alien. The dispersal of the alien’s energy threw his aura into disorder. He looked at the nine dragons in panic and hurriedly retreated.

“Can you escape?” said Xiang Shaoyun coldly as he brandished his arms, causing the nine dragons to accelerate. Instantly, they reached the alien and swallowed him.

“What trash. Duo Na, Xue Cang, go. Take him down,” said the leader called Wan De.

At his command, two peak pseudo-Gods stepped forth. Behind them, 18 Saints stepped out as well. Evidently, they were preparing to gang up on Xiang Shaoyun. The two peak pseudo-Gods were incredibly near the God Realm. Both were incredibly talented. As they released their auras, they locked onto Xiang Shaoyun. The 18 Saints formed a formation and sealed their surroundings. So long as Xiang Shaoyun tried to escape, they would activate the formation to kill him.

Myriad Chaotic Elephants!

Grand Blood Dome Palm!

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The two pseudo-Gods did not waste any time and instantly attacked with their ultimate techniques. Numerous massive elephants appeared around them. The elephants trampled forth, their steps causing space to collapse due to the terrifying force of their stampede.

Additionally, a bloody hand appeared above them. It was as though the hand had come from the depths of hell. A terrifying blood baleful energy covered the sky as the palm descended with an unstoppable force.

When Xiang Shaoyun sensed the might of the two attacks, his battle intent surged, and he said, “I’ve been cooped up in cultivating for years. Looks like I’ll get a good practice fight today.”

Three Lives Fist!

The moment Xiang Shaoyun pulled his fist back, primal chaos energy started manifesting around him, filling the area with a bleak aura. An unstoppable intent started invading the willpower of everyone in the vicinity, reminding them of all the hardships they had gone through in their life. Once again, they suffered the bitterness of life. In the face of the Three Lives Fist, their willpower started falling apart.

The seemingly simple punch carried countless permutations and unstoppable might, directly blasting the myriad elephants and bloody palm into nothingness. With one punch, one’s entire life was reduced to nothingness. The two aliens were blasted into pieces, and their souls were also destroyed as easily as paper.

With one punch, two peak pseudo-God aliens were killed. That was Xiang Shaoyun’s current strength. The 18 Saints were completely stunned. How could they stop such a destructive attack?

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“What a terrifying human. Everyone, join hands and kill him!” commanded Wan De with a look of astonishment in his eyes.

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