Chapter 29 [Post-processing left to the others, preparation for the next trip.]

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When I returned to the village, Gash-san was giving directions inside the earth wall and immigrant women were all preparing to distribute the food after the emergency.
When I confirmed that there were a few adventures to defend the village while entering the village, Gash-san rushed over when saw me and Tet.

“Chise-san! Are you okay?”
“Yes, I am all right. More importantly, are you alright on your side?”
“Yeah. No one’s injured, but…”

The women who were planning to immigrate here were peeping at us, looking uneasy.

“For the time being, all the problems have been solved, but the adventurers that went up the mountain should be coming back with their reports. Putting that aside, I’ll head to the bath first and then rest.”
“Ah, sure. Got it.”

He didn’t seem to understand, but he sent us off as he noticed Tet’s appearance and the repulsive odor on me.
Then, when we reached the river where the bathhouse was located, we found that it had been completely ravaged by the monsters due to it being located outside the wall that surrounded the village.
The blindfold curtain had been torn down and there were still footprints where the monsters had passed through.

“Well, let’s erect a barrier then take a break.”

I randomly rinsed the area with water magic, then washed Tet’s clothes, leather armor, and sword while I was at it.
The ogre leather armor had some minor nicks on it, but probably since Tet’s mana repaired the few nicks on her magic sword, it was still in one piece.
Then, after lightly washing off the filth with water, Tet and I used a fireball to heat up the river water we filled into the bathtub.

“Phew, I’m tired.”
Majo-sama, Majo-sama. Tet has gotten much stronger! I protected everyone!”
“Yup, That’s great, Tet.”

I poured hot water over Tet’s head and washed it repeatedly with shampoo to remove the filth off her hair.
I remembered that when I entered the village, there was a gap in the earth wall that was not there when I flew into the forest.

“Come to think of it, did Tet prepare the entrance in the earth wall surrounding the village?”
“Yes~nanodesu. They were saying that going in and out was inconvenient, so I made it after defeating most of the monsters!”
“That so? You did your best, didn’t you?”

I praised Tet while I ran hot water through her hair and rinsed out the filth over and over again, which made Tet grin happily.
However, since it was an emergency situation, I created the earth wall, but considering the future expansion of the village, I wonder if it would be better to remove it.

“Well, I think further discussion is needed with Gash-san for that.”
“Majo-sama, is something wrong?”

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“No, it’s nothing.”

Then, after cleaning off the filth from the sudden incident in the bath, I returned to the village.

“Ah, Chise-san, Tet-san. Welcome back. I heard what happened from the people who went to the mountain. Good work.”
“As expected, we don’t got the tools so we ain’t disassembling it anytime soon, but we scattered monster repelling scent balls around the corpse.”

Gash-san and the adventurer leader who came back were both explaining the situation to me.

“Chise-san is really fine with just the hydra’s Magic Crystal for her portion, right?”
“Yes, that’s fine. Please sell or eat the remaining parts as you see fit as long as it benefits the village.”
“Got it. They told me about your request just a while ago too, so I’ll accept. I, personally, am not satisfied with this, though…”

Gash-san seems to also not like the one-way donation.
However, it seems like he’s holding himself back from saying it.

“Ah, that’s right. I have something I want to ask you, but is that okay?”
“Sure. What is it?”
“What do you want to do about the earth wall Tet made? It seems like it’d get in the way of the village expansion. Do you want to put it back how it was before?”

Most of the earthen wall that surrounded the village is great as a monster protective wall, but it’s not good for the expansion of the village.

“There was a monster rampage, so we’ll leave it there for the time being.”
“Really? It’ll get in the way of the village expansion, you know.”
“It can’t be helped. Also, there’s some room to develop inside the wall. More importantly, the immigrant women are uneasy, so even just an earth wall that can protect them from monsters should give them some peace of mind.”

Prioritizing the feelings of the residents over the gains, I can understand.

“Sure, but it might be inconvenient to be just be enclosed a wall, so prepare a few places which I’ll tear down so that you can use them as entrances and exits.”

In the beginning, the reclamation project was in shambles and a mess, but now he’s got things together and got a proper response.

“Well then, I also—”
“Yes. Here’s your request completion letter you asked for. This is the three week’s worth for assisting the reclamation project. Here are the three weeks of assistance for the development project. Also, I separately added a few days worth of wages for directly helping the reclamation project.”

Tet and I both receive the request completion letter.

“Well then, once I receive the hydra’s magic gem, I’ll leave this village. I’ve been in your care.”
“No, if we did not have Chise-san, we surely would have failed. Also, if you didn’t subjugate the hydra, it would have been worse. Thank you very much!”

Gash-san and the rest bowed their heads as they said that.

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After that, I left the rest to the villagers to deal with the monster rampage, then I went inside the hut I borrowed and spent the rest of the day doing nothing.
At night, we were served meat from a burnt piece of the hydra that had been scraped off.
Depending on the hydra, there are some poisonous types, but fortunately this time, it was a water hydra so it was suitable for eating.

As for the taste, I felt like the fatty white meat seemed to be similar to eel.
The meat served on skewers had a firm and crispy texture.
There are some delicious monster cuisines, but personally, the way they cooked it was not so good, so I cut the hydra meat into thin slices, baked it to remove the fat, and ate it grilled without seasoning.
Mmmm, it tastes pretty good. This flavor makes me want to add soy sauce.

When adventurers and immigrating women saw this, they badgered me to make them some grilled hydra which they enjoyed.

Three days later—

Now that the request is complete, we are staying in the hut we borrowed in the reclaimed village, waiting for the hydra to be disassembled.
In the meantime, I entrusted the cooking and laundry that I had been doing until now to the women of the village.
I walked around the village with Tet, fixing up the roads and the plains that had been damaged by the monsters, and carrying the corpses of the monsters that Tet had defeated to a place some distance away, where they were burned to dispose of them.

The soap grass is still growing properly, and the medicinal herbs are growing even though they were devastated by the monsters. As expected, they’re filled with life.

I spent some time admiring the strength of the medicinal herbs used to make potions, then finally, they dismantled the hydra and took out the magic gem.

“Hydras have a smaller head and a larger body. That’s why these are all for the two of you.”

The magic gems taken out of the four heads of the hydra, except for the fifth head that I hid, were of different sizes, but they all had a beautiful blue color.
Also, the extra-large magic gem in the body, which was used to maintain its regenerative ability, was an egg-shaped magic gem about 80 centimeters in length.

The size of the magic gem is equivalent to the strength of the monster.
I thought it was a B+ to A- rank monster, but if I was unlucky, it might have even been A-ranked.
After receiving such a monster’s magic gem and putting it in my magic bag, I gave a brief thanks and gave my farewells.

“Well then, I’ll be heading back to the town and report my request completion.”
“…Why don’t you wait until the next wagon comes?”
“If I wait until then, I’ll feel like settling down here.”

I left the village together with Tet, while Gash-san and the rest looked reluctant to part with us.

“We’ll come back!”

Seeing all the people in the village gathered to send us off, I didn’t look back at them, but only gazed at the road before me while Tet kept looking back and waving in exaggerated motions.

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Then, as we passed over a hill where the village is no longer in sight, Tet spoke to me.

“What is it, Tet?”
“Why are you crying?”

I was reincarnated into another world and didn’t have any particular purpose or goal in mind.
I was reincarnated by the Goddess Liliel, who told me that all I had to do was live a long life.
It’s not like I didn’t want to become a hero then have adventures that no one has ever experienced before.
I have no memory of when I died, but perhaps because I was reincarnated, I had a vague feeling of not wanting to die.

Having been thrown out onto the plains, I was unsure of what to do so I sought power.
I raised my level, gained skills, increased my mana pool, and increased the number of things I could create.
I gained a powerful skill, [Origin Magic], which controls all attributes, defeated a hydra, and became a competent adventurer.

“Majo-sama, why is Majo-sama so sad?”
“I’m not sad…”
“Majo-sama, are you hurt? Or, are you lonely?”
“I’m not hurt and I’m not lonely because Tet’s here…”

I’m shedding tears, not understanding what I’m feeling right now.
Since I arrived in this world, I have dealt everything dryly.
Most of the time, I have directed my emotions only to the Tet, my own creation.

“Majo-sama, what do you want? Tet will look for whatever it may be if it’s for Majo-sama.”

I feel like I was searching for something.

“…I don’t know. I just don’t know.”

However, I haven’t been satisfied with a single thing in this journey up until now.
Overwhelming magical strength, wealth, none of that satisfies me.

“I don’t know. I have no idea…”
“It’s okay. Let’s search for what Majo-sama wants together.”

I clung to Tet’s body as I bawled.
Then, I understood.

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As I was suddenly reborn in this body, I have no one to call my parents, and I have no home.
My roots are only from the goddess Liriel, who invited me to another world, made me choose my skills, and reincarnated me.

Even so, I have vague memories of my previous life, and I have feelings for a homeland that does not exist in this world.
This homesickness led me on this wandering journey.
That’s why, I felt that this village I helped to reclaim could be my new home.

That’s why I was drawn in by it.
But, it was different.
Due to the existence of my [Creation Magic] and Seed of Magic, I will continue to increase the amount of mana I possess from now on and one day, become someone alien to them.

“Tet, I get it now. I’ve been looking for a place to call home. A place where I belong.”
“Is that what you want, Majo-sama? If that’s the case, I’ll search for as long as you like!”
“You’re right. We can do that, or create a place that will become a home like this time.”

If that’s the case, my purpose has become clear.

Stuff like the culture that existed in Japan can be recreated by analyzing what was created with my [Creation Magic].
I’m sure I’ll live a long life, especially since I’ll continue to eat the [Seed of Magic] and my mana will continue to increase.
I’m going to search for a place where I can peacefully spend my time strongly, righteously, kindly, and satisfied from the bottom of my heart.

“My own personal place that I’ve created myself.”

I finally received my true desire.
Then, it felt like the world before me opened up.

“What I need is land, isn’t it? After that, to run a company to earn money, then a CEO-like position.”

If I travel all over the world as an adventurer, I’ll be able to find a piece of land.
If I complete a request, I’ll earn money.
Then, as my adventurer rank goes up, I’ll be able to gain status equivalent to a CEO.

“Thank you, Tet. Once again, you’ve helped me decide on the purpose of my journey.”
“I see. I’m glad.”
“Well then, I feel better now that I’ve cried. Let’s quickly get our reward and lead off to our next journey.”

Thus, I broke into a run towards the city of Otto where I accepted the request.
However, as a result of me using flying magic halfway through and Tet continuing to run at full speed with her body strengthening magic, we traveled a two-day carriage distance in merely half a day. Quite a funny story.

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