Chapter 30 [My next destination is decided by where the fallen staff points.]

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We returned to Otto City and reported the request completion.
The E-rank request for logistical support was one silver coin per day, so roughly 60 pieces for the two of us combined.
Since it was an E-rank request, there was no direct connection to raising our rank as we were D-rank.
However, Gash-san’s request for help with the reclamation project was accepted worth one D-rank equivalent per day, and together with the additional compensation, the two of us would receive about 15 small gold coins.

“In yen, it would be 1,500,000 yen ($13k~$14k), huh? It’s quite a well-paying job.”

Well, if you think about modern-Japan standards, it’s like having a private high-powered heavy machine.
Now that we have become a little rich again, we kept only what we needed in silver coins and deposited the rest in our guild cards.

“Well now, let’s buy a map. Let’s buy a map so that we can find a suitable place to live.”

Tet and I went around the town in search of a map.

“That’s right. There’s no way there’d be a map…”

Basically, there’s no need for a map for the average person, as many inhabitants usually live their entire lives without leaving the town they were born in.
Even if there is a map, it’s just a note of where and how far you can go along the road to find the neighboring town or the road along the way to find a forest or a village. That’s the extent of the note written down.
In addition, highly accurate maps are used to determine invasion routes in wars, and so on, so they’re a strategic good and top-secret information.

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Therefore, they are not sold to the general public.

“What I was able to get my hands on was a map of the area, sold at the adventurer’s guild. Also, a travel journal written by some random person.”

If this is the case, we will have to go in the direction that is not marked on the map we have, then get a new map of the local area and connect them together.
Or, if I gain a connection with a royal family, I may be able to get a map of their entire nation.

“Also, a travel journal might not be a bad hint.”

It must have been written by an author who writes a lot.
As I read through the journal, there was one place that I noticed that I was interested in visiting.

[The Empty Wilderness. I set foot in a place called the Empty Wilderness. A place where only the dull-colored ground extends forever. A place where not a single plant nor vegetation grows after a certain boundary line. A place at the end of the world where no human being can live. A place said to have become barren due to divine punishment or god’s curse. I ran away from the place, terrified by the nothingness. I cannot help but imagine that an evil god resides in the depths of that land.] [Empty Wilderness]—Those words captured my heart.


“It would be nice to find some forest that seems easy to live in, but if this Empty Wilderness is really devoid of people, I’d like to go there.”
“Majo-sama, why do you want to go there?”
“Hm? Because it seems so empty, I guess.”
“Wherever Majo-sama wants to go, I’m going too!”

However, I don’t know where this [Empty Wilderness] is.

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For that reason, I checked the direction on the map, then held my staff straight up.

“’Let’s rely on God to determine the direction. Go—”

When I took my hand off the staff, it slowly fell down and dropped in the southeast direction.
That direction is probably the way towards the dungeon city near the royal capital.

“Well then, let’s go to the next place.”

We set off on our trip again, following the road southwest.
This time, however, we will not take a stagecoach, but walk off the main road and collect any herbs, no wait, defeat any monsters that we see.

The reason for this is to earn chump change by delivering herbs to the next town and collect small magic gems suitable for Tet absorb.

“Majo-sama~, Majo-sama~”
“What is it, Tet?”
“I want one of the hydra’s magic gem.”
“Ahh, not the big one, but the small ones are okay.”

When I handed over two of the hydra head’s magic gems that I defeated, Tet immediately swallowed the smaller magic gem with one big bite.

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*Crush* Tet swallowed the magic gem happily, making chewing noises one would not really want to hear, then smiled.

“Ahh, it’s so delicious its seeping through my entire body~”

Tet suddenly mutated after swallowing the dungeon golem’s magic gem and dungeon core, but her appearance hasn’t changed much for now.

[Tet (Eartnoid)]

Golem Core MP: 14,400/14,400
Skill: [Swordsmanship Lv4] [Shield Arts Lv3] [Earth Magic Lv3] [Superhuman Strength Lv2] [Mana Recovery Lv1] [Subordinate Strenging Lv1] [Body Strengthening Lv5] [Regeneration Lv1] etc.

Tet learned to use mana to strengthen her body through mock battles with adventurers, and she gained the hydra’s special characteristic [Regeneration] skill from the hydra’s magic gem that she just ate,
She had also acquired various other minor skills from her past experiences.

“Honestly, Tet sure is great.”
“Hm? Majo-sama praised me! I’m so happy!”

Her speech and conduct seemed a bit childish, but she’s a genius who immediately memorizes what she’s told just once and masters it.

Then, I checked my own status.

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Name: Chise [Reincarnator] Lv50
HP: 750/750
MP: 6250/6250

Skill: [Staff Arts Lv1] [Origin Magic Lv6] [Body Strengthening Lv3] [Mixing Lv3] etc.
Unique Skill: [Creation Magic]

Overall strength, Tet is stronger, probably.
However, I’m properly growing.

“My aging will slow down, which means that my growth would slow down as well, right?”

If I increase my mana, how much would my aging slow down?
If I increase the amount of mana I possess from now on, my aging will become even slower, and I predict that I’ll become eternally young once I pass a mana threshold.

“I’ll be 12 forever. I’ll become a Loli-baba. I’m shuddering with just the thought.” 1

I am going to be looked down on more often than not because of my young appearance.
I want a countermeasure to that at some point.
I hope that my eternal youth will be fixed at around 17~20 years old when human physical capabilities are at their highest, but that might not be possible.

“Worst case, I could increase my mana by an enormous amount and make myself look like one with illusion magic.”

‘It would be a waste of mana, but the [Seed of Magic] would make that possible,’ I thought, as I created a new one and bit into it while going ahead together with Tet.

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