I Became A Squirrel Seeking For The Villain

I Became A Squirrel Seeking For The Villain is a popular light novel written by Anonymous. The story is translated to English and covers Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo genres. Lightnovelreader.com releases the latest English translated chapters of I Became A Squirrel Seeking For The Villain and can be read for free.


I became a Shinsu squirrel capable of stopping a mana rampage. It’s said that a Shinsu can become human if it absorbs a large amount of mana. However, my current owner had a significantly low mana level.

I was determined to become a human in whatever way possible, hence I approached the child who would become a villain in the future, and absorbed his mana.


I used my front paws to absorb the stray mana.

“Kyu kyung!”

I even dealt with wicked servants throwing acorns at them.


He looked pathetic and lonely, so I patted him till he fell asleep…

“Uh… mmh.”

I never imagined I’d become a human being-

“Ni- nice to meet you?”

Certainly not in his bed!

* * *

In the main plot, the evil boy is summoned and taken to war. Initially, the mana rampage was intense, and his personality became twisted. But now that I’ve relieved his suffering, he’ll grow up to be a decent grown-up, right?

I was even adopted into a really nice place after becoming human. However…

The evil child had grown up and returned as a young man, and his condition was rather alarming…