Chapter 98: Catching the Eagle

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Once the smoke had drifted in the room for a while, this suspicious individual swaggered into the room and proudly laughed without an ounce of shame, “Hiding for several days can be quite suffocating, but now… now I can let loose.”

He was none other than Eagle, and he was a lustful man. Obviously, he had no women during his time in hiding. It was just like he said: suffocating.

This morning, he coincidentally happened upon a beautiful woman in this district. After a bit of inquiry, he discovered that this teacher lives alone.

Eagle couldn’t help but move in accordance with his desires.

But for the sake of safety, he chose to do this early in the morning.

After all, this is the time when a person sleeps the deepest.

He successfully infiltrated and used the smoke to ensure that the beautiful teacher would stay asleep for quite some time.

“Should take her out of here first…”

Eagle muttered to himself, his hand fumbling throughout the room in search of a light switch.

She was a beautiful woman, and Eagle didn’t want this to be a one-time thing. No, he wanted to savour it.

Thus, it was best to leave with her.

If he does it here, not only will the relief be temporary, but his trail would also be exposed.

After all, he couldn’t guarantee that she wouldn’t be screaming wildly once the smoke cleared.

But if he took her somewhere quieter… he could do whatever he wants.

Eagle fumbled for a while, before finally finding the switch.


The room immediately lit up.

But contrary to his expectations, he found someone else in the room, someone other than a woman who was sound asleep. There was a boy standing there; he looked less than 20.

What terrified him the most was that the boy looked at him with a smile.

“You… who are you?!” Eagle asked in shock.

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“Sorry, you’re not qualified to ask questions.” Wang Haoran kicked Eagle’s crotch. 

[Ding! The Host cuts off the Protagonist, Xiao Yifeng, by rescuing the heroine, Song Zhenyu. Receiving 400 Villain Points!

Xiao Yifeng’s Protagonist’s Halo -10! Host’s Villain’s Halo +10!]

He fainted from the pain.

It wasn’t a light kick either, so he can forget about having i*********e in the future.

Wang Haoran squatted down and slapped Eagle ten times to wake him up.

The eagle’s forehead was dripping with cold sweat, as he looked at Wang Haoran in horror.

“Now, I’m going to ask you some questions. You’re to answer honestly, understand?” Wang Haoran casually stated.

“I- I understand.” Eagle nodded.

“Where are you taking this woman?” Pointing at the unconscious Song Zhenyu, Wang Haoran asked Eagle.

“To an abandoned factory.”

Hearing this, Wang Haoran secretly complained.

‘Same old, huh?’

Xiao Yifeng was guarding the security booth at the district gate.

Eagle can’t fly, and he can’t walk through walls. So if he really intended to take Song Zhenyu away, he’d have to pass through the gate. That’s when he’ll meet Xiao Yifeng.

When that happens, Xiao Yifeng will be the hero saving the beauty.

“Who instructed you to kidnap Qin Yunhan, the daughter of the Qin Group?” Wang Haoran got straight to the point.

“I don’t know… ah!!!”

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After giving that answer, he screamed and fainted. His crotch was kicked again.

In less than a minute, Wang Haoran woke him up again with another big slap to his mouth.

“Who instructed you to kidnap Qin Yunhan, the daughter of the Qin Group?” Wang Haoran repeated the question just now.

“I really don’t recognize… ah!!!”

Eagle fainted again, before quickly waking up again.

“Who instructed you to kidnap Qin Yunhan, the daughter of the Qin Group?” Wang Haoran repeated the question again.

“Stop, just listen to me!” The eagle sternly said.

Wang Haoran’s foot stopped in midair.

The eagle was so frightened that his soul almost flew away, before quickly giving his answer as fast as he could:

“It’s a woman. When we met, she was wearing a veil. I couldn’t see what she looked like at all, but I remembered that she had a red mole between her eyebrows, and Danfeng eyes[1]. Judging from the crow’s feet on the corner of her eyes, she should be around forty years old.”

[Samael: Feel free to look it up. XD]

[Kshn: Dude, just tell them… 1: It refers to an eye shape with the inner corner pointed slightly downwards and most characteristically, a “tail” that sweeps up towards the temple.]

After speaking, the eagle added again, “Trust me, I really don’t know that person!”

Wang Haoran pondered for a moment before his foot came down once again.

The eagle screamed and fainted again.

But this time, Wang Haoran didn’t wake him up.

The reason why he asked so many times and kicked so hard is to verify whether the Eagle lied.

Eagle’s foreword and afterword are consistent, so he seemed to be telling the truth.

However, the information he gave: a woman in her 40s, Danfeng eyes, and a red mole on her eyebrow. It was too general.

Relying on this information to find such a woman in Qingling City would be like finding a needle in a haystack.

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However, it was better than nothing.

Wang Haoran put away his thoughts and looked at the now fainted Eagle.

He didn’t intend to let this information get into Xiao Yifeng’s hands.

Although it was hardly specific, there was no need for Xiao Yifeng to know.

Wang Haoran poured his qi into Eagle’s head.

With the knowledge of the human body from the [Supreme Poison Sutra], Wang Haoran destroyed a small part of Eagle’s brain structure.

When he wakes up again, he’ll grow dumber and dumber until he can’t remember anything at all.

Once he was finished, Wang Haoran examined Song Zhenyu’s body and found that she had just fainted from the smoke. She’ll naturally wake up once the smoke dissipates at dawn.

Song Zhenyu was in a coma at the moment, something that he could easily take advantage of.

However, Wang Haoran didn’t like the idea.

He is a supervillain, and he should be quite aggressive. It’s okay to lure and coerce the heroine, but to take advantage of her coma was simply too vulgar and, frankly, disgusting.

And it’s also very boring. After all, Song Zhenyu won’t be moving. She wouldn’t be able to please him, let alone cooperate.

‘So boring.’

‘Only low-tier villains and their minions would resort to such acts.’

‘Just like Eagle.’

Before dawn had arrived, Wang Haoran carried Eagle away to avoid alerting the district. He tossed him into a ditch next to the plants and flowers.

He then climbed over the wall and left the district.

Before he left, Wang Haoran glanced at the district gates from a distance.

Xiao Yifeng was still in the security booth, foolishly awaiting prey that would never come.

Wang Haoran smiled in secret before he headed back to the hotel.

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It was already 4 AM.

Wang Haoran’s interest in experiencing the corrupt life of the rich had been thrown away.

He dialled Wen Jing’s number and went to her side to rest while it was still early.

However, instead of sleeping as soon as he lay on the bed, he first opened his attribute panel for a quick look.

[Host: Wang Haoran] 

[Combat value: 1099]

[Charm: 268]

[Villain Halo: 841]

[Villain Points: 3500]


Master-level Calligraphy and Painting Copying Skills Master-level Actual Combat Style: Wing Chun God-level Singing Skills Movie-level Acting skills X-Ray Vision Supreme Poison Sutra (Advanced) Top-Tier Hacking Techniques Internal Energy (18 years)]

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