Su Jiu let him hug her and hugged him back. Smiling, she said, “That’s all thanks to you, Big Brother. If not for you, I might have been hospitalized for a long time.”

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Rong Si hugged her tighter.

At this moment, the door of the ward opened, and Su Shengjing and An Yuan walked in. Song Xinyan followed after them, holding a fruit basket in her hand. When she saw this scene, she exclaimed, “Ah! We came at a bad time!”

Su Jiu was stunned to hear her voice and quickly let go of Rong Si.

Rong Si let go of her too, looking embarrassed.

Su Shengjing snorted silently. He knew that as long as this kid had time to spend alone with Little Jiu, he would find a way to take advantage of her. If not for Rong Si being Su Jiu’s boyfriend, Su Shengjing would have broken his legs long ago.

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Song Xinyan jogged over with a smile and grabbed Su Jiu’s hand. “Little Jiu, I heard that you were discharged today, so I specially came to pick you up. Hey, now that you’re discharged, you have to stay healthy. Don’t get hospitalized again.”

Su Jiu smiled back. “Okay!”

After Su Jiu was discharged from the hospital and had completely recovered, Song Xinyan invited her out for dinner. Su Jiu agreed readily, but she had not expected that they would be meeting at a private club!

This private club was owned by the Li Corporation. It was a place frequented by the rich and famous. Su Jiu agreed out of curiosity. When she stepped in, she felt like she had entered a brand new world.

Although it was a club, it was like a dazzling palace, oozing with luxury and money. The people leaving and entering the club were all dressed in suits and leather shoes. They were either rich or influential people.

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Song Xinyan brought her to a private room where several girls were waiting. They were all daughters from rich families. Song Xinyan lowered her voice and said to Su Jiu, “Actually, I didn’t want to come, but Daddy insisted that I come. He said I should build a good relationship with them and make more friends.”

Su Jiu nodded. In the business world, one had to interact with all kinds of people and think of ways to forge connections. That was the only way one could thrive.

The girls in the room were beautiful and elegant. When they saw Song Xinyan and Su Jiu coming over, they welcomed them sincerely.

After exchanging a few pleasantries with them, Song Xinyan saw the alcohol on the coffee table and suddenly thought of something. She playfully asked Su Jiu, “Little Jiu, have you drunk alcohol before?”

Su Jiu shook her head.

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“Then … don’t you want to try what wine tastes like?”

“No.” She shook her head again. “What if I get drunk?”

Song Xinyan chuckled. “That depends on what kind of alcohol you drink. I only drink beer. Li Mohan lets me drink only that. He doesn’t let me drink anything else. He says that I get drunk easily.”

As she spoke, she picked up a can of beer and handed it to Su Jiu. “Here. Try it. It’s just beer. It’s not easy to get drunk on beer. Besides, if you do get drunk, just get your boyfriend to pick you up.”

Su Jiu took the can hesitantly. Driven by intense curiosity, she nodded. “All right. I’ll try it, then.”

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As she spoke, she opened the tab on the beer can and took a cautious sip. To her surprise, she found the beer refreshing. It was faintly malt-scented, a little bitter, but slightly sweet and quite pleasant.

She had to take two more sips.

Initially, Su Jiu had not intended to drink too much. However, the girls were bored and started playing cards. Whoever lost would drink.

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