I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 1169: 1169

Chapter 1169: "Pray For Ain"

The Godfather didn't say anything to defend himself and just lowered his head. 

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[Yeah. It was this lord's fault. This Lord didn't protect her enough.] 

After all, he's just a spirit. No matter how strong he was when he was still alive, there would still be some restrictions when he became a spirit. 

Code-L also seemed to understand this and didn't scold the Godfather anymore. She only shook her head and sighed. 

[That kid...anyway. She will win the challenge for sure. Then, she will have to prepare for the battle against the celestials.] 

Code-L suggested letting Ainsley rest properly for a week before issuing a challenge against the celestials. 

To be honest, this would be the first time Ainsley fought a non-human race, and her first enemy was the so-called war race— the celestials. 

How could she not be worried? 

Code-L was so worried that she forgot the next challenge wasn't the one against celestials but the one against the two tamers. 

The Godfather paused for a few minutes before correcting Code-L. 

[She still has to fight the tamers first before she fights the celestials. But, yes. She has to rest for more than three days to let her injuries heal properly.] 

The Godfather was afraid that all the injuries Ainsley suffered at such a young age would be a root illness for her when she was older. 

She didn't want Ainsley to suffer when she grew older later, and the baby was also in a growing phase. 

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All injuries had to be treated carefully, and they had to pay attention to Ainsley's growth. 

Code-L also nodded at the Godfather's words, and the two of them chatted for a while until the staff finished treating Ainsley's injuries. 

They immediately approached Code-L, who was apparently the leader of Ainsley's small group even when she was also equally too young to be the group leader. 

After all, people knew that this seemingly weak and innocent loli was actually a super scary and strong sacred beast. 

"Uh, milady. We have treated most of Ainsley's injuries, but you still have to pay attention to her burnt scar and inflammation or fever." 

The staff gave Code-L some ointment that could remove burnt scars and would be effective in just a few days. 

"You don't have to worry about leaving a scar on Ainsley's face. These ointments are really good, and Ainsley's burnt degrees aren't serious." 

After all, the fire immediately died out when the baby was frozen inside an ice cube.

If not for the ice cube, the fire would still be raging on the baby's face, and the injury would be much more severe. 

Still, the drastic change from burning to freezing brought some damage to the baby's skin, which was why they needed the ointments. 

"But we see that Ainsley is currently in her beast transformation state." 

The staff paused before lowering their voice, afraid that they would bring an empty hope for Ainsley's people. 

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"There's a small possibility that all these injuries will only affect her in her transformation state and will be gone when she's back to her human state." 

They didn't know how Ainsley could transform into a baby bull but this was the case with most ability users who had transformation abilities. 

Their transformation state didn't overlap with their human state which means they could freely switch between the two states, and it was equal to having an extra life. 

This is why a lot of ability users with transformation ability fought in their transformed state instead of their human state. 

If they were heavily injured in their transformed state, they could return to their human state, and they wouldn't suffer all those injuries. 

Still, when they transformed back to their transformation state, the injuries would still be there, but as time went by, they would heal properly. 

Usually, the transformers like these ability users switch to their human state or their original race's state to let their transformation state heal themselves first. 

Then, they could return to their transformation state, and the wounds would be gone.

This is why the transformers were all feared and respected because it was usually super hard to kill them, especially if they were multi-ability users. 

The medic staff gave Code-L the list of things she had to do to watch over Ainsley's injuries so they wouldn't have any sequelae. 

After informing Code-L, the medic staff invited Ainsley's people to see Ainsley, who was lying on their little resting mattress. 

The baby was too exhausted after all the tossing and didn't care whether she's outside or not. 

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She instantly fell asleep on the mattress, still in her bull cub form. 

Ainsley's people hurriedly surrounded the mattress, and when they saw a cute bull cub bandaged a lot to the point of being a mummy...

They didn't know whether to feel distressed or laugh. 

The live broadcast audience who joined Ainsley's personal live broadcast could still watch the scene and they also reacted. 

[I suddenly want to laugh at this little mummy. If every mummy is so cute, I won't be scared of mummies.] 

[Hey, hey, I'm so distressed for our cute baby. Look at how many bandages she has...it must have hurt so much!] 

[I can't see Ain's face because of the bandage. I can only see her eyes!] 

[Hush. Don't be too noisy. Ainsley is sleeping! Look at her up and down belly. Ahhhh, so cute!] 

[That's a beer belly, but it's cute on Ain.] 

[I wonder when Ain will turn back to her original form.] 

[Maybe after she wakes up...] 

[Ugh, look. Even her hair in her cub's form is severely damaged. I feel so bad for Ain!] 

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[Pray for Ain!] 

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