Chapter 74: Change

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The sound of music echoed from a corner of the night market. It was hard to say it was a beautiful melody, but it was fun. People around me clapped their hands excitedly following the beat.

“What could it be?”

“You’ll see when you get there.”

I followed Sigren through the crowd. It appeared to be a wandering troupe. There were musicians playing old instruments, while the dancers moved their bodies according to the music. Their thin veil fluttered as they moved. 


It felt different from Heilon. The dancers in Heilon performed sword dances in traditional costumes. The dance move had a lot of lifting swords while they were in thick traditional clothes, so it gave a strong, heavy feeling. On the other hand, the dancers in the capital wore thin, fluffy clothes, and they danced as light as butterflies. Well, in the defense of Heilon dancers, if they were to wear those thin clothes the capital dancer used, they absolutely would get pneumonia. 

I hummed the song. 

“What song is this?”

“It’s the capital’s traditional song.”

“A traditional song?”

I listened to Sigren with interest as I knew absolutely nothing about all these details. I’ve never written these in the first place. 

“It is a song created by the travelling bard that has been handed down since ancient times. My mother used to sing it for me,”

Sigren’s mother was a singer. She must have sung a song beautifully as she was called by the emperor.

I glanced at Sigren’s side profile. He used to put on a strangely bitter look when he talked about his mother, but this time, he had a soft smile on his face. Happy memories seemed to have come to his mind.

‘Thank god.’


When the song ended, Sigren turned his head. 

“Let’s go back.”


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“It’s late. If I do something wrong, Abel, no, Master would catch me.”

I replied frankly. “Certainly, if I’m late, the Duke may invade your palace.”

Abel was weirdly, subtly overprotective after coming to the capital. It wasn’t like this in Heilon.

Sigren was gloomy. “Of course he would.”

Wait, was it normal to invade the imperial palace?

Anyway, we went to the entrance of the night market and caught a carriage. I stared blankly at the scenery that passed through the window. Perhaps, because I was still up past my bedtime, I began to feel drowsy. Come to think of it, Sigren said he’d tell me something when we went back….

“Fiona, we’ve arrived.”

Sigren shook my shoulder slightly.  I seemed to have fallen asleep without realizing it.

“Come down carefully.”


He seemed to be very anxious as I came down from the carriage while yawning. He grabbed my waist, lifted me up, and put me down on the ground. 

Hmm, why did it feel as if I’m bossing around our precious prince?

Anyway, thanks to him, I was a little awake. I yawned softly. “Thank you,…”

“Go in, and go to bed.”

Sigren turned around. He was likely to return to the palace.

Ah, wait. 

I grabbed the hem of Sigren’s clothes.


“I remembered you said you wanted to tell me something earlier.”

Sigren gave me a questionable expression. “If you hear it now, you’ll forget it when you wake up.”

What did he think of me?

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“I won’t forget. I’m almost fully awake.”

I rubbed my eyes and blew away the rest of my sleepiness.

“What is the problem then? Is it a little uncomfortable to do the same thing that we did when we were young?”

Now that his status has changed, I could see why it was difficult for him. 

I considered various reasons in my head.

“Fiona. As I said before, it’s not like that.”

Sigren took a step closer. It was closer than last time.

I blinked curiously while looking at him. 

Sigren grabbed my hands that were hanging down and lifted them up. And this gesture was not as plain as before. His callus fingers caressed each and every knuckle of mine. His hands were much larger, so my hands seemed to be wrapped around them. Or entangled. 

“This is what I mean that this kind of thing is the problem.”


“When I hold your hand—” Sigren wrapped his other hand around my waist and pulled me slightly. “Unlike you, I think of more than that.”

I think I need time to interpret.

However, Sigren did not give me room to ponder. 

“At first, I want to hug, then I want to touch, and after that….”

Sigren lowered his head slowly. 

I saw those long eyelashes in front of me. 



Sigren bumped his forehead to my forehead. He clicked his tongue briefly.

“Calm down Fiona.”

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….I thought he would kiss me. 

Anyway, thanks to him, I came to my senses. Though, I barely managed to sort out this situation.

“Well, so. You want to do this and that with me in a sexual sense?”

“I’ve been thinking about that since last time, but can’t you make it sound better? Or did I really sound like that?”

Sorry for the unsophisticated expression.

I rolled my eyes, in confusion.

“Well, is it just because of your youthful instinct or—”


Sigren smiled crookedly.

“Do I look like a pathetic guy who turns around whenever I see a woman’s skirt?”


“Because, it’s you. I feel that way.”

He emphasized again.

“Exactly only you.”

In a word, so that meaning was,

“Is this a confession?”

Sigren sighed.

I know! Ah! Sorry for the pathetic response!

“Yeah, it’s a confession. I like you.”

This was coming out so suddenly. It was like someone turned on a blinker.

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He carefully wrapped his hands around my cheeks. 

But because of the conversation we just had , I couldn’t help but stiffen. He said he thought of this and that!


“Do I have to answer now?”


Sigren patted my cheeks gently.

It tickles.

“You may think as much as you like.”

Contrary to my stupid reaction, Sigren was very relaxed. Did he practice or something?

“I’m afraid that other guys will take the lead.”

Take the lead bullshit. I’m not even popular….


Sigren kissed my forehead. It was a very light kiss, just like a child. Then, a soft voice echoed in my ears, so gentle that my nape hair stood up.

“Good night, sleep well, Fiona.”

Immediately after, Sigren neatly pulled away from me. Then he turned around and walked away.

He must be going back to the palace….

I blinked and touched my forehead. My brain circuit worked slowly.

“It’s not a silly dream, right?”

Later, when I pondered the situation, my face slowly heated.



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