Chapter 75: Change

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When the next day came, Sigren’s ‘sleep well’ words put me to shame because I stayed up all night. And because of that, it was very clear to me that yesterday was not a dream. 

Abel made a puzzled face after seeing my face at breakfast.

“Where do you feel pain?”


Abel looked at me with doubtful eyes.

“What happened to Sigren yesterday?”

His words made me accidentally choke on my water. He was really quick-witted.

“No.. nothing.”

Abel didn’t even listen to me. “Which one?”


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“One, you heard a confession. Or two, Sigren did something that offended you.”

He really didn’t see us yesterday, did he?


Abel smiled generously while looking at my expression.

“If it’s the former, then he lives. If it’s the latter, his death would be disguised as a natural death.”

Who? Sigren?

“I’m..the former!”


Abel looked disappointed. 

Wait, what’s wrong with him?

I covered my face.

“Can you tell?”

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“Yeah, your face is red.”


“You have fair skin, so when your face turns red, it shows up quickly. It’s fine in front of me, but try not to show that in front of other people.”


He was right. 

Ah, I felt like I was going to die of embarrassment, really. 

Abel then said in a confused tone. “But I thought you’d kick him with a smile when you heard him confess.”

How bad did he think of me?

“I’m not that bad, am I?”

“I’m sorry, but you seem like that.”

Sigren, your master is really bad!

Abel slowly drank the tea. “You can handle his confession. But anything more than that, I’ll take care of it.”

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Ah, it looked like I was going to have a stomachache. 

Because of the disturbance created by my adoptive father in the morning, I laid my head down at the table, feeling melancholic.

“If it was easy, I wouldn’t be like this… I really don’t know how to handle this.”


Sigren didn’t like having a tie around his neck. More accurately, he didn’t like someone touching his neck at all. The reason was obvious. In his damn childhood, there were some scumbags who enjoyed seeing a child’s face turning red by strangling them. So, right now, even if it was a servant, they couldn’t put their hand near his neck. Fastening the top button and tying the tie were done by Sigren himself.

It was only Fiona who could reach up to his neck. If it were any other person, he would reflexively break their wrist. To Sigren, Fiona was such an existence. An existence that made him forget even the memories of abuse that were engraved in his mind and could not disappear. Just being by her side was reassuring. 

‘How would she feel if we were to get closer than now?’

 For him, he couldn’t be satisfied with only holding her hand or kissing her on the forehead like a child would. He only got thirsty, 

‘But I can’t do anything more as I wish.’

Sigren thought deeply. Fiona was not a slow-witted person. It was just that she did not care about his feelings. Interestingly, though, she cared about him a lot.

“Anyway, let’s just do one thing first.”

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If the fact that she didn’t care about his feelings did not overlap with how much she cared about him, he would have given up. But because these two facts co-existed, he couldn’t back down.

Anyway, now he can’t go back. The dice has been thrown. 

Now, Fiona must have realized that she could no longer live the way she used to. 

Sigren glanced down at his hands. They had calluses like swordsman’s hands that had been honed in a long battle. Then he clenched his fist.

“I’ve been chasing you all this time, so now, it’s time for me to catch you….”

He made up his mind. And he was honestly confident. He had known Fiona for several years. He had a rough idea of what she was going to think and how she would react. She would never completely push him away. As she has always been.


He burst into laughter. Yesterday, Fiona’s stiff face due to shock came to his mind.

“Shall I go see you?”

As long as he had made up his mind for sure, he had no reason to hesitate. Once he started thinking about it, he really wanted to go see Fiona. What expression did she have? He was curious about the face of that kind and cruel young lady who loved him deeply yet was indifferent to his feelings.

if you read this on other websites, it means it was stolen. Read the translation only on


T/N: AAAAAAHH!!!!! I really love Sigren’s pov … Sigren, my child, I love you. Let’s catch Fiona.  

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