I Can Enter The Game

Chapter 217: 217

After the agarwood incense was lit, a pleasant fragrance spread through the office.

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Zhao Moqing slowly felt comfortable in that fragrance.

She was already mentally exhausted after a busy day. Her mind was heavy, but this fatigue was quickly disappearing. She slowly felt refreshed.

This feeling was really very wonderful.

She immediately realized that it was the incense. “What incense is this?” she asked in surprise.

Qin Lin explained, “It’s incense powder made from agarwood. Moreover, this is a top-notch treasure. In ancient times, only the royal family could use it. Now, only people like Ma Yun can use it.”

Naturally, it was one thing for Ma Yun to be able to use it. It was another thing for her to be able to buy it all the way to this level. After all, even Ma Yun might run out of such top-grade treasures.

Zhao Moqing was even more surprised. “I can use this incense in my office? Doesn’t that mean I get the same treatment as Ma Yun?”

Qin Lin smiled and said, “Your treatment is better than Ma Yun’s. Ma Yun can’t buy this kind.”

If he didn’t sell anything produced by the game, no one would be able to use it.

As a financial officer, Zhao Moqing was most concerned about the price. She asked, “Then this agarwood incense powder should be very expensive, right?”

Qin Lin didn’t hide anything. “Top-grade treasures on the market cost 20,000 yuan per catty. The other grades depend on the quality. The price is different. It usually costs 13,000 yuan per catty.”

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Zhao Moqing opened her mouth in shock. “20,000 yuan per catty? How much does this box cost? I’m not Ma Yun. Why would I need such an expensive thing?”

Qin Lin pulled Zhao Moqing’s delicate hand over. “But in my heart, you’re the most precious. As long as this incense is useful, I’ll buy it for you no matter how expensive it is.”

“Hmph!” Zhao Moqing snorted proudly. Any woman would be touched by such sweet words.

She couldn’t help but kiss Qin Lin on the cheek.

Compared to Qin Lin’s intentions, there was no need for her to worry about the price.

Her husband was willing to spend money for her. As a woman, she should be happy.

“You ambushed me?” Qin Lin smiled. He hugged Zhao Moqing, wanting to take revenge for her sneak attack. Unexpectedly, just as he hugged Zhao Moqing, there was a knock on the door.

Zhao Moqing hurriedly gestured for Qin Lin to let go of her.

Qin Lin touched his lips with his finger.

Zhao Moqing obviously understood. She reached out and pinched his waist before kissing him on the mouth.

Only then did Qin Lin let go of Zhao Moqing in satisfaction. After she sat down, she said to the outside, “Come in.”

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A moment later, a finance officer came in with the file.

Zhao Moqing asked, “Xiao Xin, has the food company finished checking the accounts last month?”

“Yes, Lady Boss.” Xiao Xin came in. When she saw Qin Lin, she immediately greeted him respectfully, “Boss!”

Qin Lin also nodded at the other party.

Seeing that Zhao Moqing was going to be busy, she tactfully left Zhao Moqing’s office and closed the door.

“Boss, what did you order in your office? It smells so good. It smells very comfortable,” Xiao Xin asked curiously.

“It’s the agarwood incense. Qin Lin specially bought it for me.” Zhao Moqing didn’t hide anything and explained before looking at the document that Xiao Xin had sent in.

Xiao Xin kept this in mind.

Not only did the fragrance smell comfortable, but it also seemed to relieve fatigue. She could clearly feel it.

She didn’t know that lighting incense had such an effect. She planned to buy some later.

A moment later, Zhao Moqing also signed the document. “Xiao Xin, thank you for your hard work. There’s no problem with the data.”

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After Xiao Xin left Zhao Moqing’s office, she returned to their finance office.

She sat in front of the computer and started searching for agarwood incense.

Even if it was a little expensive, she had to buy some of such fragrant incense. After all, Qinglin Villa’s salary was very high, and they even had bonuses and benefits. They even dared to buy some things that they could not bear to buy in the past.

After searching for the word agarwood, items popped up.

The first and second items were not incense powder but sticks of incense. The two items were marked with a box of 80 yuan and 45 yuan respectively.

She could hardly believe the price.

Was the incense that the lady boss ordered so cheap? But that fragrance was really nice.

She was dumbfounded by the prices of the goods.

The third was a small bracelet, priced at 153,240 yuan.

Over 150,000 yuan for an agarwood bracelet?

But that wasn’t the most shocking thing. When she saw the fourth item, her eyes widened. The agarwood bracelet cost 1,215,680 yuan.

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Over 1.2 million yuan?

She almost thought she was mistaken. She counted carefully again.

As she scrolled down, she finally saw a few links to agarwood incense powder. There was also a box of 50g for just over 50 yuan and 300 yuan.

But what did that mean when another box of 657,650 yuan suddenly appeared?

Was that the wrong price, or a black-hearted businessman?

How could the price of the same thing be so different!?

When she saw that the two items were actually from the same shop and that they were both paid by 0 people, she firmly believed that this was the wrong price.

The staff of this shop was too careless.

Therefore, she happily bought a box that cost a little more than 300 yuan. Then, she began to look forward to it.

She would light it in the office and share it with the other girls.

But she obviously didn’t know that it wasn’t the price that was wrong. It was that she had bought only incense made from artificially cultivated agarwood.

0 people had paid because it was impossible for anyone to pay online for goods worth hundreds of thousands or millions. That was just an introduction for people to see. The transactions were all done in private.

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