I Can Enter The Game

Chapter 219: 219

Indeed, through experimentation, these experts had proved that most sandalwood incense in the world had no sleep-aiding effect.

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These experts had done something for everyone. At least none of the insomniacs had run off to buy sandalwood in an attempt to help them sleep.

However, someone later revealed that among these experts, two of them had become the developers of a certain medicine called “Divine Granule”. This was intriguing.

Now, Qin Lin saw that the sandalwood produced by the system indeed had the attribute of increasing sleep. In other words, sandalwood was indeed beneficial to sleep in reality. Otherwise, this additional attribute wouldn’t have appeared in the system.

This might be because sandalwood wasn’t really completely ineffective against sleep. It was only because most of the sandalwood on the market was too low-level or simply fake that it wasn’t effective. Then the experts took advantage of the opportunity.

After all, the news had reported that some people made sandalwood incense by mixing it with other wood. They were very black-hearted.

Qin Lin then looked at the Quality 2 sandalwood.

[Sandalwood: Quality 2]

[This is a special incense wood. It’s an excellent material for making incense. It has a special effect when made into incense: insect repellent +1, odor repellent +1, sleep gain +2, peace of mind +1.]

The other attributes of the sandalwood of Quality 2 did not increase, and the attribute that increased sleep became +2.

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“That’s valuable.” Qin Lin’s eyes lit up. A sandalwood incense with the attribute of +2 sleep enhancement was worth 1,500 yuan per catty.

The pain of insomnia should be second only to hemorrhoids, right? Even the pain of insomnia was better than hemorrhoids.

Only someone with real long-term insomnia would know that kind of pain.

He tossed and turned. He was clearly sleepy, but his mind was abnormally clear. He felt that he could still perform the Eighteen Subduing Dragon Palms.

He counted the sheep, but the more he counted, the more awake he became. In the end, he completely forgot that he had to sleep.

Listening to light music?

Some people could fall asleep listening to music, but those who had been suffering from insomnia for a long time were left with lingering sounds. They wanted more and were no longer sleepy.

The pain was directly nerve-racking.

According to his previous estimations, the +1 attribute would be very effective. The value of this sandalwood incense would definitely increase greatly.

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At the thought of this, Qin Lin exited the game and controlled his game character to head to the machine experience center to process sandalwood.

The incense wasn’t made according to a real-life blueprint. It was something that could be made on the processing machine, just as the silk-threaded machine itself had a silk-stocking style. Even the cartoon pattern showed the temptation.

Unfortunately, he did not know where to find the threads yet.

[Do you wish to make incense powder from sandalwood?]

Of course!

[Please select the amount of incense powder!]

It was still 100g.

The processing machine consumed a Quality 1 sandalwood and began to operate.

A moment later, the notification of obtaining sandalwood incense appeared in Qin Lin’s mind:

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[Congratulations on obtaining Quality 1 sandalwood incense, 100g x 100!]

Qin Lin’s eyes lit up when he saw the notification.

An agarwood tree only got two boxes of 100g agarwood incense powder. This one Quality 1 sandalwood was already 100 boxes.

According to this calculation, the expensive sandalwood incense cost 3 yuan per gram, which was also 30,000 yuan. Moreover, this Quality 1 had the attribute of increasing sleep by 1. It was definitely not just 3 yuan per gram. Even if it was 1 yuan per gram, someone would buy it for 1,000 yuan per box.

[Congratulations on obtaining Quality 1 sandalwood incense, 100g x 100!]

[Congratulations on obtaining Quality 2 sandalwood incense 100g x 100!]

In the end, three sets of Quality 1 sandalwood yielded 300 boxes of 100g sandalwood incense, and one set of Quality 2 sandalwood yielded 100 boxes of 100g sandalwood incense.

With the enhancement of this quantity and the attribute of increasing sleep, these sandalwood incense sticks seemed to be quite valuable.

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Qin Lin brought the sandalwood back to the ranch and directly exited the game with a box of Quality 2 sandalwood incense. He had to experiment with the effects of the sandalwood incense.

After Zhao Moqing’s father became a senior in high school, he could not sleep because of the pressure. He could show his filial piety and let his father-in-law be a guinea pig.

Qin Lin opened the office door and saw Zhao Moqing looking for him. “Qin Lin, there’s something I need to discuss with you first.”

Qin Lin asked in confusion, “What’s so urgent?”

Zhao Moqing frowned and said, “Isn’t it all your fault? It’s going to be listed. You said that you wanted to organize an event, and there has to be a prize for this event. But you got so many good things from the previous events, so the items for this event can’t be too bad, right?”

“The melon king and Supreme Set prizes in front of you have already pulled the event specifications of Qinglin Villa to a very high level. Now, there are many fans leaving comments on the official account looking forward to our next event.”

“The standard will drop immediately if we use ordinary items as prizes for this event. The contrast will definitely be huge.”

“But since it’s a listing, the event is secondary. We can’t summon troops to seize the master. This event can only be considered a benefit, so the prizes can’t be too heavy!”

“That’s a little difficult.”

When Qin Lin heard this, he immediately smiled and said, “I thought it was something urgent. The rewards and benefits are all trivial. Leave it to me.”

Hearing Zhao Moqing’s words, he even had a complete plan in his mind. Anyway, there were many good things and he was willful.

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