Chapter 58

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"Extermination of Orcs and Encounter with the Mastermind"

Translated by Dawn


“Now, it’s time for the extermination…….”

I muttered in a voice so low that no one could hear me. When I saw all the orcs entering the forest, I fired a single spell at the forest.

“[Rain Mist Territory]”

With the Mist Magic that I had newly learned the other day, I created a rain mist over the entire forest. The orcs were momentarily bewildered by the sudden appearance of the mist, but since a mere mist does not cause them any pain or itch, they proceeded without concern.

But they did not realize it. They were deprived of their sense of sight as well as their sense of smell, the orcs’ most powerful weapons…….

I used Rain Mist Territory, magic that produces a mist, but not just any mist. It was a mist made of rain.

You might have seen it raining during the rainy season, but have you ever noticed that rain has a peculiar smell?

The smell is said to be caused by the oil content of certain plants that sometimes dries on soil or stones, which is then turned into fine particles by the rain and blown away by the rain.

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The orcs’ noses could now only pick up the smell of that rain, making it difficult for them to notice the location of other companions or any other presence in the vicinity.

For now, I had succeeded in robbing them of their vision and sense of smell, but this alone would mean nothing more than simply their inability to see.

“Here goes, pigs, the real thing starts here……[Thorn Ivy Bind]”

“Buhyi!? Buhyi!? Buhyi!?”

Using tree magic to manipulate tree roots, thorny ivy-like roots entwine around the legs and arms of orcs, hindering their actions. The sudden appearance of the ivy caused panic in some of the orcs, who were suddenly attacked by it.

Even the orcs who were not attacked by ivy showed a look of confusion on their faces as they were deprived of their vision and could hear the screams of their friends but had no idea what was going on.

The fear of being attacked by something unidentified was felt throughout the orcs, and they fell into a state of panic. The leader of the unit was trying to manage the situation, but once panic broke out, it was extremely difficult to control it.

The ivy-stricken orcs were unable to comprehend what was happening to them and simply screamed for help from their friends around them. The fear that came from their cries caused the uninjured orcs to break the formation, and there was no sign of the controlled movement that had been seen until a moment ago.

Even the Orc King and his cronies, the Orc Generals, could not understand what was going on. The only thing they could do was listen in silence as the Orcs under their command screamed in front of them.

(Hmmm, to have their formation disrupted by something like this…even if they have intelligence, they are still just monsters, I guess.)

Feeling good that I had achieved more than I had expected, I unleashed a follow-up spell to push the situation even further.

“[Icicle Plain]! [Fierce Storm]! [Sandy Tempest]! DaOacute! BuOIndamudo! JiOGemu! BaOen!! BaOen!! BaOen!!”(+)

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Halfway through, the magic was changed to that used by the protagonist of a certain video game, but there was no problem because the proper magic was in effect. The orcs were dying one by one in a parade of magic that ranks high among all the magic I used.

With such a conspicuous attack, any idiot would know that what was happening was a surprise attack by someone. However, there would be no way for them to locate me.

I had already blocked their vision and sense of smell, and also prevented some of the orcs from moving. In addition to this, the Orcs, who were in a state of panic due to the magical ambush, began to flee in droves without a care in the world.

“Brethren, calm down! Do not break the formation!”

(Is that the Orc King? If so, I’ll put the big one in here!)

Among the fleeing orcs, I spotted a large, imposingly built orc. I guessed that he was the head of this herd, the Orc King since there was also an Orc General around him.

Now that I had discovered the leader, there was no way I was going to do nothing, so I concentrated my magical power on a single point and increased it. The magic was one of the most serious magic I had newly learned, but it was the right opportunity for this situation, so I decided to use it without hesitation.

The surge of magical power reached its peak, and I felt the sensation that I was ready to use magic. Without hesitation, I thrust out my hands and shouted the name of the magic.

“Take this! [Piping Hot Steam Mist]!”

The mist, which until now had robbed the orcs of their vision and sense of smell, gradually began to take on a reddish hue. What it means was a sudden rise in temperature.

I know this is sudden, but let’s talk about cooking here. Referring to my memory of a previous life, did you know that there are four main cooking methods in the world? One is baking, the second is boiling, the third is frying, and the last is steaming.

Grilling is the act of heating food in a frying pan or over an open flame, and the temperature is usually around 250 to 400 degrees Celsius. Boiling is mainly done in boiling water, and the temperature is usually around 100 degrees Celsius. Frying uses hot oil, with temperatures ranging from 100 to 200 degrees Celsius.

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Finally, steaming is a cooking method that uses boiling water or steam, and the temperature is around 100 degrees Celsius, the same as boiling water. It’s only natural that the temperature should be the same since the steam from the boiling water is used, but the “Piping Hot Steam Mist” I used this time was based on the principle of this cooking method called “steaming.”

What the orcs were experiencing now was being thrown into a seiro]“Seiro” is one of the “Mushiki” (“Mushi” means to steam, “ki” means “utensil”). Seiro is the utensil to steam food and is usually made of bamboo.[/tnote, and it was easy to imagine from their cries that the heat was quite intense.

The mist that had been threatening to envelop the entire forest was now transformed into hot steam, which must have been unbearable for the creatures in the mist. Whether they sensed this or whether they were afraid of the orcs, the small animals and other monsters were already gone when the orcs entered the forest.

The pain and heat of their own skin burning off quickly reduced the orcs to a state of shock, and their numbers were further reduced. It was almost like a pig…no, never mind.

You might be wondering how I can use such a wide range of magic and not damage myself. But that is not a problem. I have deployed wind and ice magic around me, and I am well-prepared for the heat.

This magic is very selective in its use, but when used in the right way, it can have a very powerful effect. This time I was very lucky to happen upon such an opportunity.

“Now, this shouldn’t annihilate them all. I need them to survive to some degree.”

Yes, the objective this time was not to completely exterminate the orcs, but rather to reduce their strength. Therefore, the orcs must survive to some extent.

I might have no problem exterminating the orcs by myself, but that would probably antagonize the adventurers who see this battle as a time to earn money, and above all, I had no desire to be a hero.

When one has power, there are always those who will come to it, and dealing with such people is a waste of time. That was why this time I was going to have Gyrmzak and his party do the work instead of me.

Fortunately, the Gyrmzak and the others were progressing quite well in their training, and although not as well as I was doing, all four of them had raised their originally specialized parameters to A-. Their skills have also increased by a level or two, probably thanks to my direct interaction with them in between training sessions.

This time, they were supposed to be the human pillars of the operation. Of course, they agreed. When I told them this, they declared, “Master should be recognized by more people,” but when I politely told them that I did not want to attract too much attention, they finally understood. Well, forgive me for being mainly physical in my explanation.

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My goal in this life is to live as I please, but I’m not so meddlesome as to get involved in troublesome matters myself. On the other hand, I’m not so much of a scumbag as to turn a blind eye to people in need.

It may sound terribly contradictory, but simply put, it means to live as one pleases in order to keep a low profile. ……What? You can’t do that? You’ll never know unless you try!

“Okay, this is about right.”

I deactivated the [Piping Hot Steam Mist] when the time was right and stored the orc carcass in my magic bag without being noticed by those around me. The magic bag I was carrying was borrowed from the guild master when I collected the orc general, and I had kept it for a long time without having a chance to return it until now. This time, I will use it with gratitude.

“Tch, even with this magic bag, the limit is fifty or sixty of them…….”

The magic bag I borrowed from the guild had a capacity of only ten tons, which was not enough at all to hold the dead orcs. I had no choice but to give up on the orcs I could not bring back, and after putting in as many orcs as I could, I left the place.

The damage to the orcs by this surprise attack was roughly 3,500 to 4,000 orcs, two orc generals died, and many of the other orcs were left with deep wounds.

The damage to the orcs is extensive, but even this will not make the orcs give up. Orcs are a race that will not change their target once they have set it…….

“Now, I guess I’ll go back to the guild and report back–”

“How dare you!”


Suddenly, a voice called out to me, and as I looked around, the space in front of me distorted. What emerged from the distorted space was an inhuman being, a woman of the demon tribe.

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