Chapter 59

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"Roland vs. The Demon Lady."

Translated by Dawn


“I had no idea that the Demon Race……was involved in the Orc King case.”

I was looking at a woman with a disfiguring atmosphere. Her whole body was equipped with something like bondage, and her figure was bewitching.

Her shiny brown skin, long silver hair, and two horns on the side of her head clearly indicate that she represents the demon race.

The woman turned to me and said condescendingly, twisting the edges of her mouth.

“I never thought a human child like you could do something like that. You make this onee-chan surprised.”

“You didn’t come here to say that, did you? Your purpose is to get rid of the……obstacles in the way, right?”

“I don’t dislike smart kids! Shall we get started then?”

As she said that, she unleashed the magical power hidden inside her body. While inwardly feeling impatient with her overwhelming power, I appraised the demon race in front of me…….


[Name]: ?????

[Age]: ?????

[Gender]: ?????

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[Race]: ?????

[Occupation]: ?????

Physical strength: ?????

Magic power: ?????

Strength: ?????

Endurance: ?????

Agility: ?????

Dexterity: ?????

Mental Strength: ?????

Resistance: ?????

Luck: ?????

[Skills]: ?????


The information obtained was that nothing was known. There were two possibilities for this situation to occur.


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One was that there was an overwhelming gap in power between the ability of the appraiser and the ability of the appraised. This results in the inability of the appraiser to be effective against a so-called superior opponent.

The other one was when the opponent had skills to hide or disguise his own abilities. In this case, the former was certainly the most likely explanation.

(I didn’t expect a boss class at this point in time… I think this is a losing event that usually appears in the game. This is going to kill me if I don’t get serious)

While swearing inwardly, I deployed my full strength to strengthen my body. The woman, pleased with the sight of me, further deepens the smile on her face.

“Oh my, you can use that level of physical enhancement. Then I guess you won’t die easily. Well, then, please entertain me as much as you can!”

At the same time as she said that, I kicked the ground and avoided the woman’s charge with a single stroke of the paper. While rolling my eyes at the situation in front of me caused by the woman, I prepared for the next attack.

The ground the woman kicked was deeply gouged, and the wind pressure from the rush blew away the trees that had grown deep into the ground. As if to say that this was the overwhelming power of the demon race……

“Hmm. You seem to be pretty good at avoiding it.”

“Isn’t it the other way around? You’re just not good at hitting the target.”

“Hee, then how about this.”

The moment the woman said that a ball made of magic appeared in her hand. I understood until she shot the ball toward me, but the next moment I focused my attention on avoiding it. I instantly realized that the power of the sphere was outrageous, and the only option I had was to avoid it.

However, the number of spheres released from her hand was quite large, and I was hit by a shot or two.


“Looks like you couldn’t avoid that one.”

“Well, If you target me with a lot of it, it certainly will hit.”

“I wonder how much longer you can keep that attitude up?”

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Then the battle to avoid the projectiles she launched unfolded, but the damage was steadily accumulating as I was hit by more and more projectiles. I was also doing my best to strengthen my body, but even so, it was all I could do to minimize the damage.

(Damn, she’s a monster! I can’t even touch her!)

I thought that at this rate, I would just be the target of her attacks, so I used one of my magic spells.

“[Frozen Cocytus]!!”

I unleash the most powerful magic I can use right now. A prison of extreme cold centered on the woman enveloped her and froze her body. All that remained was her body, trapped in the ice, but that wasn’t even enough to stop her, and the prison of ice was easily broken down.

“You were pretty powerful for a human child but too bad that wouldn’t have worked on me.”

“I guess so.”

“So, what do you do now?”

“Nothing. If I can’t finish you off with that, there’s nothing I can do to kill you now.”

“So……then I’ll make this the end for you.”

Saying that bat-like wings sprout from her back and she flies high into the sky. Then, as she raised her right arm high into the sky, a ball of magical power appeared in her hand. It grew larger and larger, eventually swelling to about four or five meters in diameter.

The magic power contained in the sphere is unimaginably powerful, and if I were to be hit by such a thing, my body would disappear without a trace. However, I don’t have the power to do anything about it.

I was about to give up and slump down to the ground. I was defeated by her, but I couldn’t give in to my heart.

(If I’d had a little more time, I might have beaten her, but …… that’s just a word that makes me sound like a sore loser.)

No matter what excuses I state, they are nothing but riddles and uncertainties. If that is the case, then let’s give up gracefully and take her attack!

Just as I was about to make up my mind to do so, I suddenly felt a distortion behind her. It seemed that someone had arrived.

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“Hera, what are you doing?”

“Can’t you see? I’m about to put an end to this.”

The man who came was dressed in similar clothing to the woman. Like her, he had brown skin and two horns.

“I am not asking you such a thing. There should be a call from the Demon King. He says we don’t have time to sell oil in a place like this. Come now.”(+)

“W-wait a minute?! I need to stop that little boy now!”

“No. The Demon Lord’s summons is absolute.”

“You big-headed bastard! Tch, I have no choice then…….kid, I spared your life! I’ll let you off the hook this time. Next time, at best, don’t disturb my—”

“Come and get me then.”

Before the woman could finish her leaving words, the male demon race pushed her into the distorted space. Then, with a glance at me, he gave a single “hmph” sniff and disappeared into the distorted space, just like her.

“Did I survive?”

The words I muttered to no one, in particular, echoed around me, but no one answered me. Having emerged from a desperate crisis, I was released from my nervousness and slumped into place.

The feeling that welled up in me was not fear, as I was confronted with an opponent whom I felt for the first time that my own strength was not enough to win.

It was humiliating that my opponent’s strength was superior to my own, and frustrating that there was someone stronger than me.

I slumped and slammed my fists into the ground repeatedly, biting down on my own inadequacy. My fists clenched so hard that they turned white after my first defeat.

“I will never forget this humiliation…….”

I slumped there for a good thirty minutes or an hour, but I couldn’t stay like that forever, so I got up and began to trudge along without effort for a while.

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