Lin Yi and the others walked out of Metropolis under the watchful eyes of the crowd.

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“I had invited you guys to have some fun today, but I didn’t think that something like this would happen. I’ll pick a time to invite you guys out for a gathering in the future.”

“We’re brothers, this is just a small matter.”

Qin Han waved his hand as he watched Lin Yi and the others leave. Then, he turned around and said to Liang Jinming and Gao Zongyuan,

“Pay attention to this for the next few days. That old fart, Wang, still has some power around here. Be attentive and don’t cause any trouble.”

“Got it, Brother Qin.”

Qin Han turned back to look at Yao Donglai and Liu Qiang. “Metropolis should close for the next few days. If Wang Mazi sends people to cause trouble, you will suffer some pretty heavy losses. Old Lin and I can’t be here all the time to protect you.”

Qin Han clearly knew that no matter who was at a disadvantage, neither side would be able to make the other party give in.

This was because none of the participants in this mess were easy to deal with. In terms of strength, they were evenly matched. It was not to the extent that either side could completely crush the other, so they each had to minimize their losses.

“Thank you for your reminder, Young Master Qin. We know what to do.”

“Alright, that’s all for now. We’ll be leaving first.”

Qin Han and the others drove off after arranging the affairs in Metropolis, continuing their hunt for the next place to party.

After leaving Metropolis, Lin Yi and the others went their separate ways and returned home with the two sisters.

“Brother-in-law, you were so attractive just now,” Wang Lu said eagerly.

“Just like in the TV shows. If I become a star in the future, I’ll definitely recommend you to the director to play the role of the mafia boss. A gentle and refined person like you will definitely become popular as soon as you appear on the screen!”

“Don’t give your brother Lin any bad ideas,” Wang Ying said. “The money he makes in the entertainment industry isn’t even enough for him to buy a car every year.”

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“That’s true,” Wang Lu said. “With Brother Lin’s strength, he can’t live on other’s mercy.”

Lin Yi smiled and didn’t continue the conversation.

“Alright, you two are home. I’ll head back first.”

“It’s already past 12. Just stay here for the night.” Wang Ying said. “I’ll share the master bedroom with Lulu.”

“Sis, what are you talking about? If you share a room with me, what’s the point of Brother-In-Law staying here?”

“What nonsense are you spouting?” Wang Ying scolded.

She was her sister, after all, so she was a little embarrassed by this.

“Nonsense?” Wang Lu said. “How about this? I’m going to stay in a hotel while you two stay at home. I’m eighteen, and we’re both adults. Don’t worry, I understand.”

“Understand my *ss. Go back upstairs and get to bed.”

Lin Yi smiled. “Alright, you two head to bed. We’re not far from my house, so I’ll go back first.”

“Okay, then get home safe.”

“Yeah, I know what I’m doing.”

“Bye, Brother-In-Law.”

After seeing Lin Yi off, the two went upstairs. Wang Ying took off her clothes and prepared to wash up and rest.

“I’m telling you, don’t call Lin Yi brother-in-law any more.”

“Huh? Why? He’s already staying at your house, doesn’t that count as him being my brother-in-law?”

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“I’m a few years older than him, and I’m a divorcee. Do you think I’m worthy of him?”

Wang Lu pouted. “Brother Lin is indeed very outstanding.”

There was nothing to say about his looks. Furthermore, he was rich. Most importantly, hehad a heightened sense of responsibility, so there were no obvious flaws to his person.

On the other hand, although her elder sister was good-looking, she seemed to be lacking in other aspects.

Just as her elder sister had said, she had even been divorced before. Looking at it this way, there were not many advantages to dating her.

“Sister, don’t tell me the two of you are in that kind of relationship?” Wang Lu asked tentatively.

“Little brat, don’t ask so many questions. Hurry up and take a bath and go to bed.”

“Hehe, I’ll know when you say that.” Wang Lu smiled and said, “Brother Lin is so outstanding. Even if it’s that kind of relationship, I can still accept it.”

“Go, go, go take a bath. Don’t pry into the affairs of adults!”


Zhonghai City First Hospital.

Zhang Ao’s subordinates had been waiting outside the operating theater.

However, a middle-aged man in linen pants and a white robe was sitting on a bench at the side.

The middle-aged man’s appearance was horrifying. His face was full of pits and scars, and he was very unattractive.

The man’s name was Wang Bing. He used to be a container worker at Zhonghai Yangshan Wharf.

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In the end, he was recognized by the boss because of his ruthlessness and became the head of security. He was responsible for the security of the whole wharf.

Due to the nature of his work, Wang Bing got to know many people. In the end, he established his own business and made a name for himself in Zhonghai.

After more than 20 years of development, he had become the number one figure in the underground world of Zhonghai. Anyone who saw him would call him Brother Wang.

However, behind his back, everyone called him Wang Mazi.

There was a tanned man standing beside Wang Mazi. He was 1.9 meters tall, and there was a light stubble on his chin. The edges and corners of his chin were clear, and even when he breathed, he seemed to have a ruthless air about him.

The man’s name was Yan Biao, and like Zhang Ao, he was Mazi Wang’s right-hand man.

However, his strength was greater than Zhang Ao’s. He was even more ruthless than the latter!

“Boss, I’ve finished interrogating my men. The person who did this is called Lin Yi. He should be from a decent family, and he calls Qin Han his brother,” Yan Biao said.

“Qin Han even came out to protect him when he was in trouble.

“Qin Han is a smart man. If he was just an ordinary friend, he probably wouldn’t have interfered in our affairs. Thus, their relationship shouldn’t be ordinary.”

Wang Bing had met Qin Han once when they were having dinner, so he knew a little about him.

He never felt that Qin Han was one of those rich second generations who had lost his mind to worldly pleasures.

He still had a brain.

“Do we need to inform the Qin family about this?” Yan Biao asked.

“This is Qin Han’s business. We don’t have the involve the family yet,” Wang Bing said. “We can handle it ourselves.”

“But I’ve thought about it. This Lin Yi is Qin Han’s brother, and his skills aren’t bad. He must secretly hold a lot of power. Shouldn’t we be more cautious?”

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“What do you mean by cautious?” Wang Bing asked faintly.

“It doesn’t seem appropriate to attack him directly,” Yan Biao said. “I also see a lot of women around him. Should we start with these people?”

“Ah Biao, you’ve been by my side for seven or eight years, right?” Wang Bing sighed.

“It’s been eight years.”

“It’s already been so long. Why hasn’t there been any progress at all?” Wang Bing said.

“We’ve already reached this stage, yet, when we encounter some problems, we still use such dirty methods to resolve them. We won’t be able to achieve anything big in our lifetime if this continues.”

“Boss, didn’t you teach me to only look at the results and not the process?”

“When I said this, it was because we hadn’t established ourselves in Zhonghai yet. It’s different now. If we continue to play the same game as before, we won’t be able to move up in the world.” Wang Bing held the mala beads in his hand and said slowly,

“When someone hits you, you get someone to beat them up. This is called returning the favor.”

“When someone beats you up, you take a hoe and throw it at their ancestors’ graves. This is breaking the rules. This is what villains do. Do you understand?”

“I understand, Boss,” Yan Biao said.

“I’m going to investigate this person now. We must make him give us an explanation.”

“Don’t be anxious. The company has a bidding project with the Zhao family now. If there is any trouble in the near future, it will affect the company’s reputation and affect the bidding results. We will close this bid in half a month. It won’t be too late to act then.”


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