“Oh, that’s nice.”

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“I love it.”

“It’s the best.”

Me, Akira and Shogo muttered to ourselves as we looked at the group of girls.

It’s now PE time, and the girls in their gym uniforms are playing volleyball at the end of our line of sight.

Today is a joint PE with a neighbouring class, so we can observe the girls we don’t usually see.

“Hey, hey, wagatsuma isn’t so bad, is she?”

“I don’t want to say what… but… that’s hot.”

Akira and Shogo turn their attention to Wagatsuma.

I felt happy that she had come to laugh at me like that, as she and Mari were happily talking and exercising together on the same team.

Of course, apart from such impressions, I also naturally look at the oversized breasts that sway whenever Wagatsuma moves… well, it was really wonderful.

“This is why joints are so good. There’s a lot of people, so inevitably there are more people to take a break.”

I nodded in agreement to Akira’s words.

When it comes to joint PE, it is only natural that the number of people increases, and that is why the number of students like us who are taking a break increases, regardless of gender.

So there’s nothing in particular said about us spending time as we please like this.


As I was looking at it like that, the ball flew at me, perhaps having missed the serve.

The girl who ran up to me was a girl from the next class who I had never spoken to at all, and I picked up the ball and handed it to her without saying anything in particular.



Well, that’s how it is when you don’t normally get involved.

If I had been a little earlier, I might have thought that I should have said something more thoughtful or something.

But now I don’t need anything like that.

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Why? Kuhuhuhu, because Mari and the others are here!

“…ha, you’…”

“Hey, hey, seriously, what happened to you!”


Akira and Shogo were glaring at me for some reason.

I wondered what was wrong, and when I looked at the place where they moved their gaze, I saw Mari and Wagatsuma waving their hands at me in an incredibly obvious and broad gesture.

I naturally waved back at the girls, but even this attracted the jealousy of the hideous males.

“Well, but if they were as close as Akira and Shogo, I wouldn’t think anything of it.”

“…Well, those guys, you know.”

“That one’s no better, isn’t it?”

It’s totally fine if they’re two close friends, but it doesn’t feel good to be stared at by people who don’t get on as well as the sunny guys in class.

I have mischievous thoughts of sending them home again, but I can’t use my precious charge for such things.

“I’d rather spend it on Mari and the others than on them… pfft, I don’t have the hobby of cutting boring things.”

Removing my gaze from the glaring sunny guys, I once again started to watch the girls’ volleyball scene with my friends.

In the midst of this, Akira suddenly mentioned something like this.

“Well, there’s a doujinshi I’ve recently got into. It’s about hypnosis.”

“Wow. You’ve got something interesting.”


My heart jumped slightly.

However, I had read the doujinshi of the hypnosis thing that Akira mentioned he was interested in, so I nodded in places and we exchanged words about what that would be like.

“I want to use hypnosis apps too. Then I could do all sorts of things to girls… hehehe.”

“Don’t do that, it’s gross. But hypnosis… surely it’s not so bad.”

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Well, I wouldn’t say it’s a normal sensibility, but because it’s an imaginary power, it’s not strange to fantasise about doing all sorts of things to women using hypnosis.

Listening to them, I still felt somewhat superior and watched Mari and Wagatsuma exercising… but…

“You know, for girls who don’t want to do it. I hypnotise them like this…”

“It’s a common practice, isn’t it? And then you break the hypnosis in the middle of the exercise.”

“Sounds not bad.”

“Not bad.”

For some reason, I couldn’t relate to that part.

It is true that when you use something like a hypnosis app, you have no right to talk about the dignity of the other girl. but I was not prepared to continue if the other person really did not like it during the hypnosis.

Sasaki and Someya are good examples… but if they cry that much, I feel deflated, and is this just me?

(I’m not trying to play the good guy… I just feel that way. I know it’s not their true intention either, but they’re so aggressive towards me under hypnosis and they’re such good girls that they’re allowing me to go along with their actions.)

I still wonder about that part when it occurs to me.

The hypnosis app is firmly activated and I can manipulate them to my will, but it’s really easy to communicate with them these days, even though they’re in hypnosis all the time.

I don’t have to say a word. They talk on their own. They tell me what to do, or they do this for me and they serve me… I have endless questions, but it’s bliss for me, so there’s no point in worrying about it.

(It’s good to be honest, isn’t it? Thanks to this, counseling Mari and the others, or rather, checking if anything is happening close to home, goes smoothly. I’m not going to let them hold it in so that they don’t have to worry about it.)

For the second time, I’m not trying to be a good guy.

But as long as I’m in love with their bodies, they are already special to me in many ways.

So it’s only natural for me to care and worry about them as much as I can.

(And I’m not doing actual s*x right now, but I probably won’t be even if this power never goes away.)

The real act, that’s the only thing I wasn’t going to do.

Well, there is also a feeling of what now, but also because I can not take responsibility and can not bear it if something happens to me now.

I’m a virgin. I’ve touched Mari’s body, and I’ve been satisfied with the parts of her that aren’t part of the s*x act, so maybe this is what I’m thinking.

“Oh, it’s over.”

“Looks like. Let’s go too.”

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Before I realised it, PE time had come to an end.

I should have been paying attention to Mari and Wagatsuma until halfway through, but before I knew it, I seemed to be absorbed in my thoughts.

“What are we going to do today?”

“How about a safe karaoke session or bowling?”

“That’s good, let’s go.”

As a senior in high school, of course I study hard, but sometimes it is also an important moment to play with friends like this.

I was healed by Mari during my lunch break today, and I really don’t have any complaints about my days.

As soon as it was after school we went to the shoe closet, where I found something I never normally see.


There was a sheet of paper on my shoe.

I didn’t think it could be a love letter, but I checked the contents, thinking that no love letter could be placed in such a tasteless way.

“Don’t get too carried away, you bastard.”


In a way, is this also like a passionate love call?

The letters, which were clearly written in a wildly scrawled manner, were definitely from a boy, and I had expected that they would probably do something like this in the near future.

“What’s wrong?”

“No, nothing.”

I’m also calm, or at least a little reassured that I really do have a good mind when I can somehow tell who it is.

I crumpled up the paper, threw it in the bin, and went outside.

I was supposed to go out with my friends as planned… but a few minutes later I was out on my own.

“I didn’t expect to get a call from both of our parents.”

Just as I left school, they both received a phone call from their parents.

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The call was about food shopping, and they couldn’t refuse as there was quite a lot of food to buy, so they ended up leaving first.

I had nothing special to do, but I didn’t want to go home right away, so I was just hanging around in town.

“… ah.”

When I was walking aimlessly, a woman in front of me suddenly bumped into me on a step.

The cosmetics in her pouch seemed to have fallen out a little, and I, who happened to be nearby, picked up the thing that had rolled out.

“You dropped it…”

The moment I was about to say that she dropped it, it was in my hand and the woman took it.

I was going to return it, so it was strange to say that it was taken… but I was still stunned that she didn’t even thank me for it.

“Don’t touch me, you’re a man.”


Saying that, the woman with the bad eyes walked away.

I was stunned for a while, but what I had inside me was more of a feeling of what the hell is that woman than anger.

“Shit. I went to the trouble helping her and she.”

I thought about going after her now and hypnotising her, but I didn’t really like her from the looks of her, so I didn’t care.

But I wanted to somehow heal this indescribable feeling, and while I was thinking that, I found myself in a coffee shop, I was passing by.


Three girls talking in a friendly manner. They also noticed me and looked at me.

“Mari, Honma and Wagatsuma?”

By some coincidence, the three girls who were related to me were all in one place.


“Kai-kun! Let’s talk together?”


I nodded at the offer to get the healing I was looking for.

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