Chapter 204 - Dong Mingming was itching to find out how the two did. (3)

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When Gu Xi stepped out of the testing venue after the final subject, Gu Xi heard a lot of moaning and complaining in the hallway.

Majority of the discussions have to do with the “super duper difficult” extra-credit question.

Dong Mingming, too, had walked out of her room and located Gu Xi. Grabbing her, she said, “Gu Xi, how did it go? Did you finish that last extra credit question?”

Dong Mingming looked very nervous. After all, Gu Xi’s performance directly affected her academic quality of life for the remainder of the semester.

“Yes, I did,” said Gu Xi as she nodded.

The final subject was physics. Perhaps because she had been reading a lot of books on entry-level electronics technology and that the final test question had to do with electrical current, Gu Xi felt that the question was quite simple.

Seeing how relaxed Gu Xi looked, Dong Mingming, too, let out a sigh of relief.

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Suddenly, seeing that Sheng Xiuyan, too, had walked out of the classroom, Dong Mingming wasn’t so comfortable anymore.

In all of the examinations in the past, Sheng Xiuyan had always been turning in his papers as early as it was allowed. This time, however, he always waited until the very last minutes on all the subjects.

Everyone knew God Xiu enough to know that it did not take him that long because he didn’t know the answer, but that he was serious this time!!

Dong Mingming started to worry all over again.

“Gu Xi, how did you think Sheng Xiuyan did this time?”

“Fine, I think,” said Gu Xi after some thoughts.

“What about you? Who do you think did better?” asked Dong Mingming again.

“That I can’t answer,” said Gu Xi with her palms outstretched.

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After a slight pause, Gu Xi held Dong Mingming’s hand and said, “Let’s go. The examinations are over. There is no point in obsessing over the outcome. We need to start thinking about our competition.”

“Hmm? What competition?”

Gu Xi gave Dong Mingming a blue look. “The Youth Innovation Competition.”

Had Classmate Xiao Dong already forgotten all bout the Youth Innovation Competition?

Reminded by Gu Xi, Dong Mingming recalled that the defense for the recalled that the defense for the Youth Innovation Competition was slotted for a week after the monthly examinations.

Dong Mingming seemed to have heard Gu Xi and Sheng Xiuyan discussing something about 3 days’ time to prepare their defense and PPT.

Meeting Gu Xi’s “profound” look, Dong Mingming blushed and gave her an awkward smile: Alright, she hadn’t been a very professional tag along.

“Alright, you and Sheng Xiuyan prepared the talking points, give me the information, and I will put the slides together,” said Dong Mingming.

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“Can you handle that?” asked Gu Xi, feeling uncertain.

“Of course. Let me tell you. My PPT is professional!” Pausing, Dong Mingming said again, “And, that would also give me an opportunity to familiarize myself with the content of our topic.”

Gu Xi thought about it some and nodded.


As such, the three started using their free time in the next few times to prepare for their first round of defense.

During the process and being around the two deities, Dong Mingming had wanted to poke and find out about how the two did on their examinations and deduct who had done better. Unfortunately, both Gu Xi and Sheng Xiuyan were very serious at preparing their contents and, as such, Dong Mingming had no choice but to give up on that idea and keep on waiting for the outcome painfully.


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The week after, it was time for the defense segment of the Youth Innovation Competition.

For the sake of avoiding the competitors from distracting each other, the defense would take place in order. The teams would wait on site and their order would be drawn.

Gu Xi’s team drew a relative early spot, as such, they did not have to wait long.

The three walked into the venue and it was very quiet in there. With the exception of 5 primary judges in the front row, 20 other secondary judges in the back row, there were only a few workers and filming crew on site.

They seemed to have overheard the judges discussing something among themselves when they entered the room. Gu Xi seemed to hear that they were talking about their subject.

Facing the judges, Gu Xi and her team introduced themselves. A female judge sitting in the front row smiled at them and said, “Okay, let’s begin.”

On site, Dong Mingming was responsible for the PPT display and covering up their model while Gu Xi and Sheng Xiuyan gave a summary on the concept, design, and feasibility on their topic.

During the reporting process, Gu Xi could clearly see the changes on the looks of the judges. They went from anticipation to pleasant surprises. In fact, the female judge even had an approving smile on her. That made Gu Xi less nervous.

“And that concludes our report. Thank you judges and teachers.” Gu Xi and her team wrapped out their presentation and bowed at the judges.

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