Chapter 206 - This design had no rationality nor feasibility to speak of. (2)

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The three took off and, as soon as they have walked out of the venue, Gu Xi received a message on her phone.

Reading the text, Gu Xi’s eyes lit up and she was filled with joy.

[You did well on the defense.]

The message came from Gu Shao.

So Gu Shao was really here??

Gu Xi was delighted. Dong Mingming and Sheng Xiuyan, next to her, had no idea why she was so happy. They assumed that Gu Xi was happy because the defense had gone well.

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Gu Xi’s team’s topic was, indeed, very successful.

Not only did they score very well, they were also mentioned in professional media along with two other topics.

Suddenly, someone else hopped out and raised questions with regards to their topic.

The first person who did it was Liu Dehing. He was one of the key expert that had participated in the Youth Innovation Competition over the years, except for this year. Even so, he was still very authoritative in this area and his words carried weight.

His point was that their design was a mirage, and that the idea was all bells and whistles lending no rationality or feasibility.

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In short, his opinion was that Gu Xi’s team’s idea could never be made possible.

His comment brought about a lot of attention and debates and, as such, the organization of the competition decided to reevaluate their project.

Three days after the first defense for the Youth Innovation Competition, Gu Xi and her team was informed to head to the competition committee’s office.

“……After re-evaluating your topic, we feel that there are still some issues and it failed to meet the Youth Innovation Competition’s ‘feasibility’ requirements. As such, we are sorry to inform you that the committee had decided to cancel your earlier grades and your eligibility.” The person in the front informed Gu Xi and her team.

Even though they had already heard prior to their trip that that project would be re-evaluated, Gu Xi’s heart still dropped when she heard that.

Her fists clenched and still remaining calm, Gu Xi looked at the teachers from the competition committee and asked, “So our project was ruled ineligible because of a lack of feasibility?”

The man in front looked slightly embarrassed after the girl’s question but he quickly recollected himself. “Yes, that is correct.”

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Pausing, the man said in a milder tone, “This also involved errors in our judgement earlier on as well. As such, if you have any other topics, you can submit that and we will make an exception for you. All you need to do is to submit it prior to the second round.”

His words were like a stick and a date…. ‘s pit.

Gu Xi frowned when she heard what the man had said. Never mind that whether they would be able to come up with a new topic. Even if they could, the second round was a week’s out. It was impossible for them to be able to put everything together in such a short time.

Dong Mingming, too, had the same thoughts. She couldn't help but lowered her head and grumbled, “That’s not possible……”

Besides, she felt that there was nothing wrong with their topic to begin with. Even though Gu Xi and Sheng Xiuyan had taken care of the bulk of the project and that Dong Mingming did not follow on a lot of the parts, but she felt that Gu Xi had been very rational at every step.

Besides, none of the experts present during the defense said that their topic was not rational.

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How did their topic become problematic in just three days?

Dong Mingming wasn’t the only one feeling discontent about the ruling. Even Sheng Xiuyan’s face dropped.

Standing next to Gu Xi, Sheng Xiuyan, who had remained silent the entire time, suddenly sneered and look at the judges in front of them.

“Our topic has been logical every step of the way and I don’t see any parts that is irrational overall.” Pausing, he narrowed his eyes and carried on saying, “You question the rationality of our topic, and now I question the fairness of your competition.”

Sheng Xiuyan’s tone was calm, and he did not raise his voice. Nevertheless, his aura could make one tremble.

Mainly, they had guilty conscience……

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