Chapter 11: ideal

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Posted on August 3, 2022by Soafp

Translator: Soafp

I open my heavy eyelids and awake myself from sleep.

My body feels a little tired.

I get up from my bed and head for the sink.

Naturally, I go to wash my face.

I open the door to the changing room where the sink is located and enter.

I didn’t knock.

I assumed that no one would be there anyway.

“Hey, Y-Yusei! Get out of here!”

” Ow!”

I closed the door vigorously.

Mifuyu was in the morning bath.

If she’s in there, tell me she’s in there.

It doesn’t matter.

I couldn’t get the image of Mifuyu naked out of my mind.

Of course, it wasn’t because I was looking at her sexually.

Mifuyu had black bruises on her body.

Not just in one place, but all over her body.

Not on her face, legs, or any other visible part of her body.

It was not as if she had bumped into something.

It was… bullying.

The door of the washbasin opened and Mifuyu came out.

“Mou! You should at least knock!”

Mifuyu blushes and says so.

I was choosing my words, but in the end I decided to ask her honestly.

“Hey, Mifuyu.”

“I-I told you, don’t call me Mifuyu!”

“Are you being bullied?”

Mifuyu froze, and her expression clouded over.

“O-of course not,”

Mifuyu said with a laugh.

But her smile was very stiff.

I left the house and headed for school.

We did not go to school together, however.

My bag was heavier than usual.

I was smiling wryly as I felt its weight.

The chime for the end of fourth period rang.

I was on my way to a certain place.

But what I had imagined during the lunch break did not happen.

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After school, huh?

The chime for the end of the day rings.

I head for my second destination of the day.

I have two destinations.

I’m heading to the first destination, the rooftop.

But there is no one on the rooftop.

I confirm this fact and retrieve a certain item that I had planted on the roof that morning.

Then I head for the second destination, the back of the school building.

There I find Mifuyu and several girls who appear to be her classmates.


I hid in the shadows and watched Mifuyu and the others.

“Hey, Mifuyu. My sister is having a bad time because of your brother’s broadcast.”

The girl I was talking to was my sister.

I had never heard of her having a sister when I was dating Shiraki, so I assumed she was Kinoshita or Kawashima’s sister.

Mifuyu bowed deeply.

“I’m really, really sorry.”

I didn’t understand what she meant.

Why was Mifuyu apologizing? Why was Kinoshita or Kawashima’s sister angry?

Mifuyu didn’t do anything, right?

I thought they deserved to feel bad about it.

I still can’t admit that I agree with Mifuyu.

“Sorry won’t do, it would have been nice if it had just been.”

The girl who had been talking to Mifuyu then put her fist into Mifuyu’s stomach.


A dull thud echoed from Mifuyu’s body.

Mifuyu moaned and fell to the ground.

“Look! Mifuyu! I’m still going!”

With that, she kicked Mifuyu in the stomach.

The cronies around the woman joined in.

Mifuyu spits the contents of her stomach out of her mouth.


Mifuyu didn’t resist anything.

Seeing this, the violence did not stop, perhaps because she was in a good mood.

I knew the look in her eyes.

For the sake of her sister, it’s just a cover.

She was enjoying the situation.

I had a sense of déjà vu on her face.

It was the same face I saw when I was broadcasting.

So I don’t know how that woman feels.

I would have turned a blind eye if someone I had nothing to do with was being bullied.

But if it was my sister being bullied, I would have turned a blind eye.

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I decided it was time for me to say

“What are you doing?”

I called out from behind them in a voice devoid of emotion.

Then they all jerked their shoulders and looked back at me.

“W-Why are you here….”

Mifuyu said in a pained voice.

I had a video camera in my hand.

” Who are you!”

“I’m Mifuyu’s brother who is lying over there.”

I say so.

“Oh, my sister is suffering because of you!”


I replied curtly.

“T-that’s why I had your sister take the blame for it.”

What do you mean?

I’m the one who put the broadcast on the air, so why are you picking on Mifuyu?

I said out loud what I was thinking.

“It was me who broadcasted the message, no? Why are you bullying Mifuyu?”

“I-it’s none of your business!”

No, no, it is my business.

I’m the one who’s responsible for it.

“Ah, I get it. So you thought, ‘he is a man, maybe he’ll do something to me?” [TL: I have no idea what it supposed to mean. Here is the raw 「男だとやり返されるかも、って思ったんですか?」

The woman’s face contorted.

I guess I was right on target.

” Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!”

You’re the one who should shut up.

My ears were ringing.

” I’m telling you, I’m not going to quit picking on this girl!”

“You’re not going to quit?”

“I’m not going to stop. There’s no proof that I’m bullying her.”

I listened to her words and replayed the video from the camera in my hand.

The woman’s face is turning pale and I can see it in her eyes.

“W-Why do you have that thing in your hand!”

“‘Because I was hiding the camera, just because you guys were too absorbed in tormenting my sister to notice.”

“Turn it off!”

I responded with,

“Why should I listen to you people, the ones who bully my sister?”

The woman flinched.

“You enjoyed tormenting my sister earlier, didn’t you?”


“I understand. I enjoyed getting revenge on your sister too.”

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I said this with the most evil smile on my face.

The woman was horrified.

“W-What are you going to do with that?”

She pointed to a camera.

“Oh, this? What should I do with it? Oh, yes! Let’s do the same thing I did to your sister”

I said cheerfully.

“D-don’t! Please!”

The woman pleaded with tears welling up in the corners of her eyes.

“Why? What you’ve done is worse than what I’m about to do, no?”


“You know it yourself.”

I was slightly excited.

Maybe I’m enjoying it.

This situation.

The man I was then is gone.

What I am now is the real me.

Mifuyu looks at me with a sad expression on her face.

Why are you looking at me like that?

I’m doing this for you.

“Haa, the entertainment has cooled down somehow. Senpai, if you do what I am about to say, I will let this slide.”

“R-really?! What do I have to do?!”

“Ah, the people behind you, too.”

I called out to several people who looked relieved behind the woman.

“W-why! We had nothing to do with it!”


“No, no, what are you talking about? You guys were bullying her too, weren’t you? Aah?!”

They all jerked their bodies.

I pause for a moment.

“If any of you don’t listen to me, I’m going to play this video in each of your classes.”

“I-I get it”

One of the group swore and said so.

“Then everyone, please get into your underwear.”

I said, and they all turned blue.

“N-no! I can’t believe my first time is being taken away from me in a place like this.”

Someone said so.

I let my disgust show.

“No one gives a sh*t about your bodies.”

My voice lowers.

“Just get on with it.”

A few moments later, they were all in their underwear.

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“Wait, Yusei, what are you trying to do?”

Mifuyu rubbed her abdomen in pain.

“Just watch me right there.”

I took out my phone and changed it to camera mode.


click, click, click!

The women in their underwear were saved.

“If you tell a teacher or your parents, I’ll post this picture and the video on social media.”

“No, I won’t! I won’t tell them!”

They all pleaded with me, shaking their bodies.

“Well then, please don’t ever get involved with my sister again.”

I say with a smile.

“I-I’m sorry!”

With that, they all ran off.

“Are you okay?”

I call out to Mifuyu.


Mifuyu calls out to me, her face contorted in sadness.

Don’t look at me like that.

“Thank you for saving my life. But, but! Don’t do it that way again!”

What the hell?

I saved you.

“When did you become like that…”

There were tears in my sister’s eyes.

So what do you guys know about me?

What do Himari and Mifuyu know about me?

“You guys.”


“Don’t force your selfish ideals on me! Why do I have to live my life while listening to you people! I don’t get it! You’re all saying that’s not me! it is me! I don’t deserve any complaints!”

“Yusei, I didn’t mean it like that…”

“What the hell! it is what you meant! Everyone only looks at my strange side! Look at my heart too! I was betrayed by everyone! I’m in pain! Why am I the only one who has to suffer like this!”

Mifuyu burst into tears.

“T-this is not the Yusei I know!”


Mifuyu ran past me.

I don’t know who I am anymore.

Who is this Yusei you guys are talking about?

Who the hell am I?

Hey, whoever you are, just tell me who you are.

It was more of a plea than a request.

Please, someone look at me, look at what’s inside me.

I don’t trust anyone anymore.

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