Chapter 13: I will never trust you ever again.

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I had been tagging along with Seo since the day I talked to her.

Because she was the only person I could call a friend.

I would do anything for her.

Because she knows the same pain and sorrow as I do.


“What is it?”

During lunch break, I was talking to Seo.

“No, I was wondering if you wanted to have lunch with me.”

“I see, but I’ll pass.”

“I see, if you change your mind, let me know.”

“I won’t change my mind, so don’t worry.”

Seo’s face, which had rejected me, was smiling a little.

I was aware that the corners of her mouth were involuntarily raised when I saw that.

It was comfortable to be with Seo.

I think it was because we were in the same situation, and our way of thinking was very similar.

Then one day.

Seo’s shoes were missing.

I knew the situation well.

Truly, I knew it well.

Seo was the next target.

I overcame with an unspeakable rage.

Who did this?

Who did this to Seo?

When I went to the classroom, I saw a group of people laughing at Seo from a distance.

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It was the group of Shiraki, Kawashima, and Kinoshita.

No, Kawashima and Kinoshita were looking at Shiraki from a little distance.

I felt their expressions were a little drawn.

After school, I followed Seo, although I felt bad about it.

Then Seo went up to the rooftop.

Is there something to do on the rooftop?

I thought so and went up the stairs.

I opened the door of the rooftop a little and peeked out through the gap.



I couldn’t hear their voices well.

But I could see them.

Seo and Shiraki were there.

Why did Shiraki call Seo?

It was natural that such a question should come to mind.



Outside is getting noisy.

It was as if one of them was raising their voice.

I couldn’t stop looking outside.

Shiraki pushed Seo.

She fell to the ground and landed on her butt.


Shiraki shouted something and tried to hit Seo.

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I thought and opened the door to the rooftop with great force regardless of my will and stepped out in front of the two of them.

“Eh, Shinzaki-kun?! Why are you here?”

Shiraki said.

I ignored Shiraki’s words and walked up to Seo.

Holding out my hand to Seo.

“Seo, are you okay?”

“Yes, I’m fine. Thank you.”

Seo takes my hand and stands up.

“Why are you here, by the way?”

“Well, it’s…”

“… I won’t ask further questions.”

“…Thank you.”

Shiraki, who had been listening to our conversation, opens her mouth.

“Shinzaki-kun, um, you’re misunderstanding!”

“What am I misunderstanding?”

My voice lowers.

“Uhm, yes! This woman is manipulating Shinzaki-kun!”

What is she talking about?

“Be more clear”

“I-I’m telling you! Shinzaki-kun, you’re just being played by this woman’s mouthpiece!”

Seriously, what is she saying?

“I’m trying to protect you, Shinzaki-kun!”

“Who do you think you are”


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“I don’t want you to protect me. If you speak ill of Seo, I will not tolerate you. Besides, Seo’s shoes were missing today. You did that, didn’t you?”

“Eh, how did you know…ah”

“So it was you after all.”

I sighed deeply.

“Wait, you got it wrong! Listen to me! I really wanted to protect you, Shinzaki-kun, so I did stuff to make this woman uncomfortable!”

“Haa….what are you saying….I don’t get it…”

I… I’m tired of it.

“There is no reason for you to protect me.”

Really, there’s no reason.

“Because you have broken my heart.”

I look at Shiraki with a glare.

It hasn’t been that long since I met Seo.

Even so, I still consider Seo to be a very important friend.

So if Seo was being bullied, of course I would not forgive her.

“C-calm down, okay? I, you know? I like you, Shinzaki-kun.”

What kind of a mouth does she have to be talking like that now?

“You still haven’t learned your lesson yet, have you?”

I was starting to feel sorry for her.

“No! These are my true feelings!”

True feelings, huh?

“Then why did you dump me?”

“That’s because those two girls told me to dump Shinzaki-kun!”

Those two are Kinoshita and Kawashima, I guess.

“Is that why you dumped me?”

“I had no choice!”

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Seo was cowering beside me.

“But the fact is, you dumped me, right? That’s all you had feelings for me after all.”

“No! No! No! I really like you, Shinzaki-kun! I love you and I can’t help it!”

I moved closer to Shiraki.

“Hey, Shiraki. Can you honestly believe it when someone who has lied to you says he likes you again?”

Shiroki’s expression turned into a huff.

“B-But! My feelings for Shinzaki-kun are true!”

I sighed.

“Shiraki, I will never trust you again.”

After saying this, I took Seo’s hand and left the rooftop.


Shiraki was sobbing.

“Shinzaki-kun, that’s enough.”

“Ou, okay.”

I let go of Seo’s hand.

“Thank you for saving me. So, Shinzaki-kun? How did you know I was on the roof?”

“Oh, it’s late. See you later, Seo.”

“Y-yeah. Good bye.”

Seo was puzzled.

Of course she was.

I suddenly said I was leaving.

I don’t want Seo to know that I was following her for this reason.

She probably doesn’t know about it.

When I was with Seo, I felt as if my heart, which had been hurt until then, was being healed.

Well, I guess it was just my imagination, but I still felt comfortable and enjoyed being with Seo.

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