Chapter 92: The Ten Rings, Mandarin, young people who don’t know a thing about martial art’s virtues (Part-2)

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At this time, Ye Bai was flying constantly in the high altitude of the Arab region, looking at the ground below.

In Ye Bai’s sight, the land below had basically no secrets at all. Ye Bai could even see through the mines at a depth of one thousand meters.

There was oil, natural gas and even a gold mine.

With this superhuman vision, Ye Bai could easily become a mineral tycoon even if he wasn’t a copywriter anymore.

But there was no need for that, Ye Bai kept his purpose in mind.

Soon, Ye Bai found out where the Mandarin was.

This old geezer actually built his base more than 100 meters deep underground.

No wonder even S.H.I.E.L.D. couldn’t find him.

Ye Bai didn’t hesitate. He dived straight down while his eyes released super heat rays, making a deep hole in the earth.

Mandarin’s underground base was as hard as steel but Ye Bai easily made an opening in it.

Then Ye Bai went down the hole and entered Mandarin’s base.

The old man looked at Ye Bai with surprise because he suddenly appeared in his underground base. He was also a little confused. After all, Ye Bai’s appearance was too dramatic.

But his face quickly returned to normal. After all, he was an old guy who had weathered many storms. Although he was a little confused, he didn’t panic at all.

With ten rings on his fingers, he sat on his throne and looked down at Ye Bai.

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In front of him, there were countless members of the Ten Rings in traditional robes who were looking fiercely at Ye Bai who suddenly broke into their base.

“Who are you? Are you provoking me by breaking into my kingdom like this?”

The Mandarin spoke, his tone was mixed with anger and arrogance.

This was also normal. The Mandarin had been in a high position since his birth.

Later, after getting ten magic rings, he became one of the emperors of the underground world and had been in that high position for a very long time.

It was normal for him to be a little dignified and arrogant.

“What, you just dropped a missile at my house, now you don’t even remember me?”

Ye Bai also coldly looked at the old guy in front of him, to be precise, he was looking at the ten rings in the hands of the Mandarin.

Each of these ten rings had a special magic ability.

It was also the origin of the name of the Ten Rings organization.

Although the Mandarin had a small reputation, his strength was terrifying.

He was born in 1920. He learned martial arts from childhood and almost reached the peak of the human body.

Later, this guy encountered a spaceship that had crashed on the earth.

In that spacecraft, the Mandarin learned the technology and magic of an unknown alien civilization and obtained these ten rings.

Each of these rings contained magic, one of the advanced powers of the Marvel Universe.

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Based on this alone, the strength of the Mandarin could not be low.

In the original plot, Mandarin was the sworn enemy of Iron Man. Tony was unable to defeat Mandarin until he grew to a very high level.

If Tony faced Mandarin right now he would be killed in seconds.

“Are you Tony Stark? Isn’t he white? ”

After hearing what Ye Bai said, the Mandarin was also a little confused.

He didn’t know Ye Bai, he only remembered that he had dropped some missiles at Tony Stark’s house.

Moreover, Ye Bai did not wear an iron suit so he was not Iron Man at all.

In fact, Mandarin had been pitted by Killian.

Mandarin only wanted to shoot Tony because Tony had insulted him.

But who knows what was wrong with Killian, he accidentally fired two missiles at Ye Bai’s manor.

As a result, Ye Bai found the Mandarin. But the Mandarin did not even know who Ye Bai was.

It could be said that this was a disaster for the Mandarin, and it was brought to him by his pig teammates.

If he knew the reason, Mandarin would definitely kill Killian. Wasn’t this cheating?

“It’s okay if you don’t know me, I just need to know you. You are not a good thing anyway.”

Ye Bai had no intention to talk anymore with Mandarin. He was here for revenge, not for debate.

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Since Mandarin did not want to admit it, he would beat him until he admitted it.

The Mandarin also lost his patience to explain to Ye Bai. Since Ye Bai was an enemy, he decided to destroy him quickly.

Thinking of this, Mandarin took a look at his men, and those men quickly rushed toward Ye Bai one after another.

Although Mandarin’s men were originally ordinary people, they had been transformed by Mandarin’s magic. They could not be called humans anymore.

Their strength was stronger than Captain America, and the body transformed by magic was invulnerable.

However, in Ye Bai’s eyes, they were no different from ordinary people.

With Ye Bai’s thought, a golden portal appeared under the feet of all of Mandarin’s men.

In the blink of an eye then they fell down and were swallowed by the golden portal.

If there was no accident, Mandarin’s men would appear at an altitude of 8000 meters.

Then, in a free fall, they would return to the earth they were familiar with.

As for whether they would die or live, that wasn’t Ye Bai’s concern.

Against enemies who could not fly, this portal was really a godly technique.

As long as you were able to draw the portal fast enough, whether your enemy was sent to the sky or the underground, or on the bottom of the sea at a depth of 10,000 meters, you had the final say.

After seeing Ye Bai’s portal, Manadarin’s expression became serious.

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“Mage of Kamar Taj, I remember I didn’t provoke you sorcerers.”

Mandarin looked at Ye Bai and said slowly. He seemed a little afraid of the Kamar Taj’s mages.

As an old monster who had lived for nearly a hundred years, Mandarin knew many things that ordinary people didn’t know.

For example, the few hidden forces on earth.

Kama Taj was one of them.

“You just need to know that I’m here to screw off your head.”

Ye Bai didn’t give Mandarin any chance to explain himself. It’s not like he was a good guy anyway.

Now that they had met, today was Mandarin’s unlucky day.

In the next moment, countless mirror butterflies flew out of Ye Bai’s body.

In the blink of an eye, these mirror butterflies enveloped Mandarin completely.

When Mandarin looked around, he found that he had appeared on a plain.

Ye Bai, however, was suspended above his head. He was looking down at him.

“Mirror space!”

The Mandarin recognized Ye Bai’s technique and knew that he had been pulled into the mirror space by Ye Bai.

This made Mandarin’s face turn bitter.

He didn’t expect that the junior in front of him was so ignorant of martial arts virtues that he just started fighting when they met and didn’t even give him an opportunity to explain himself.

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