Chapter 93: The Mandarin’s Death

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Mandarin was really depressed. Even now, he did not know exactly what was going on.

Ye Bai was obviously here to seek revenge, but Mandarin really did not know when and why he and Ye Bai became enemies.

Ye Bai also didn’t explain it to him. He started fighting as soon as he came. He did not explain why he came to seek revenge.

But in the end, Mandarin was still a strong person, and he had his pride.

Ye Bai, a junior, took action as soon as he came up. Did he really think that Mandarin was easy to bully?

So after entering the mirror space, Mandarin didn’t hesitate to retaliate.

Mandarin raised his left hand and the ring on the index finger of his left hand suddenly started shining.

Then, a 100 meter long flame came out of the ring and rushed towards Ye Bai.

Ten Rings, ten kinds of magic. Flame magic was one of them.

Ye Bai looked at the oncoming flame with an arrogant smile.

With a thought, a huge shield composed of golden mana stood in front of Ye Bai.

The hundred-meter-long flame hit the magic shield, and countless flames splashed in all directions. But none of them broke through the golden shield, and they couldn’t hurt Ye Bai at all.

Mandarin’s expression also became more serious. Ye Bai’s performance was enough for him to be completely serious.

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Then, the ring on the little finger of the Mandarin’s left hand also burst into light, and a white icicle was instantly shot towards Ye Bai which froze everything in its way.

Together with the previous flame, Mandarin looked like the god of ice and fire.

Ye Bai naturally did not sit back and wait for death. He turned his head and looked in the direction of the icicle which was coming towards him.

Then Ye Bai’s eyes suddenly brightened and two orange-red heat rays shot out.

They fell directly on the oncoming icicle. The super high temperature of heat rays caused the icicle to melt.

Judging from the scene, Ye Bai and the Mandarin were on the same level. If one of them wanted to win against the other one, then these means were definitely not enough.

The Mandarin gritted his teeth and raised his right hand.

On the ring finger of his right hand, a ring inlaid with golden squares gradually brightened up.

In the next second, a yellow energy beam suddenly shot out of it.

All the substances, molecules and even atoms in the path of this yellow energy beam, were destroyed.

Disintegration beam was the most powerful move among the ten rings.

Every time it was used, there would be a 20-minute cooldown. This move had always been Mandarin’s trump card.

But now Mandarin could not care about hiding his strength anymore. He used everything he had to defeat Ye Bai quickly.

Facing Mandarin’s attack this time, Ye Bai was slightly satisfied.

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Such a move was decent, otherwise this fight would be too boring.

Yes, Ye Bai was actually playing all the time and did not take Mandarin seriously at all.

Otherwise, Ye Bai would have killed Mandarin in seconds.

Ye Bai gave Mandarin the opportunity to attack because he wanted to see the power of the ten rings.

By the way, he also wanted to accumulate experience of fighting against magicians, so that he wouldn’t get confused when he encountered stronger magicians in the future.

Ever since he got the body template of General Zod and Ancient Doomsday, Ye Bai had been scared of magic in his heart.

Because now, he was a real “Evil God”.

The magic resistance of General Zod and Ancient Doomsday was too low.

Ye Bai had to make up for his shortcomings in this area as much as possible.

It would be great if he could somehow get immunity from magic. If that was the case, then Ye Bai would simply not look at the Mandarin more than once and directly kill him.

Instead, he had to accumulate experience of fighting against magicians like this.

If the Mandarin knew what Ye Bai was thinking, he might have vomited blood due to anger as Ye Bai had never regarded him as his opponent.

Right now, Mandarin was full of hope that his “Disintegration beam” could cause fatal damage to Ye Bai.

But unfortunately, a white energy began to gather in front of Ye Bai and in the blink of an eye it turned into a white magic shield which completely enveloped Ye Bai.

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Then, the yellow disintegration beam arrived and hit the white magic shield.

Although the Disintegration beam was powerful, Ye Bai’s white magic shield was stronger. It completely blocked the Disintegration beam.

When Mandarin saw the white energy, he was shocked and his eyes almost popped out.

“The Power of White Magic!”

The Mandarin was still knowledgeable, and he could see the origin of Ye Bai’s magic shield at a glance.

It was precisely because of this that the Mandarin realized that something was really wrong.

Before Ye Bai used white magic, Mandarin still felt that Ye Bai was just a senior mage, and he still had a chance of winning.

But after Ye Bai used the white magic, he completely lost his confidence.

Mandarin was also a man who was famous in the magic world. Naturally, he knew the reputation of white magic After all, White magic was the famous skill of the Supreme Master Gu Yi.

As his own half-hearted magic confronted the famous white magic, the Mandarin did not have the slightest confidence at this moment.

The only thing that he could now count on was probably that Ye Bai’s mastery of white magic was not high, so that he still had a chance to live.

Otherwise, he could only wait for death.

Thinking of this, the Mandarin gritted his teeth and planned to give it a go. At the next moment, the nine magic rings on the hands of the Mandarin bloomed brightly.

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Then came the overwhelming magic attacks.

Electromagnetic light wave, flame, frost, laser, thunder, storm, mind control.

Countless magic attacks crowded the whole space and there was no place to hide from them.

Occasionally, a magic attack would land on a distant hill. As a result, the hill would disintegrate directly and the earth and rock would fly into the air.

One could imagine how powerful these magics were. And traditional human weapons were powerless in front of these magical attacks.

It was right to say that the ten magic rings in his hands alone were enough to sweep some small and medium-sized countries on the earth.

Their army’s firepower was not as good as a Mandarin.

However, as the main target of countless magic attacks, Ye Bai shook his head.

These magic attacks were too weak in his opinion.

Disintegration beam from one the ten rings of Mandarin could still be considered a decent attack.

As for the other attacks, they didn’t pose any threat to Ye Bai.

Thinking of this, Ye Bai didn’t have any interest in continuing to play anymore because he couldn’t accumulate any experience by fighting Mandarin.

“It’s over, Mandarin!”

Ye Bai said faintly, and then his figure disappeared from Mandarin’s vision.

Before Mandarin could react, he felt a pain in his neck, and then he completely lost consciousness.

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