Chapter 94: Tony’s banquet

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Ye Bai looked at the Mandarin who had no signs of life, shook his head in disdainfully, and then neatly pulled out the rings from his hands.

Although these rings didn’t seem very strong to Ye Bai, they were better than nothing.

He was also picking it up for nothing, anyway.

As for Ye Bai’s speed, that was basic operation.

This was a mirrored space, not Earth, so Ye Bai didn’t need to restrain his speed.

The speed brought to Ye Bai by the body template of General Zod alone was almost the same as the Flash, not to mention the bonus brought by the body template of the Ancient Doomsday.

If Ye Bai wanted, he could even run a hundred or eighty laps around the earth in one second.

But if he did that, all the air currents on the earth would be disordered, and the climate would deteriorate extremely.

With Ye Bai’s speed, it would be strange if the Mandarin could even react.

If Mandarin was really so strong, why would he need to be so afraid of the supreme Mage.

In this case, not to mention competing with the Supreme Mage, at the very least, the Supreme Mage would have to tolerate his existence.

“And done. Let’s call it a day and go home!”

Ye Bai thought faintly. Ye Bai’s heart didn’t have the slightest ups and downs at killing the villain Mandarin.

It was like he did a small, insignificant thing.

However, his anger because his house was bombed by the missiles before was almost vented

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As for Tony, he should be done with Aldrich too, Ye Bai thought with some uncertainty.

Similar to what Ye Bai thought, Tony also eventually took care of his opponent.

Although the process was a bit difficult, fortunately the ending was beautiful.

By the way, just like Ye Bai, Tony also got his own loot, the Extremis Virus.

That was the lifelong research of Dr. Killian. It was a virus that could quickly heal human wounds and greatly develop the human body’s potential.

Even an ordinary person could directly become a powerful superhero after taking this virus.

However, this virus had a very serious side effect. When taking this virus there was a very high probability of blowing up.

The previous terrorist attack on the stadium was actually done by a person who had drunk the Extremis virus. He had blown himself up in the audience.

Seeing Miss Potts, who was injected with the Extremis Virus and merged with it perfectly, Tony inevitably had some thoughts about it as well.

This was normal. In such a chaotic era, who didn’t want to be stronger?

Tony was the same, not to mention that he had set an almost impossible goal for himself. He wanted to challenge God.

However, Tony had no plans to take the Extremis Virus for the time being.

The side effects of this virus were still too great, so Tony decided to study it first.

He had only one life. He didn’t want to bet his life for this little virus.

“Come on, let’s go back.”

Looking at Miss Pepper coming to him, Tony said with a smile and put away his thoughts for the time being.

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He didn’t plan to tell Pepper about his plan, otherwise Pepper would definitely think that he was crazy.

Moreover, Ye Bai had just saved his life. He was his savior. If he immediately began to study the armor meant to deal with his savior, it would be a bit too unethical.

At least he couldn’t tell Potts about this kind of thing that would damage his image in her eyes.

Iron Man still wanted to save face.

Miss Potts didn’t think much. She helped Tony, who was limping a little, leave the battlefield.

After ending the battle with Dr. Killian and solving the crisis of the Ten Rings, Tony made a very important decision.

He was going to marry Potts.

They were going to start a family together and share each other’s happiness and sorrow.

In fact, as early as a few years ago, Tony and Potts had already been in a husband-and-wife relationship, but neither of them had made it clear.

But after these recent events, Tony also put away his playful heart and really began to become mature.

After the successful proposal, Tony held a bachelor party and invited all his friends to attend.

Naturally, Ye Bai also received the invitation, so he brought Hela over to participate.

Since becoming the Queen of Asgard, Hela’s personality had changed a lot. In the past, Hela only communicated with Ye Bai, and completely ignored Ye Bai’s friends and entertainment.

But now, Hela had learned to integrate herself into Ye Bai’s life.

Her attending this party with Ye Bai was the best proof.

In addition to Ye Bai, many other people attended this party. Most of them were superheroes, such as the members of the Avengers,

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From S.H.I.E.L.D. Coulson and Nick Fury, as well as some of Tony’s business friends also participated.

When Ye Bai arrived, he was not warmly received. After all, there were not many people who knew him.

Ye Bai was actually very low profile, and there were only a few people who knew about his strength.

Among them, Nick Fury was one.

Seeing Ye Bai and Hela, Nick Fury, who was joking with Captain America, immediately turned serious.

His body became straight, and he became nervous.

This black hearted marinated egg was indeed really clever when facing Ye Bai and Hela.

This was very different from his usual arrogant behavior.

Ye Bai also saw Nick Fury and the others, but he didn’t respond. He didn’t feel much about the Avengers, so naturally he wouldn’t try to get along with them. Instead, he took Hela’s hand and led her to a quiet corner, and then whispered a joke to Hela.

This time he only came to the party just to give Tony face. After all, Tony was his friend.

Not long after Ye Bai sat down, an old acquaintance found him.

“Hi, Ye Bai, long time no see. Hello Hela, we meet again.”

It was Dr. Banner who came over. Ye Bai hadn’t seen him for a long time.

Compared with last time when Dr. Banner had been hiding, he was obviously very nourished this time.

Maybe it was because after he joined the Avengers, someone supported and helped him.

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Otherwise, he should still be on the run.

Ye Bai also talked to Dr. banner. They used to be friends and had some common topics.

Dr. Banner even asked Ye Bai why he had stopped writing books during this time.

You should know that Ye Bai used to write books very quickly. With his writing speed he could publish three books a month.

For this question, Ye Bai just smiled. He couldn’t say that he had made enough money and now he only intended to enjoy life.

Not long after Dr. Banner left, Tony came to Ye Bai with Pepper.

“Ye Bai, I’m really glad you came. I’ll also be a good man like you in the future.”

Tony held a glass of red wine in his hand and said to Ye Bai with some emotion.

Yes, this Playboy had decided to change himself, and he would be a real superhero from now on.

Hela, on the other hand, communicated with Pepper which was unprecedented. You should know that Hela used to ignore everyone except Ye Bai.

“By the way, didn’t you invite Thor? I haven’t seen him all night. ”

Ye Bai asked Tony. He also wanted to find a chance to take care of his brother-in-law.

“I invited him, but Thor’s girlfriend Jane had some accidents, so he rushed over there.”

Tony shrugged and said with some regret.

He and Thor were good friends. This time when he said goodbye to being single. Thor didn’t come. So he was a little sad.

After listening to Tony’s words, Ye Bai suddenly thought that this should be the beginning of the plot of “Thor 2”.

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