Chapter 3066: 3066

Chapter 3066: Quite A Lot of Good Things

Upon confirming that Huang Xiaolong had really cultivated the Dao Body of Heaven and Earth, Xiao Yuncheng, Xuankong, Special Envoy Hailan, and the others were hit by another wave of shock.

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Originally, Xiao Yuncheng was wondering if Huang Xiaolong had the strength rivaling the top three experts on the Extermination List, and if he could fight his father, but now, all of these doubts were thrown out of the window.

As if they were thinking of the same thing, Xiao Yuncheng and Xuankong both broke out in cold sweat. It was lucky that they didn’t join hands with the Mystical Pavilion earlier, or the consequences would have been dire.

Huang Xiaolong turned and looked at Xiao Yuncheng, Xuankong, and the rest of the group, smiling whilst not smiling, “Do you still want this Immortal Nine Flames’ treasury?”

Both Xiao Yuncheng and Xuankong nearly jumped out of their skins in fright, shaking their heads and hands in a hurry.

“Lord, you’re joking, haha!” Xiao Yuncheng and Xuankong couldn’t deny fast enough, afraid Huang Xiaolong would misunderstand them.

“You can leave now.” Huang Xiaolong simply sent them away with a sentence.

Xiao Yuncheng, Xuankong, and the other World Manor’s experts were stunned, and they were more than a little unwilling to leave like this.

Xiao Yuncheng and the others had estimated that they would have to pay a great price, like handing out all the treasures on their bodies to Huang Xiaolong before they could leave, but who would have thought that Huang Xiaolong let them go so easily?

“What, you still want to stay here?” Huang Xiaolong asked seeing Xiao Yuncheng, Xuankong, and the others’ dazed expressions.

Xiao Yuncheng’s heart nearly jumped out from his chest, and he denied, “No, no, Lord, please do not misunderstand.”

In the end, Xiao Yuncheng, Xuankong, and the rest of World Manor’s experts respectfully saluted Huang Xiaolong before leaving. None of them paused for a second. However, Huang Xiaolong made them swear to not disclose anything that had happened there.

Xiao Yuncheng, Xuankong, and the others did not dare to refute.

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Huang Xiaolong turned his attention back to the Main Mystical Pavilion’s four top experts after Xiao Yuncheng’s group had left.

Facing Huang Xiaolong once again, Special Envoy Hailan no longer had her earlier confidence. She lowered her head apprehensively and began speaking with uncertainty, “ This Lord, we’ve been rude earlier as we were blind and did not recognize your nobility. I hope you can forgive us. We will take our leave from this Immortal Nine Flames cultivation cave.”

Huang Xiaolong scoffed nonchalantly, “I remember you demanding for the things to be split into three equal parts.”

Embarrassment flashed across Special Envoy Hailan’s face, not knowing how to respond.

“But wanting to leave now, it’s already too late.” Huang Xiaolong sighed, shaking his head. “I already gave you a chance.”

Special Envoy Hailan, Devil Essence Holy Dragon Ancestor, Purple Giant, and Three Blades Yang’s face paled visibly at Huang Xiaolong’s words.

“Does the Lord really want to become enemies with our Main Mystical Pavilion?” Special Envoy Hailan asked, but she was in fact, subtly warning Huang Xiaolong in a heavy tone. “If something happens to us, the Mystical Pavilion would definitely investigate the matter and find the connection with you. I admit that you’re strong, but you’re not necessarily a match against our Main Pavilion Master!”

“Is that so?” Huang Xiaolong smiled faintly, “Don’t worry, I don’t plan on killing you.”

Special Envoy Hailan, and the rest were baffled.

Not going to kill us?

Then what is Huang Xiaolong’s purpose in making them stay behind?

Huang Xiaolong couldn’t possibly be thinking of taking them as hostages and blackmailing the Main Mystical Pavilion, right?

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While the four of them were guessing Huang Xiaolong’s purpose, suddenly, an overwhelming heavenly might soared to the sky from Huang Xiaolong’s body, followed by a rumbling dragon’s roar.

An enormous golden dragon emerged like a sovereign of heaven and earth, exuding inviolable dragon might.

Under this heavenly might, and dragon might, Devil Essence Holy Dragon Ancestor and the others retreated again and again.

When they had backed several miles away, looking at the giant golden dragon that dominated the space, their expressions had never looked so bad, “The dragon of creation!”

Especially Devil Essence Holy Dragon Ancestor’s petrified gaze was fixed on Huang Xiaolong as he pointed out with certainty, “You are the Son of Creation!”

He finally understood why Huang Xiaolong had been insisting for him to stay behind from the beginning. The scenes at the Divine Tuo Holy World’s Creation Ceremony replayed in his mind.

“You, impossible!” Several hundred years ago, at the Creation Ceremony, Huang Xiaolong was merely First Esteem Dao Venerable, but now, he was already an early Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable!

His mind could not connect the young man in front of him with that Son of Creation at the Creation Ceremony.

Suddenly, Special Envoy Hailan turned into a bolt of purple lightning in an abrupt attempt to escape, and at the same time, she shouted to the others, “Run separately!”

She didn’t believe that Huang Xiaolong could stop the four of them from leaving.

Three Blades Yang, Purple Giant, and Devil Essence Holy Dragon Ancestor leaped away almost simultaneously in different directions to flee.

Huang Xiaolong snickered at their attempts as he disappeared in a blur, and blocked right in front of Devil Essence Holy Dragon Ancestor’s path. With one punch, he put a hole through Devil Essence Holy Dragon Ancestor’s chest and knocked him back to the same spot.

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At the same time, Special Envoy Hailan, Purple Giant, and Three Blades Yang were also sent flying back to the same spots.

Special Envoy Hailan was blocked by Lei Yu, Old Monster Flame and the two other experts dealt with Three Blades Yang, and the remaining ten experts blocked Purple Giant.

Though the other twelve experts’ strength couldn’t compare to Three Blades Yang, each of them was an expert that could wield absolute power. With the ten of them joining hands, Purple Giant was coughing blood like it was worthless, and his injuries were actually more severe than Special Envoy Hailan and Three Blades Yang.

Special Envoy Hailan, Three Blades Yang, and Purple Giant stared dumbly at the remaining twelve experts on Huang Xiaolong’s side. They were truly frightened, as their faces ashened and paled. “You, you all!”

Apart from Huang Xiaolong and Lei Yu, Old Monster Flame, and the other twelve people, all of them actually wielded at least one kind of absolute power.

With a wave of his hand, Huang Xiaolong sealed the Devil Essence Holy Dragon Ancestor, Special Envoy Hailan, Purple Giant, and Three Blades Yang in ice. The light from the dragon of creation’s eyes enveloped the four of them, and soon he planted a creation mark in their bodies.

Huang Xiaolong subsequently learned many things about the Main Mystical Pavilion from their memories, including Huang Shaui’s whereabouts.

Huang Shuai was indeed at the Main Mystical Pavilion.

However, even though these people were the Main Mystical Pavilion’s Eminent Elders and special envoy, none of them knew the main pavilion’s location because they relied on transmission formation every time they enter and exited; and the transmission formation also blocked their senses, so no one knew where they were being transfer to.

Huang Xiaolong frowned, as according to these four people’s memories, only two people knew the exact location of the Main Mystical Pavilion; one was the Main Mystical Pavilion Master, and the Son of Mystic, also the Main Mystical Pavilion Master’s son.

Huang Xiaolong took out four drops of blue lotus nectar, and with the power of nirvana, he healed Devil Essence Holy Dragon Ancestor’s, Special Envoy Hailan’s, Purple Giant’s, and Three Blades Yang’s injuries.

Huang Xiaolong then let the four of them go.

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“Your Highness, are we not killing Devil Essence Holy Dragon Ancestor?” Lei Yu asked as he watched Devil Essence Holy Dragon Ancestor’s leaving figure. He knew that Devil Essence Holy Dragon Ancestor had once tried to assassinate Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong shook his head. “Killing him or otherwise is no longer important at this point.”

Then, Huang Xiaolong, Lei Yu, Old Monster Flame, and the others joined hands to break the restrictions surrounding the Immortal Nine Flames’ cultivation palace. When the restrictions were broken, Huang Xiaolong disappeared inside in a flicker while the others waited outside.


Half a day later.

As Lei Yu and the others waited outside, Huang Xiaolong finally emerged.

“Your Highness, how is it?” Lei Yu walked up with spring in his steps.

Huang Xiaolong nodded smilingly as he replied, “Quite a lot of good things!”

Lei Yu’s eyes lit up. “It is peak-grade Phoenix Fire Crystal? Or Resurrection Crystal? Or Absolute Blaze Stone?”

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