Chapter 35 – I’m Getting Skillful but I’m Getting Skillful Unconsciously

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I have more acquaintances in this city.

I have more friends and acquaintances in this city compared to the city I used to live in.

I have worked at the grocery store, carpenters, taverns, signboard shop, gardeners, and fried potato stall in this city.

For ordinary slaves like us, the more things we can do, the more allowance we can get.

We were not as good as the knowledge slaves or the skilled slaves but we were happy because we felt like our efforts are being recognized.

Besides, it is always fun to do work that I have never done before.

New encounters, new techniques, and things that I learned might or might not work.

Even today, I’m going to advertise a new product at a liquor store, a job I’ve never done before.

And I’m looking forward to it.


Tootttt, tiiiiii, tuuuuuutttt

I check the tone of the trumpet.

This kind of job is usually for people who play in taverns at night but today, the trumpet guy happened to catch a cold.

I happened to be chosen from among the people of the Schenker Family who could play the trumpet.


「Little Miss Rabbit, aren’t you making bricks maker?」

「Ah, I’ve done that kind of work before.」

「Moimo works in taverns too, right?」


「And you can even play the trumpet? You can do everything.」

「I can’t do everything. I can only do what I can do.」

「I see. Then, let’s start!」

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Bam, bam, bam, with the sound of the drums, the march begins.

What’s playing now is a song I used to practice on my days off when we were taught to play.

I really wanted to be a musician at the coffee shop but there are so many people who are better than me whether using the trumpet, flute, or drums.

A beautiful monkey dancer with makeup danced twirling with a signboard.

That sounds tough.

I’ve been taught by people who were good at both singing and dancing but I’m at a level where I could never become a professional dancer.

I’ve been able to use that to my advantage in various jobs but I admire people who have their own exclusive jobs.

「Whoah, a band!」

「Where are they going?」

「Let’s just follow them!」

The kids have gathered.

All my fellow musicians waved their hands and winked at the audience.

I also gave a service by spinning around while playing the trumpet.

When the children gather, adults would also gather.


I turned around and saw the owner of the food stall where I had gone to work the other day.

I wave back at the music break.

The owner had injured her hand so I cooked in her instead.

I was able to handle the job because it was a food stall for simmered dishes but it would have been tough if I had to work at a place that requires knife skill or exquisite grilling.

It takes practice.

On my days off, I get together with other volunteers and learn how to cook from the kitchen guys.

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「How about trying our new product, Gabudrink-kun, as your evening drink? The southern rhum is its secret ingredient. You won’t stop gabudrink-kun, gabudrink-kun, and gabudrink-kun more! It’s on sale today at Kendrick Liquor Store in the South district.」

The dancer oneesan dances, speaks, and waves the signboard. It looks like she’s doing the hardest job.

I’d like to ask her about makeup later but I wonder if she’ll tell me.

While I was thinking about that, I saw a group of people waving their hands.

I turned my gaze to them and noticed that it was the boss and the carpenters from the East district. They are waving and laughing.

I improvised a little and spun the trumpet around and the carpenters shouted “Moimo!” while whistling.

I’m sure they’ll make fun of me next time I go there.

However, every time I go there, I learn a lot of things and it’s also a fun place to work.

I started carrying and buying scrap materials, then, they allowed me to mix cement, lay gravel, planing, and many others.

I was told that if I wasn’t a slave, they would hire me but I was flattered.


After playing about 10 songs, we took a break.

After eating lunch and playing about 20 more songs, we were done for the day.

It’s not exactly physical labor so I guess it’s a good job, right?

「Little Miss Rabbit, you know a lot of people.」

As I was maintaining the trumpet, the boss of the musician spoke to me.

Some of the skilled men in this kind of work are difficult to deal with because some of them only have this skill to feed themselves.

「It has been a policy of the Schenker Family to do a lot of jobs.」

「Hee, are they not giving you the choice?」

「They know what someone can and can’t do. I know how to play the trumpet so I was entrusted with this job.」

「I see. Where did you learn to play?」

「I learned by having someone who has free time at night to teach me. I like learning new things.」

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「You are very ambitious. What else can Little Miss Rabbit do?」

「Well, I’m not really good at them but, I can….calculate, do carpentry, carry loads, cook, sing, play the trumpet and drum, take care of horses, simple first aid, ah, and I’ve also played a role at a play the other day.」

「Eh? Wait a minute…..」

The boss looks somewhat puzzled and tubs his head with his hands.

Is he okay?

I know how to give a massage too so I can do it for you.


As I was wondering what the boss would say, someone suddenly called me out.

It was Aunt Ton, a hairdresser from the South district.

「Thank you for the other day. I’ll give you this, eat it with everyone.」

Aunt Ton handed me a number of dishes that she probably bought at a food stall.

「It’s been a while Ton-san, are you alright now?」

「Yeah, I’m fine now. You really saved me the other day.」

「Little miss, someone you know?」

「Yes, this is Ton-san. She’s a hairdresser from the south district.」

「Ah, pardon my rudeness. I’m Ton. Nice to meet you」

「Ah, no. I’m Kiwata. I usually play at Listel Tavern in the west district. I’m sorry but I got nothing to offer in return.」

The boss bows.

「It’s okay. Just eat it all.」

「Then, we’ll take it.」

「See you later, Moimo-chan.」

Ton-san is flirty as usual. She winks and leaves.

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「Is it okay? You can have them.」

「Yeah, let’s all eat together.」

「What happened the other day?」

「Nothing much. I had some free time on my day off so I help out in her busy store.」

「Eh? You can hairdress too?」

「I usually braid my friends’ hair and I can also cut hair.」

「You can do anything, can’t you?」

I’m often asked this question these days but my reply is the same.

「I can’t do everything. I can only do what I can do.」


Yeah, the Schenker Family is full of great people.

Master is someone who is rumored to be able to heal anyone as long as half of that person’s body remains and madam is a well accomplished super strong soldier.

Chicken-san is always fair and impartial and can manage a dizzying amount of money properly.

Mince-san is brave and courageous while Roast-san is funny and dependable.

There are many other experts to learn from.

I’m still at the bottom of my field.

I want to learn more and more things and help more and more people.

And then, even though I’m a slave, will someday fall in love with a gentleman who I can rely on like in the plays or books.

Then, I looked down at my flat body.

That would be difficult, isn’t it…….

Next time, let’s ask someone with big tits how to make them bigger!


Unconscious Skilled Cheat Slave 1

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