Slave, slave, slave.

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Every week, a heap of slaves is being sent to Torquiva.

90 percent of them are disabled slaves.

Yes, slaves for me.

Apparently, in other cities, we’ve become known as a city where even disabled slaves can work.

Are they stupid?

They better stop being lazy and take care of them in their own cities.

We can no longer fit them above ground that I had them dug perpendicularly to the tunnel below for the slaves to live in.

Slaves are building slave apartments aboveground for those slaves underground to live in and the slaves are rushing to complete them.

I’m spending my daily life like this…..

One day, I was playing with my brother’s children and I suddenly thought of something.

「Do slaves want to have children or something?」

All my slaves are females because of my choice.

It is impossible for workplace romance to occur.

However, it will be difficult for them to fall in love and get married because they are slaves.

In such a situation, I will be the only one who’ll get married, have children, and become happy…..

Wouldn’t that make me be resented?



That’s one scary word.

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One day, the manager of the company I was working for in my previous life suddenly collapsed while clutching his chest.

He had a myocardial infarction.

He survived but he never returned to work.

When I went to deliver his personal belongings to his house, he told me,

「Listen, don’t let any hold a grudge against you. You’ll see their face when you die.」

I distinctly remember him always kicking his desk with a bright red face but back then, he had a very blue face.

Then, a few years later, when I died from overwork, what I saw was not the face of my family.

「What should I do?」

I asked myself.

Right, I should let them get married and have a family of their own.


Slaves get married too.

I haven’t heard much about it but it does exist.

For example, the milling slaves of my parent’s house have a family.

This was done by buying brides for the slaves on the anniversary of the founding of my parent’s house or something.

In addition, knowledge slaves and skilled slaves often have families with ordinary people.

The word “slave” is a complicated one but slaves are treated in many different ways depending on their position and employer.


I seriously thought about it.

First of all, it is impossible to free my slaves because of the underground tunnel.

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I could get them husbands but that would be a disaster in case of a personality mismatch.

The divorce rate itself is not high in this world but divorce still exists.

If that is the case, marriage to an ordinary person would be a realistic option.

However, them being slaves would become a problem.

It’s not possible to earn money by sending slaves, who are going to be wives and mothers, day in and day out.

I never thought I would be so troubled by the slaves I bought to make money for me…..

I guess I’m not cut out to be in a position that uses people.


A week later, it’s a crisp, sunny autumn day.

On a stand that is about 1 meter above the ground, at the former pickles factory, home of the slaves, I started giving a speech before the assembled slaves.

「Ladies, I thank you for your hard work. Soon, I will come of age and get married.」

Cheers and whistles erupted from the slaves.

We’re in a business setting so I don’t want them to overly respect me or fear me.

「I am responsible for your lives as I am for my own. Thus, I will share with you the right to have a family and be happy as I am.」

The slaves began to buzz but it soon settled down as Mince slammed the floor with the end of her spear.

There’s more so listen.

「Unfortunately, I cannot completely free you from slavery as we have too many things in our company that must be kept secret. However, I would like to reward you with limited freedom and revised salary rules.」

I gave the signal and my first five slaves came up on the stand.

Pickles the centaur.

Vongo the birdkin.

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Minch the scalekin.

Roast the fishkin.

Chicken a human.

Pickles is so big that she doesn’t need to go up but that’s okay.

「Whoever has worked earnestly for three years in our company shall be henceforth be paid a regular salary for the same duties and shall be granted freedom of residence, freedom of employment, and freedom of marriage to those who wish to do so.」

The slave spoke with each other in tiny little voices, “What does that mean?”, “I don’t know”, and “Let’s ask Chicken-san later for details.”.











「I hereby proclaimed the five of you retired as slaves.」

I handed each of them a medal to commemorate their retirement.

This might be unnecessary but since I’m not going to give these retired slaves a pension, it will be a good replacement.

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Let’s just say it’s an award for their hard work.

The five of them are crying bitterly.

Well, I guess they would. I forced them to do jobs they don’t want to do for five years and with very low wages.

It’s okay.

I can’t let you leave Torquiva but you can live your own life from now on.

「Master, I want to stay in the Schenker Family as an adventurer.」

Pickles, who rushed and climbed up on the stand, said she wanted to stay.

I feel the pillars of the stand bending.

I almost fell down but I held on to Pickles and was saved.

That’s too sudden!

Chicken, who was just beside me, has fallen to the ground!

「Master…..I feel the same.」

「If you’re going to give me a pay raise, I’ll be more than happy to serve you.」

Mince and Roast are coming closer too.

Stop! The balance of the stand!

I desperately cling to Minch and Roast as well.

I heard some loud applause and cheers but that’s not the point.

Get off the stand, now!


In the end, the five retirees decided to continue to do what they have been doing but…..

I decided not to climb on the platform during the retirement ceremony from now on.

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