Manpower Agency 37.1

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Chapter 37.1 – Living and Meeting People of Another World

The underground tunnel that we had been digging for a long time has finally been completed.

That means the magic crystal factory, where magical elements from the dungeon, are being absorbed in a radius of 1 kilometer.

Ever since the magic crystal factory has been completed, I have been negotiating whether to sell magic crystals or not to other cities with my father.

I’m sure that this will be my and my father’s biggest business in our lives.

I’m sure of it.

「Sawadi-sama, so far, the magic crystal plant has 20 production bodies and we can produce around 100 magic crystals per day. However, what are our deliverables?」

「Save them up for now.」


Chicken, with her proud black hair in braids and three-piece dark green suit, looks like a butler at work.

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She has continued her previous job after retiring from slavery and it seems like she’s spending most of her salary on clothes.

Just the other day, I saw her on the terrace of the coffee shop wearing some kind of turban on her head that I really don’t understand.

However, I’m sure it costs a lot of money.

Though someone like me who spent more on watching plays can say something about that.

Surprisingly, the people around her are looking at her with envy as if she’s some sort of fashion icon. I guess it’s normal for young women to dress up.

「And the size of the magic crystals seems to be somewhat larger than the ones available on the market….」

「That’s not good. I’ll make adjustments so that we can make them in various sizes.」


I play with the magic crystal I took out from the bag with my palm.

If you mix a little bit of these in the market, no one will notice.

This is basically an o.i.l. f.i.e.l.d. in the back garden.

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I could not suppress the loosening of my lips.

I’m definitely going to build a big theater with this.


However, my genius is truly frightening….

Once again, I’ve invented something outrageous.

I wanted magic crystals so I made magic crystals and just as soon as I made them, I made a substitute for magic crystals.

The name of it is the perpetual magic crystal.

In other words, it’s a magic crystal-type construct that takes in magic elements on its own.

It’s like a solar panel that can be used whether it is day or night.

Of course, it’s not a perfect replacement for magic crystals.

Perpetual magic crystal, is like its predecessor, low power.

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Compared to a normal magic crystal, its power output is only around 1/100th.

Even so, that’s enough for a lantern, lighter, or stove.

Depending on the energy efficiency of the magic tool, it might also be used for magic water bottle that produces water with magical power.

If these tools were made available to the general public, they would be overwhelmingly convenient.

There will be a small energy revolution.

The number of streetlights will increase, trees will on longer need to be cut, and there may even be no need to dig wells.

But at the same time, I think the influence would be too great.

From a micro perspective, the unemployment rate may increase, and from a macro perspective, it could lead to stagnation in technological innovation.

Maybe this technology is too early for mankind.

I have decided to silently kill the newborn perpetual magic crystal.

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Even I have a conscience.


But I was soon found out.

「You’ve developed something again, are you? Don’t hide it from me.」

My fiancée, Laura Slayra, who had too sharp of a hunch, took me to a coffee shop on our way home from school.

「I can easily notice it on your face.」

I touched my face.

I didn’t notice it myself.

「That’s not what I mean.」

Laura-san laughs wryly as she stirs her milk coffee.

Well, as far as the perpetual magic crystal is concerned, as long as we don’t announce it, there won’t be a problem.

We’re going to be a married couple so we have to share secrets we can share….

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