Lord of Pets

Chapter 89: 89

Situ Chi crossed his arms and lazily leaned against the wall, glancing sideways at the crowd.

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He was wearing a black and gold nightgown with a silver jade belt tied around his waist. It was faintly shining and it must have been worth a lot.

On his face, however, was a white facial mask that covered his handsome face.

Even so, his attitude was always arrogant, and traces of arrogance had long been embedded in his bones.

“Yo, you’re back?”

Situ Chi swept a look at the others, only glancing at Bai Wushang and the Demon Ape, and whistled.


Ah Zhou growled, its face ferocious as if it was facing a great enemy.

Holding the little Pug, it quickly approached and was ready to swing down at any time.

Ouyang Yuan and Sha Buru looked at each other.

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The former’s expression changed greatly. He wiped away the tears with one hand and quickly regained his composure.

The latter scratched his head. No matter how dull and honest he was, he could still feel the atmosphere dropping like an ice abyss.

“What, you haven’t had enough fun at the trial ground?”

Bai Wushang raised his eyes. His gaze was calm and reserved.

Without a sneak attack, Ah Zhou could beat the Crystal Scorpion until it shi*t!

“Hey, hey, hey, don’t tell me you want to fight here?”

Situ Chi was not afraid at all, “I don’t even dare to fight in the public area. If you have the guts, you can try.”

As if responding to what he said, red lights suddenly flashed in the corners of the walls.

“Warning! Warning! Warning!”

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“A gathering of more than one person has been detected. Batlle fluctuations have been detected. Students, please stop immediately!”

“Article 88 of the Mountain and SeaAcademy Rules and Regulations Manual prohibits official members from fighting in public areas. Those who violate the rules may be imprisoned, expelled or exiled if the circumstances are serious!”

“Please remember that this rule is approved by the Red Dragon Emperor and is equivalent to the laws of the Great Qian Dynasty to a certain extent!”

“If you ignore the warning, the Discipline Team will arrive at the battlefield in three minutes. You will bear all the consequences!”

The ear-piercing mechanical voice entered everyone’s ears.

Bai Wushang frowned slightly. He immediately comforted Ah Zhou, indicating that it should not act rashly.


Milky Way woke up in shock. It quietly poked its head out and clenched its little claws.

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After about 30 seconds, the red light and mechanical voice gradually stopped. Everything returned to normal.

The tense atmosphere eased up.

Situ Chi curled his lips as if he had expected it.

He leaned against the wall and did not change his posture. He said calmly, “Bai Wushang, don’t be agitated. I’m not here to fight with you.”

“I don’t need you to remind me again and again. Yes, I lost in the trial ground. I lost miserably. I was slapped in the face all kinds of times. So what?”

“If you think that I’m a bold but foolhardy young master, then you’re wrong. You’re too shallow.”

“I’ve been thinking about it for the past two days and suddenly came up with a brilliant idea. Are you interested in listening to it?”

Countless thoughts flashed through Bai Wushang’s mind. He could not figure out what he was up to.

“Awoo! Awoo ~ Woof Woof Woof Woof!”

It was also at this moment that the Pug caught by the Demon Ape broke the silence. It raised its head and barked at Situ Chi.

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This was its friendly way of greeting.

It would be even better if it could lick it!

“Rustle, rustle, rustle ~ ~”

A perfectly intact Crystal Scorpion slowly crawled out of the room and approached Situ Chi.

It raised a pair of pincers and shaved off a large layer of grey fur on the Pug’s stomach.


The Pug was stunned. It had never experienced such a thing in its life.

A shocking light burst out from its eyes. Under the intense struggle, it almost broke free from the Demon Ape’s restraint.

“Woof Woof Woof!”

The Pug protested to the Demon Ape. It wanted to lick the Crystal Scorpion and taste the shiny thing.

“Ouyang Yuan, you are embarrassing. How could you contract such a pet beast?”

Situ Chi sneered, “Can you take back your stupid dog?”

Ouyang Yuan’s face was dark. He took out the grey Book of Oaths without saying a word.

It was not that he was willing to listen to Situ Chi’s words, but he was worried that if this continued, the Pug would cause big trouble.

Activating the alarm again was one thing.

On the other hand, the Pug might poison him to death…

There was such a possibility!

The Pug shook its head and wagged its tail as if it knew what was going to happen and resisted fiercely.

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However, it could not deny its fate and was forcibly taken back.

Situ Chi snorted and played with the ball-shaped scorpion tail. He said casually, “Let me be clear, Bai Wushang. I admit that you are a very strong opponent and not a coward. I just want to ask you one thing. Are you interested in working with me?”

Bai Wushang’s heart skipped a beat. He never thought that such a person would say such a thing

“You… are trying to recruit me???”

“Yes, think about it. I have enough money, I can give you any medicinal herbs, precious artifacts or even women. The prerequisite is that you listen to me and become my assistant.”

Bai Wushang was completely confused. He originally thought that this person was arrogant, obnoxious, had a strong sense of jealousy and seemed to have some eccentricities.

However, he never doubted his intelligence.

Now, Bai Wushang felt that there was something wrong with his brain.

Two days ago, he was still scheming and trying to kill the Demon Ape to get him to drop out of school.

Moreover, he did not succeed. He was slapped by the Demon Ape and almost lost half of his life.

He was also humiliated because of the dimensional backpack incident. At that time, he was so furious that he wanted to tear Bai Wushang apart.

With such a degree of contradiction, you are telling me that you want to recruit me?

How much confidence do you have that I would be able to let it go? How much boldness do you have to think that I would not betray you?

Bai Wushang could not understand.

He directly rejected it.

“Forget it, I have no interest in being a slave.”

“You better think about it carefully. Although the trial grounds is an open competition, and I did indeed fail, this does not mean that I am convinced. The series of actions that you used to injure me made me feel very ashamed and angry. If you are willing to follow me, then the past matters will be written off. I will never go against you again.”

“Also, let me emphasize again, it’s not to become a slave, it’s to be my assistant! I’m a member of the royal family, so I have to cultivate some trusted aides. I need my team. You’re the first one I’ve taken a fancy to.”

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When Ouyang Yuan heard this, he subconsciously pulled his face.

What exactly happened?

Situ Chi, who had always been willful, actually wanted to partner with Bai Wushang?

Am I dreaming?!

Bai Wushang’s eyes turned cold. “Is there a difference? Are you threatening me?”

“If you want to interpret it that way, that’s fine. Here, take a look at this.”

Situ Chi’s voice was indifferent. He took out a stack of paper from his dark gold storage ring with gemstones embedded in it and handed it to Bai Wushang.

Bai Wushang casually flipped through a few pages, and his expression suddenly turned cold.

On this paper, there were actually records of his life!

Even though it was only a few short descriptions and did not touch on the specific parts, it still basically covered his experience of the past sixteen years!

“Don’t be too surprised. It’s just a piece of information about a commoner. I can just find some connections to get my hands on it.”

Situ Chi looked like he did not care and sighed, “However, I really did not expect that your past was quite miserable. It turns out that you don’t have many years left to live.”

“Since you know, why are you still bothering me?” Bai Wushang asked.

“Bothering? No, no, no.” Situ Chi’s lips curled up, the facial mask wrinkled. “I’m doing this for your own good. As long as you’re willing to help me and do things for me, there will be a lot of resources for you. This blood poison is a terminal illness for you, but I might have a way to solve it…”

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