Loved By An Older Man

Chapter 789: 789

However, Jiang Yu didn’t believe that there would be no rumors about her in the two months that she had been away.

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After she packed her luggage, she opened the school forum. The first post was — “Jiang Yu failed in her studies and was expelled from Cecilia University.”.

There were many comments below this post. “No wonder she came back so early. So she was expelled?”

“Don’t spout nonsense without evidence, okay?”

“Is the person above a fan of Jiang Yu? Don’t help Jiang Yu clear her name. Normally, a semester is more than four months. She stayed there for more than two months before she came back. If she wasn’t fired, what else could it be?”

“Kang Xue, who was with her, didn’t come back. Does this mean that she still doesn’t know what happened? Jiang Yu was fired, so she came back dejectedly. Kang Xue was valued by the professors, so she continued to stay there to study. Don’t you understand?”

Looking at these people’s comments, Jiang Yu felt that it was funny.

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They didn’t know the whole story at all, so they just randomly commented at the bottom. Such behavior was really laughable.

Jiang Yu scrolled down again. Two months ago, there was a post that said that she was able to study in Cecilia because of Professor Bai’s interpersonal relationship. She had entered through the back door.

She did not expect that after such a long time, the popularity of this post was still very high. Even after she had returned, it had been forwarded by others.

“I knew long ago that with Jiang Yu’s strength, there was no way for her to study in Cecilia University! So it was because of Professor Bai, then I won’t say anymore.”

“I really don’t understand why Professor Bai is so partial to that Jiang Yu. Other than her pretty face, she’s completely useless, right? Her piano skills aren’t good, and her acting skills aren’t good either. I really don’t understand why such a person would be liked by Professor Bai.”

“I seriously suspect that Jiang Yu has used some kind of mystic technique on Professor Bai. Otherwise, why would Professor Bai dote on her so much?”

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“Don’t tell me about that from upstairs. I also feel the same way. Doesn’t our school have a mystic technique club? They have research on this kind of thing. Let’s go and ask them.”

“What’s there to ask about that kind of society? Don’t stick your bad luck onto yourself.”

The comments below were a little ridiculous, but Jiang Yu was very willing to read on. Because she wanted to see what else that group of people could say.

However, there were no more comments below. No matter how Jiang Yu browsed, she couldn’t see it. She didn’t know if it was blocked or if that was all the comments.

After Jiang Yu returned, the popularity of these posts suddenly increased. Even if Lu Qi and Dai Zhu did not notice it before, they had no choice but to see it now.

The two of them forwarded the posts to Jiang Yu and said, “Xiao Yu, hurry up and use your double certificate to shut their mouths!”

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Jiang Yu replied unhurriedly, “There’s no rush. I’m still waiting to see what kind of tricks the person behind this will come up with.”

“What are you still looking at? It’s obvious that this is Jiang Ran’s doing!” Lu Qi could guess it with her toes. She’s just jealous of you, but she doesn’t dare to fight with you openly, so she posted these posts.”

Dai Zhu also said, “Yeah. Look at her at school. She doesn’t dare to say a word. She only dares to do some tricks on the Internet!”

Jiang Yu replied, “But we don’t have any evidence at the moment, do we? Even if we really want to Slap Jiang ran in the face, the first step is to confirm that these two posts were posted by her.”

“Anyone with a discerning eye can see that it was posted by her,” Lu Qi said indignantly.

Jiang Yu said, “But there are many blind people in this school.”

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Lu Qi and Dai Zhu fell silent. After a long while, Lu Qi asked, “Xiao Yu, what do you plan to do?”

Jiang Yu thought for a moment, she replied, “We have enough time. We just need to find evidence to prove that she was the one who posted the two posts.”. She usually did things recklessly, so there would definitely be a lot of loopholes. “As long as we look carefully, we will definitely be able to find it.”

Lu Qi and Dai Zhu expressed their support for Jiang Yu’s idea and said, “Okay, we will help you look for it!”

Jiang Yu was very pleased and replied, “Okay.”

It was very easy to find out who posted these two posts. Jiang Yu first clicked on the main page of the moderator and found Jiang Ran in his list of followers.

As for the other followers, they were just marketing numbers. They usually did not post anything nutritious, so no one would usually pay attention to them.

However, all the signs could only mean that the owner of this number was a fan of Jiang Ran. They could not be sure that this was Jiang Ran’s alternate account.

Therefore, more evidence was needed to prove this.

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