“Luo Weimin, you have to help me this time!” In the empty stairwell, Wang Tong called Luo Weimin. “The new boss has given me a task to compete with Su Yanyun.”

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“What mission? What can I help you with?” Luo Weimin was immediately interested when she heard that it had to do with Su Yanyun.

Wang Tong only knew that she had received such a task after Rong Xuelong’s chief editor meeting.

“Interview Rong Linyi?” Luo Weimin’s voice was filled with disbelief. “You said that your new boss is Rong Linyi’s sister? Then will she give you all some help?”

“No, she won’t give me any help. But she said that if my interview is successful, she will let me replace Su Yanyun as the Chief Editor. But on the contrary, if Su Yanyun’s interview is successful, I will have to resign myself! Min, didn’t you say that your husband is Young Master Yi’s cousin? Can you help…” Wang Tong was very anxious.

On one hand, she was worried that she would be expelled, but on the other hand, she had a beautiful dream of driving Su Yanyun out.

If Luo Weimin was willing to help, she probably had a high chance of winning.

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One had to know that Su Yanyun had already divorced Song Zhifei.

She had no way of knowing Young Master Yi.

“I’ll look for my mother-in-law.” Luo Weimin thought for a long time and could only ask Rong Xiaoping for help. “Wait for my news. But let me tell you, Wang Tong. Once I help you this time, you have to find an opportunity to make Su Yanyun miscarry!”

“Yanyun, are you really going to interview Young Master Yi?” At the same time, Zheng Xin found Su Yanyun with a face full of anxiety and anticipation.

Su Yanyun sighed and looked conflicted. “Xinxin, do you have any means to get to know Young Master Yi?”

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Zheng Xin shook her head pitifully. She still wanted Su Yanyun to help her ask a few financial questions.

If she had any means to get to know Young Master Yi, she would have gone to interview him herself!

“Speaking of which, Yanyun, your husband is so rich, will he… be able to help you interview Young Master Yi?” Zheng Xin suggested.

Su Yanyun…

It was a long story, wasn’t it?

Seeing Su Yanyun’s troubled expression, Zheng Xin could only console her. “It’s okay, Yanyun. If you can’t interview Young Master Yi, Wang Tong definitely won’t be able to either! Hmph, at most, we’ll just fight evenly.”

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Sister Rong had said that Su Yanyun could fire Wang Tong if she won, but she didn’t say what would happen if both of them succeeded or failed.

Last night, Sister Rong’s words still echoed in Su Yanyun’s ears.

“The Rong family’s situation is very complicated. I suggest that you don’t publicize your relationship with Linyi for the time being. The Rong family has many eyes on Linyi. It’s very dangerous to be his woman. This is also the reason why he didn’t bring you back, especially since you’re pregnant…”

Thus, she had to surpass Wang Tong in the interview today.

Su Yanyun did not know that she and Wang Tong had the exact same thoughts.

The driver sent them to the Rong Corporation building.

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As soon as they entered, the receptionist at the front desk came forward with a smile. “Ladies, how can I help you?”

One needed to swipe their work card or identification card to enter the building.

Su Yanyun and Wang Tong were not employees, so they used their identification cards. The front desk had already received the notification, so the receptionist naturally came forward to ask.

“I didn’t come with her.” Wang Tong glanced at Su Yanyun disdainfully. She lifted her chin at the receptionist. “I’ve already made an appointment with your supply department’s assistant manager.”

Who was Su Yanyun to know the Rong Corporation’s higher-ups?

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