“Please wait a moment.” The reception lady immediately invited Wang Tong to the sofa at the side and poured her a cup of lemonade.

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A few minutes later, the front desk received a call from the supply department and came to inform Wang Tong politely. “Hello, Ms. Wang. The assistant manager is already waiting for you. Please follow me.”

Wang Tong glanced at Su Yanyun threateningly and followed the receptionist to the elevator.

Only Su Yanyun was left at the same spot…

Su Yanyun was in deep thought. It looked like Wang Tong was taking a detour to save the country.

However, with her husband’s temper and “prejudice” against Wang Tong, it would probably be a difficult problem for her to see him, right?

Last night, Sister Rong had also said that it was not easy to see her son even if he was her husband’s mother.

“Miss, what’s the matter again?”

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Seeing that Su Yanyun remained silent, another receptionist finally came to ask.

“I’m a reporter.” Su Yanyun held up her reporter’s certificate. It was very new… the last time at the birthday banquet, she had accidentally lost it. Her husband had said something later and helped her make a new one. “I’m… here to interview Young Master Yi.”

Su Yanyun had just finished speaking when she realized that the scene was a little quiet.

There were eight receptionists in the Rong family’s lobby.

Every one of them was of above average beauty. At this time, they all looked at Su Yanyun with their big eyes, as if they had heard the biggest joke.

“Miss, do you have an appointment?” Out of professionalism, the receptionist asked Su Yanyun reluctantly.

“No.” Su Yanyun replied honestly.

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As soon as these two words fell, she clearly saw a clear look of ridicule flash across the receptionists’ eyes.

To be honest, there were many reporters in C City who wanted to interview Young Master Yi.

But no one was stupid enough to walk straight to the Rong Corporation’s front desk and say frankly, “I want to interview Young Master Yi.”

Even if the other party had an appointment, it was impossible to get an interview.

Eight beautiful receptionists expressed that even though they had been working here for a long time, they had never seen Young Master Yi before!

Every time Young Master Yi came, he used the exclusive driveway and elevator.

Other than the upper echelons of the corporation, no one had seen his face before.

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An ordinary reporter actually dared to interview Young Master Yi?

A few receptionists sized up Su Yanyun rudely. When they saw her beautiful appearance and exquisite figure, the disdain in their eyes became even greater.

This female reporter didn’t think that she was different just because she was pretty, right?

At that moment, the receptionists were all ready. From this moment on, they were going to ignore her no matter what she said.

Su Yanyun sighed slightly.

She could only resign to fate and take out her phone to call her husband.

“Are you here to deliver the flower fertilizer?” She had just dialed a number in her contact list when a voice was heard.

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This voice was very young, but it carried a hint of gloominess.

Su Yanyun turned around and saw a handsome face.

The man’s tall figure blocked the sunlight outside and he exuded a coldness that seemed isolated from the world.

This coldness was similar to Rong Linyi’s, but was completely different.

Rong Linyi’s coldness was unfamiliar and carried a sense of superiority.

Although it was cold as ice, it also had a human aura.

But this man’s coldness…

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