Martial Peak

Chapter 2434
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Chapter 2434 – Star Seal Fusion

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Yang Kai sneered and sarcastically spoke while treading down from the void, “Two wastes, you can die without regret under the Divine Ability of the Flowing Time Great Emperor.”

“Flowing Time... Great Emperor!” The Senior Brother had obviously heard of the Flowing Time Great Emperor and his eyes widened in horror upon hearing this. His throat wheezed heavily as he tried to breathe in, but after inhaling sharply, his head slumped over to one side and he perished.

Although the Junior Brother did not immediately die, he did not fare any better. He was now on the verge of death, his aura extremely weak. At this time, unless there was a treasure with strong vitality restoration properties, such as the Immortal Source Liquid from the Immortal Tree, he would undoubtedly die.

A deep regret flashed past his lifeless eyes. Had they known that Yang Kai was so powerful, they would never have provoked such a star of calamity.

Very soon, the Junior Brother’s aura ceased to exist as well, his eyes wide open as if he died with everlasting regret.

The next moment, two swishing sounds came as two streaks of light suddenly shot out. Yang Kai saw this clearly. The two streaking beams of light were the five-pointed Star Seals on the backs of the two dead brothers’ hands.

Yang Kai had seen the very same scene once before, back in the Four Seasons Realm, when he had killed someone with a Star Seal, their Star Seal had also flown out in a very similar manner after their death.

After the two five-pointed Star Seals flew out, they didn’t leave too far. Instead, they flew around Yang Kai a few times, as if they were being drawn by something before they shot straight into the back of his hand.

Yang Kai only felt a slight heat on the back of his hand, and when he took a closer look, the original five-pointed Star Seal on the back of his hand seemed to have undergone some changes, becoming slightly more defined.

He was taken aback as he had no idea why the Star Seal of those two had merged with his.

Just when he was confused, the five-pointed Star Seal on the back of his hand suddenly burst with a dazzling flash, transforming into a cloud of starlight.

Yang Kai was dumbfounded!

Previously, the two brothers wanted to rob his Star Seal, so he originally thought that stealing someone else’s Star Seal would provide some great benefits, but the current situation had caught him by surprise!

[My own Star Seal fused with theirs and exploded!?]

How was this good? Although Yang Kai was already inside the Shattered Star Sea and the Star Seal had lost its significance as an entry pass, it could still sense the location of Source Strength. Without a Star Seal, how was Yang Kai to find Source Strength in this vast Shattered Star Sea?

Had he known this would happen, he would have never let others’ Star Seals merge with his own. Yang Kai’s heart was bleeding.

But right then, something strange happened.

The starlight that had just burst apart flowed back towards the back of Yang Kai’s hand and a scorching hot pain immediately followed before another brand-new Star Seal appeared.

“Six-pointed?” Yang Kai couldn’t help but cry out in shock.

He simply couldn’t believe his eyes. After the five-pointed Star Seal on the back of his hand exploded, the starlight re-converged and formed a six-pointed Star Seal!

The sudden changes in mood in this short period of time had brought Yang Kai to a standstill.

He quietly sensed for a moment and found that after the emergence of the six-pointed Star Seal, his ability to sense the Shattered Source of this shattered star had strengthened a little. It was more obvious than with his previous five-pointed Star Seal.

“Could it be that the higher the grade of Star Seal, the easier it is to sense Source Strength?” A bold guess suddenly started to take root in Yang Kai’s mind. Although this speculation hadn’t been verified yet, from his experiences it seemed quite credible.

Yang Kai recalled the seven Star Seals he had obtained in the Four Seasons Realm. Among those Star Seals, there were three-pointed Star Seals, four-pointed Star Seals, and one five-pointed Star Seal.

Back then, Princess Lan Xun of Star Soul Palace had told him that the higher the grade of Star Seal, the easier it was to obtain benefits from the Shattered Star Sea.

The Elders of Azure Sun Temple seemed to have mentioned this as well.

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It was just that no one had given him a detailed explanation.

Now, after giving it a second thought, being easier to gain benefits probably referred to the ability to sense Source Strength in this place. The higher the grade of the Star Seal, the easier it was to sense Star Sources from further away.

Now his Star Seal had advanced to a six-pointed Star Seal, which was definitely better than the five-pointed Star Seal.

Lan Xun had also said that on top of the six-pointed Star Seal, there were seven-pointed, eight-pointed, and even the most advanced nine-pointed Star Seal!

As far as Yang Kai knew, the highest-grade Star Seal obtained by those cultivators in the Four Seasons Realm was only five-pointed. He was still wondering how there would be higher grade Star Seals, but now it seemed that they weren’t obtained naturally, but were upgraded step by step.

One had to kill enemies and obtain their Star Seals to merge with their own Star Seal. Once it reached a certain accumulation, the Star Seal would explode and reorganize itself into a higher-grade Star Seal.

His six-pointed Star Seal was the best proof of this.

The two people he had just killed now, both had five-pointed Star Seals, and he too had a five-pointed Star Seal. Three five-pointed Star Seals had merged to upgrade to a six-pointed Star Seal.

In other words, if he could get two or more six-pointed Star Seals, Yang Kai could upgrade his to a seven-pointed Star Seal, and so on and so forth. If he carried on like this, he would eventually obtain the highest-grade nine-pointed Star Seal.

Once he had a nine-pointed Star Seal, he would be able to sense Star Sources from very far away, no longer having to aimlessly search for them in this endless void.

This experience made Yang Kai realize many mysteries of the Shattered Star Sea and Star Seals.

[No wonder those two wanted to snatch my Star Seal, it turns out that there was such a reason behind it.] Realization suddenly dawned upon Yang Kai.

However, it was definitely not an easy task to upgrade one’s Star Seal to a nine-pointed Star Seal. Just the number of Star Seals one needed to snatch were extraordinary, and Yang Kai wasn’t belligerent and bloodthirsty, so he didn’t hold too many expectations in his heart.

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If the six-pointed Star Seal could be used, why bother to pursue the most advanced nine-pointed Star Seal?

Yang Kai, standing in the same place, pondered for a long time before he dispelled such thoughts and bent over, picking up the Space Rings of the two. However, when he touched the two corpses, they suddenly shattered into dust.

Yang Kai was secretly taken aback at the sight of this. He had just comprehended the Time Flies Seal recently, so although he knew that this Divine Ability was extremely powerful, because he hadn’t used it before, he wasn’t too sure about its effects and had simply been experimenting just now.

But much to his surprise, the two cultivators of the same level were reduced to dust by the Flowing Time Force with just one move, completely powerless to resist it.

Apparently, the might of this Divine Ability had exceeded Yang Kai’s expectations. It was worthy of being one of the Flowing Time Great Emperor’s techniques. It wasn’t surprising that it was so powerful. And along with the enhancement of Yang Kai’s strength, his comprehension of this Divine Ability would deepen, further increasing its might. In the future, it would definitely become one of his trump cards, on par with his Space Divine Abilities.

As Yang Kai took a quick scan of the rings of these two cultivators with his Divine Sense, he couldn’t help but coldly snort because he discovered that there were many things in their Space Rings that didn’t belong to these two, including some female undergarments.

Obviously, these two had killed and robbed a lot of people already.

Maybe during the one year since the Shattered Star Sea opened, these two had constantly been killing others and snatching their treasures and Star Seals.

No wonder they both had the five-pointed Star Seals. Presumably, their Star Seals had also been upgraded several times. Who knows how many people they had killed using underhanded methods.

Yang Kai threw the two rings into the Sealed World Bead, letting his Embodiment sort out the contents for him.

He was the only one left here, so although the Star Source of this shattered star was relatively incomplete, it was still a Star Source. Naturally, Yang Kai had no reason to let it go.

After thinking about it for a moment though, he waved his hand and Hua Qing Si suddenly appeared in front of him.

Just as she appeared, her beautiful eyes flickered with surprise before she excitedly exclaimed, “Young Master, isn’t this the Shattered Star Sea?”

“Sister Hua is indeed knowledgeable. This is indeed the Shattered Star Sea!” Yang Kai slightly smiled, paying close attention to Hua Qing Si’s movements while they spoke.

Hua Qing Si said in a trembling voice, “It’s really the Shattered Star Sea! Every Dao Source Realm cultivator dreams of coming here! If one can obtain some opportunity here, he or she will definitely advance to the Emperor Realm...” While speaking, she glanced at Yang Kai, “Why are you staring at me like this?”

Yang Kai asked, “Do you not feel any discomfort, like the world is rejecting you?”

Hua Qing Si was taken aback; however, she soon understood what Yang Kai was implying and replied with a slight smile, “Since you brought me in, then whether I have a Star Seal or not, I can continue to stay here. Were you worried I would be teleported out because I don’t have a Star Seal?”

“En!” Yang Kai nodded.

Hua Qing Si stated, waving her hand lightly, “You don’t need to worry about this. Many cultivators have their Star Seals robbed in the Shattered Star Sea, yet they can remain here.”

Hearing this, Yang Kai suddenly smacked his head and scolded himself for being so stupid.

If he wanted to inquire about the Shattered Star Sea, he could have just asked Hua Qing Si! Regardless of her current position, she was still a disciple of Star Soul Palace and certainly knew much more than others. Since he hadn’t recently let her out, he had forgotten about her.

But after confirming that she could stay in the Shattered Star Sea even without a Star Seal, Yang Kai let Liu Yan and Zhang Ruo Xi out with a wave of his hand.

Zhang Ruo Xi seldom left the Sealed World Bead, except when she was breaking through to a new Great Realm, so seeing Yang Kai summon her out, she couldn’t help but look at him curiously, wondering what he wanted her to do.

“This is the Shattered Star Sea, a grand event that all the elite Dao Source Realm cultivators of the Star Boundary participate in. It is a huge opportunity. Sister Hua, tell us, what do we need to pay attention to here!”

Hua Qing Si nodded, sorting out her thoughts before she recounted everything she knew.

Most of the information she told everyone was what Yang Kai had already speculated, including the specific use of and how to upgrade Star Seals. However, Hua Qing Si’s information was more comprehensive and complete. According to her, higher-level Star Seals could not only sense the location of distant Star Sources, but could also sense the location of other lower grade Star Seals.