Grandpa Xi was initially worried about what might happen to Xi Xiaoxiao, but when he heard Su Jin’s words, he was instantly enraged. Was this girl warning him? He turned around and was about to mock Su Jin when Grandma Xi covered his mouth with her hand and said with a smile on her face,

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“No problem, we understand. I’ll keep an eye on this old man.”

Grandma Xi thanked Director Mou again before she dragged Grandpa Xi to the intensive care unit. Director Mou sighed when he saw Xi Chenxiao still standing there with no intention of leaving. The girl that he had his eye on, and this guy had beat him to it. Director Mou said helplessly,

“Well, Su Jin, this guy seems to be waiting for you. Do you want to go with him, or come with me to discuss Xi Xiaoxiao’s situation?”

When Su Jin heard this, she looked at the cold yet somewhat listless Xi Chenxiao. Her heartbeat accelerated and her heart was pounding. She avoided Xi Chenxiao’s gaze shyly and answered absentmindedly,

“Grandpa Mou, let’s go and discuss Xi Xiaoxiao’s situation first!”

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Although the surgery was successful, there was still a critical observation period. If Su Jin went home now, the nurses inside the operating theater might call her. Fortunately, the surgery went really well so there should be no problem getting over the critical observation period. Su Jin did not want the nurses to say that she was the surgeon, so she chose to leave with Director Mou even when there was nothing to discuss. Also, Su Jin was a little shy, not knowing how to face a temptation like Xi Chenxiao.

Su Jin then ignored Xi Chenxiao’s surprised gaze and pretended not to see him as she followed Director Mou out. When she walked pass Xi Chenxiao, he grabbed her wrist and said in a hoarse but sensual voice,


When Su Jin heard this, her ears felt like they were pregnant. She was stunned on the spot and her ears were numb. She looked at Xi Chenxiao and wanted to say something but she couldn’t.

Because Xi Chenxiao had removed her mask and surprise kissed her on the lips. Su Jin did not have time to speak at all. Her eyes widened, and she started to enjoy the kiss while grabbing at Xi Chenxiao’s clothes. Damn this devil, why did he suddenly kiss her?

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Su Jin suddenly remembered that Grandpa Mou might be watching them. This was the end; her reputation was gone. Just as Su Jin was fretting over her reputation, Xi Chenxiao hugged her closer and kissed her even harder.

Director Mou was waiting for Su Jin to leave together, but when he saw that Xi Chenxiao and Su Jin were kissing each other passionately, his face turned red. He immediately turned around and left, mumbling to himself,

“Young people nowadays have no manners at all.”

Su Jin’s entire body went limp from Xi Chenxiao’s kiss, and her mind started to become muddled. Very quickly, she felt a change in a certain part of Xi Chenxiao’s body. Just as she was about to push Xi Chenxiao away, he let go of her and said gently,

“Thank you, girl.”

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When Su Jin heard Xi Chenxiao say thank you, she was at a loss. Has the devil discovered something? It shouldn’t be. He wasn’t in the operating theater and Grandpa Mou hadn’t said anything out loud. Su Jin probed,

“Boss Xi, why are you thanking me out of the blue? Your sister’s surgeon was Director Mou. You should thank him!”

Xi Chenxiao smiled when he heard this. He held Su Jin’s hand and did not say a word. Su Jin looked at Xi Chenxiao in confusion. She did not know why, but she felt like she had been discovered by the devil… She quickly tried to explain,

“Boss, actually…”

Xi Chenxiao stopped Su Jin. It was useless to say anything now. He had already drawn his conclusion based on Director Mou’s knowing and unknowing glances at her, and what the nurse said just now. Xi Chenxiao stroked Su Jin’s hair lovingly and said,

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“Girl, don’t call me boss in future, and you don’t have explain anything.”

Su Jin was silent for a while. Why didn’t he let her explain? Then, how should she address the demon king? She couldn’t call him demon king, right? She would die a horrible death if she called him that… Su Jin looked at Xi Chenxiao in confusion and asked,

“Why not?”

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