Soul Sword Qi!

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The old man’s body trembled, and sword intent rose from his body, enveloping him.

The threat that the soul sword aura posed to him was much greater than that of Lin Shen and Zhao Pu.

The cold sword qi seemed to be able to cut off his soul!

The old man glanced at Han Muye and retreated into the distance.

At this moment, the battle in the stone chamber dispersed. The eight young men in black panted and retreated to the old man’s side with gloomy expressions.

Zhao Pu’s face was not red and he was not panting. It was obvious that he did not use much strength.

Lin Shen held a large sword in his hand, and his body was filled with fighting spirit.

Excitement flashed across his face.

It turned out that if he fought with all his might, the speed at which he fused with the jade bones of a great cultivator would be many times faster!

The old man on the other side pondered for a moment, then cupped his hands at Han Muye and said, “I’m Xia Yi, the supervisor of the Mystic Sun Guards in Shuxi County. This time, I’m taking the eight of them to participate in the trial mission. The mission is to find out where the 3,000 Red Flame Army rebels of Shuxi County went a thousand years ago. Back then, under the lead of their commander, Gao He, the 3,000 rebels passed through the Heaven and Earth Barrier and disappeared from the Western Frontier.”

Han Muye didn’t expect this inspector named Xia Yi to say this to him.

However, what Xia Yi said matched what Han Muye knew.

This place was the encampment of a Central Continent Red Flame Army rebel army.

However, no one knew where the rebel army went or what the commander planned.

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It had been a thousand years. It was unknown if this matter had already been buried.

Han Muye turned to look at Zhao Pu.

Today, they were strong enough to make the other party lower their status and treat them with respect.

Otherwise, this would definitely not be his attitude.

“Fellow Daoists of the Central Continent, I’m Zhao Pu, a disciple of the Nine Mystic Sword Sect’s Three Stones House. These are Junior Brother Lin Shen and Junior Brother Han Muye. Although the Western Frontier doesn’t have much contact with the Central Continent, our Nine Mystic Sword Sect is a large sect in the Western Frontier. We have no conflict with the Central Continent Dynasty.”

Zhao Pu cupped his hands and spoke loudly.

He naturally knew that the Central Continent Dynasty was a colossus. He would not offend them if he could.

Furthermore, Xia Yi was a Core Formation expert.

“Hehe, the three fellow Daoists of the Nine Mystic Sword Sect have extraordinary sword cultivation. It can be seen that the cultivation world of the Western Frontier is flourishing.” Xia Yi smiled and nodded, then looked at Zhao Pu, Han Muye, and the others.

“Fellow Daoists, if you have time in the future, you can come to my Central Continent as guests.”

Han Muye knew that Xia Yi was just being polite. He only said that because the three of them had decent cultivation and combat strength.

But he was definitely going to the Central Continent.

“Even if Senior didn’t say anything, I would go to the Central Continent.”

Han Muye nodded with a smile, looking extremely confident.

The Central Continent was known as the holy land for cultivation. How could he not go?

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Hearing Han Muye’s confident words, the young people around Xia Yi took a few more glances at him.

In the end, might is right in the cultivation world.

Zhao Pu and Lin Shen’s strength subdued the other party’s youths.

Han Muye’s soul sword aura also made Xia Yi afraid.

When they chatted again, their communication was much smoother.

These young people were the backup candidates for the Mystic Sun Guards selected by the Central Continent. They needed to complete a few missions before they could be choosen as new Mystic Sun Guards.

This time, their mission was to track down the traces of the Red Flame Army’s rebels.

Zhao Pu and the others were also honest. It was just that the sect had found some information that was not considered precious before. This time, they were here to investigate.

After Zhao Pu promised to return to the sect to read through the books and send these rebel troops to the Central Continent, Xia Yi gave them two Red Flame Pillars.

This Red Flame Pillar was a standard military weapon used by the Red Flame Army to temper the bodies of soldiers. It was not considered much in the Central Continent, but in the Western Frontier, it was a good treasure.

Xia Yi put away the remaining pillars and brought them back as mission proof.

“Senior Xia, does bearing the Mystic Sun Sword make one a Mystic Yang Guard?”

When his companion walked out of the cave, Han Muye said softly.

Hearing his words, Xia Yi revealed a solemn expression and nodded. “That’s right.”

“Every Mystic Sun Sword has the mark of the Prime Minister. If this sword falls into the hands of someone whose heart is not right, the sword will self-destruct. If you uphold justice in your heart and obtain the approval of the Mystic Sun Sword, you will be a natural Mystic Sun Guard.”

At this point, Xia Yi looked at Han Muye and said, “Little friend Han, are you also interested in joining the Mystic Sun Guards? If you’re willing to come, I can give you this sword.”

As he spoke, Xia Yi reached for the sword at his waist.

This scene stunned the eight young men.

Why is the inspector so generous to this disciple of the Western Frontier Sect?

To the Mystic Sun Guards, the Mystic Sun Sword that they carried with them should not be given away just like that.

Zhao Pu and Lin Shen also turned to look at Han Muye.

From Xia Yi’s words, they knew that the Mystic Sun Sword was extremely precious. How could such an identification sword be given away so easily?

Besides, is inviting Han Muye to be a Mystic Sun Guard considered poaching?

Poaching the Nine Mystic Sword Sect and the Sword Pavilion.

However, the legitimate identity of a military guard of the Central Continent Imperial Court is indeed tempting…

Lin Shen looked at Han Muye with a strange expression.

If it were anyone else, they might consider abandoning everything in the Western Frontier and following Xia Yi to the Central Continent.

But Brother Han definitely wouldn’t.

How could outsiders know Brother Han’s background and status in the Sword Pavilion?

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Han Muye shook his head and said softly, “I’ve seen the Mystic Sun Sword before. His Lordship, the Prime Minister invited me.”

The Prime Minister invited him!

Xia Yi trembled and his eyes widened.

The eight young men also stared at Han Muye as if they had seen a ghost.

“Senior Xia, everyone, if it’s fate, we will meet in the Central Continent.” Han Muye cupped his hands and turned to leave.

Zhao Pu and Lin Shen also cupped their hands and left.

After they left, the black-robed female cultivator whispered, “Sir, is what Fellow Daoist Han said true?”

Holding the Mystic Sun Sword in his hand, Xia Yi’s expression changed. Then he said in a low voice, “Every Mystic Sun Sword has the mark of the Prime Minister who might be able to communicate with the sword wielder’s soul through this sword.”

All the eight young men knew about this.

The Prime Minister was the number one person in the imperial court’s Confucian Dao. His soul power was extraordinary.

The imperial court’s Mystic Sun Guards were under his control.

“However, to be able to obtain the soul communication of the Prime Minister, such a person’s talent must be heaven-defying, right?”

Zhao Yijia spoke in a low voice.

If anyone could attract the attention of the Prime Minister, his lordship would not have time to deal with the major matters of the world.

“Indeed, how can someone who isn’t heaven-defying attract the attention of the Prime Minister and be invited to join the Mystic Sun Guards?”

Xia Yi narrowed his eyes and clenched the sword in his hand. He looked into the distance and said, “The last person who was invited by the Prime Minister was the commander of the three counties of the Mystic Sun Guards, Lu Yang.”

“Lu Butch—” The young man with the iron fan had barely finished speaking when he was glared at by Xia Yi.

Butcher Lu.

Commander Lu Yang of the Three Counties was known as the number one killing god among the younger generation of the Mystic Sun Guards. He was half a step into the Heaven Realm and had peerless combat strength.

This person had slaughtered more than a handful of sects.

Could Han Muye be compared to Butcher Lu?

The young men looked at each other and suppressed their surprise.

Xia Yi shook his head and did not say what he had just discovered.

The black sword in Han Muye’s hair and the soul sword qi that made his heart palpitate.

He believed what Han Muye said.

After returning to the Central Continent, he would report these matters.

In the cultivation world, karma and opportunities were important.

Whether Han Muye would become a Mystic Sun Guard or not depended on karma.

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“Let’s go. This mission is considered completed. With these Red Flame Pillars, you should be able to smoothly enter the next level.”

Perhaps what happened today had shocked Xia Yi a lot. As the Inspector, he made an exception and said a few more words.

These two words made Zhao Yijia and the others cheer. They beamed all over with joy.

God knew how much they had sacrificed to join the Mystic Sun Guards.

At this moment, Han Muye and the others were already dozens of miles away.

“Brother Han, that’s the legitimate lineage of the Central Continent Imperial Court. It’s a huge opportunity.” Zhao Pu turned his head and looked at Han Muye.

Han Muye shook his head and said, “Let’s talk about it later. From what I know, the Mystic Sun Guards can have two identities.”

For sect cultivators, they did not have to choose between the sect and the Mystic Yang Guards.

There was no conflict between joining the Mystic Sun Guards and one’s own sect.

The three of them moved forward. When they reached a wide space, Zhao Pu cast out the flying boat and the three of them flew up.

Previously, he wanted to hide himself in case he attracted the attention of outsiders.

Now that he was back at the Nine Mystic Mountain, he no longer needed to care about others’ attention.

Just as the flying boat was about to fly away, Zhao Pu suddenly pointed below and said, “There’s a battle over there.”

Following the direction he pointed, they saw several cultivators being surrounded by dozens of people in black robes who were attacking them.

Those black-clothed people’s cultivation and combat strength were powerful. The few cultivators had only come into contact with them, but more than half of them were already injured.

“It’s those hunting itinerant cultivators.” Lin Shen frowned.

These people were the hunting itinerant cultivators who had exchanged spiritual herbs and demon beasts with them.

At this moment, there were only four itinerant cultivators left.

Han Muye narrowed his eyes and shouted, “Save them!”

With that, he shot forward.

Seeing him fly down, Zhao Pu and Lin Shen also jumped off the flying boat.

It was best not to meddle in such wild disputes.

Cultivators were not so hot-blooded.

However, Han Muye could tell that the sword technique used to kill those itinerant cultivators was the inheritance of the Great Spiritual Sword Sect.

The people of the Great Spiritual Sword Sect were either taken in by the Wind Spiritual Sword Sect or fled to the Southern Wasteland to fight the Western Frontier Sect at Fengshou Mountain.

Why were the people from the Great Spiritual Sword Sect here?


The Purple Flame Sword flew out and turned into a crescent moon.

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A purple stream of light with a cold flame tore through the void and circled the battlefield below.

Several figures flew out.

He killed three people at the seventh level of Qi Condensation with one strike.

When Han Muye landed in the battlefield, the men in black who had surrounded the itinerant cultivators had retreated a few feet and were watching carefully.

These people were all masked and armed with swords. Their eyes were vigilant.

At the front were two middle-aged men in gray linen clothes with long swords on their backs. Their gazes landed on Han Muye.


Lin Shen and Zhao Pu landed beside Han Muye and protected him.

“Elder Zhu!”

Han Muye and the other two came to the rescue. The four surviving itinerant cultivators shouted and helped Old Man Zhu up.

However, the old man raised his hand and moved it slightly before his head tilted and he dropped dead.

Han Muye looked up ahead and said calmly, “I’m very curious why the remnants of the Great Spiritual Sword Sect would appear here.”

Great Spiritual Sword Sect!

Zhao Pu’s eyes lit up. He laughed and took a step forward. “Really? That’s a battle achievement!”

Hearing him mention battle achievements, the two gray-robed middle-aged men opposite him looked at each other and flew up.

“Leave no one alive!”

The two of them shouted, and all the men in black behind them rushed forward with swords.

Earth Realm!

These two were actually Earth Realm experts.

Zhao Pu laughed. A white tiger phantom appeared on his body, and he slashed the sword in his hand downwards.

Han Muye raised his hand, and the sword that belonged to the black-clothed man that he had killed earlier landed in his hand.

This sword was no more than an ordinary weapon, but it was not the sword that Han Muye wanted.

It was the memory images in the sword.

He held the sword in his hand and infused it.

Images appeared in his mind.

“Surround and kill the Central Continent’s Mystic Sun Guards?”

“Rebel against the Nine Mystic Sword Sect.”

“Hu Taisheng!”

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