The purpose of these people coming to the Green Wheat Mountain was to kill Xia Yi and the Mystic Sun Guards he led.

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Experts were already there. The others were sweeping away all witnesses and sealing off the news.

From the long sword, Han Muye also saw the activities of the Nine Mystic Sword Sect.

Several sects that had previously come into contact with the Great Spiritual Sword Sect were threatened and had no choice but to participate.

This time, the person who instigated the rebellion was the great demon, Hu Taisheng.

Back then, the First Elder of the Blazing Demon Valley was someone Tuoba Cheng wanted to kill.


There was a distant rumble.

The direction was where Han Muye and the others had left.

The experts of the Great Spiritual Sword Sect had attacked Xia Yi and the others!

Han Muye looked up at the men in black who were surrounding him. His eyes narrowed, and a cold light surged in them.

Xia Yi and the others must not get into trouble in the Western Frontier.

He had seen the power of the Mystic Sun Guards of the Central Continent Dynasty from the Mystic Sun Sword.

If the Central Continent forces stepped into the Western Frontier, the Western Frontier would be even more chaotic.

“Senior Brother Zhao, Instructor Lin, let’s end this quickly!

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Hu Taisheng is gathering the various sects in the Abyss Valley. Go and kill him.”

Han Muye shouted in a low voice, and then sword energy floated up from his body.

Hearing his words, the sword lights on Zhao Pu and Lin Shen exploded!

Hu Taisheng!

Who did he want to kill the most?

Hu Taisheng!


The two of them shouted in unison and attacked!

Zhao Pu’s sword light transformed into a huge white-browed tiger. It roared at the sky and immediately collided with the burly man in front of him.

Lin Shen was even more straightforward. The broken sword in his hand emitted a 100-foot-long sword qi. The sword light slashed down, and thousands of sword qi caused the world to collapse!

The two Earth Realm experts were forced back by Lin Shen and Zhao Pu.

“We can’t leave anyone alive!”

The leader of the Great Spiritual Sword Sect gritted his teeth and shouted. The sword in his hand carried a green light as he rushed out again.


In the distance, the rumbling began again.

“Fellow Daoist from the Nine Mystic Sword Sect, please help.” Xia Yi’s voice came from afar.

As a Core Formation realm expert, the Central Continent’s Mystic Sun Guards actually asked for help!

Han Muye swept his gaze forward and stepped into the air.

“I’m going to save the people from the Central Continent.”

Lin Shen nodded and raised his sword to block all the people who wanted to chase after Han Muye.

Although he had never seen Han Muye use his full strength, Lin Shen knew that Han Muye’s combat strength was definitely powerful.

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Back in the ancient cultivator’s cave abode, Han Muye had given him the jade bones.

Zhao Pu looked back and whispered, “Brother Han, can you do it?”

Lin Shen grinned and said, “I’m a man. Of course I can.”

With that, he looked ahead, his battle intent soaring.

“Senior Brother Zhao, let’s see who kills faster.”

Zhao Pu laughed and took out the White Tiger Scroll that Han Muye had given him.

“Let’s do it. You said it.”

The White Tiger Scroll unfolded, and endless sword qi turned into a White Tiger that rushed towards those black-clothed people.

Then he waved his sword and surrounded the Earth Realm expert in front of him.

“Let’s end this quickly. Then, we’ll go to the Abyss Valley and kill Hu Taisheng!”

Lin Shen flew up and shouted, “Kill Hu Taisheng—”

At this moment, Han Muye had already flown dozens of miles and landed on Eagle Cliff.

Below, nearly a hundred black-clothed cultivators surrounded Xia Yi and the eight trial disciples he brought.

In the middle of the battle, Xia Yi fought against four Earth Realm experts alone.

These four sword lights shone, and their cultivation levels were not inferior to Xia Yi. They were all Core Formation experts.

If not for Xia Yi exchanging injuries for injuries and fighting to the death, he would have lost.

If one was not an absolute powerhouse, would one dare to say that one would fight four people of the same level alone?

“Little Friend Han, please take them away. Save whoever you can!”

Below, Xia Yi shouted.

Zhao Yijia and the other eight Central Continent trial disciples were surrounded at this moment, and several experts attacked.

The eight of them formed a battle formation and worked together, barely managing to resist one or two attacks.

Xia Yi shouted. Ten figures in black had flown into the sky, holding swords to kill Han Muye.

This was the cultivation world.

A life-and-death battle was on the line.

The hundreds of years of cultivation in the sect might be destroyed at this moment.

Seeing the figure rushing over, Han Muye slowly raised his hand.

The short sword in his left hand shone with purple flame.

The Green Destiny Sword in his right hand was dazzling.

With both swords in hand, the sword qi condensed on his body.

‘It’s just murder!’

He drew his sword.

The Green Destiny Sword slashed down with a 30-foot sword light.

As the sword moved, the person arrived.

The two figures in the lead did not expect Han Muye’s sword light to be so fast. They were about to raise their swords to block, but they were already shattered.

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The other eight people paused and saw that Han Muye’s sword light had dissipated. He was already in the battle circle.


The purple flames of the short sword drew a strange arc, reversed, and floated lightly, sprinkling blood!

With one strike, eight Qi Condensation cultivators of the same level died!

It had only been a breath since the battle ended.


Someone below exclaimed.

What kind of expert could kill 10 Qi Condensation cultivators with one strike?

Han Muye reappeared on the stone platform below, in the battle circle.


The Green Destiny Sword shook, and sword qi poured into it. Han Muye knocked the sword off the hand of the Foundation Establishment sword cultivator in front of Zhao Yijia.

His footsteps didn’t stop. His sword flashed.

After circling around, Han Muye knocked down the swords of the Foundation Establishment experts surrounding the eight people!

To Han Muye, there were no secrets about the swordsmanship of the Great Spiritual Sword Sect.

From entry-level sword techniques to the sect’s sword techniques, he studied and deduced them. He could grasp every flaw.


With a shake of his sword, Han Muye stood in front of the eight Central Continent elites.

Whether it was the eight Central Continent elites or the men in black outside the battle circle, they all widened their eyes and looked at Han Muye, who was holding a sword with both hands, in shock.

With 12 strikes, he sent the 12 Foundation Establishment sword cultivators flying.

As long as the sword was there, the person would be there. The sword is life.

If Han Muye could send their swords flying, he could take their lives!

“Holy sh*t, that’s fierce…”

Behind Han Muye, the black-clothed female cultivator blushed when she spoke.

The other male disciples looked at each other and nodded.

How f*cking fierce!

“Formation, formation two, three, three. He Jin, Zhao Yijia, follow my sword.”

Han Muye raised his sword with both hands and shouted.

The eight Central Continent elites did not hesitate and quickly set up a formation. Zhao Yijia, who was holding a short sword, and He Jin, who was holding an iron fan, stood on each side of Han Muye.

At this moment, their expressions were solemn.

In their opinion, although Han Muye’s swordsmanship was shocking, he was facing too many enemies today.

There were still several Earth Realm experts blocking the way.

It would be difficult to fight his way out.

“Haha, Little Friend Han’s sword skills are peerless. When you enter the Central Continent in the future, you will definitely be famous!”

Although Xia Yi was already covered in blood, he still laughed.

“Don’t worry and attack today. As long as you take one of them away, my Mystic Sun Guards will definitely repay your Nine Mystic Sword Sect’s kindness.”

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“It’s easy for me to help you become the number one sect in the Western Frontier!”

Xia Yi shouted, and the sword light in his palm intensified.

Han Muye didn’t answer, but the two swords in his hands did.


The Green Destiny Sword slashed horizontally with a thirty-foot-long sword light. The purple short sword flew out and drew a curved crescent moon that flashed.

Two swords, two sword techniques.

There was a sense of magnificence and a strange lightness.

Before the black-clothed person in front of him could attack, he was already slashed apart by the purple sword light.

“Let’s go.”

Han Muye shouted in a low voice and reached out to grab the Purple Flame Sword that had flown back. He took a step forward.

The eight Central Continent elites followed closely behind. Their sword lights exploded as they rushed forward.

“Block them!”

Someone among the Core Formation realm experts surrounding Xia Yi shouted.

Three Earth Realm experts with dense auras drew their swords and flashed in front of Han Muye.

Earth Realm experts.

Han Muye pointed his swords forward, and the spiritual energy and sword qi in his body condensed and merged.

If they wanted to fight, it would naturally be on the battlefield!

He thrusted his sword and closed the distance in one step.

One against three, crossing realms to fight an Earth Realm!

At this moment, images appeared in Han Muye’s divine treasure.

He seemed to be a bystander as he watched himself, who was holding two swords, kill three Earth Realm sword cultivators in close combat.

The sword technique used by the black-robed middle-aged man on the right was the Three Spirits Sword Technique, Wind Rain.

This sword technique turned into wind and entered the water. The sword carried light clouds. When the sword was thrusted, thousands of sword qi followed. When the sword qi entered the body, one would either die or be injured.

To break this sword technique, he needed one strike.

In the green forest of the Cloud Crane Sword Sect, a sword transformed into a green forest. The sword light disappeared and shot through the forest.

The sword rose, and blood surged.

The skinny old man on the right was at the peak of the Earth Realm. The sword in his hand was a semi-spiritual weapon.

This person’s sword cultivation was simple and not fancy.

If he wanted to kill this person, he had to get close and slash down.

He took a step and released the sword in his right hand.

A purple stream of light passed through his chest, causing blood to spray.

He drew his sword and held it. The two swords crossed. In front of him, there was only one person left.

Time passed. A third of a breath.

He slowly raised his hand and pointed the sword forward.

The last first-stage Soul Awakening Realm sword cultivator’s muscles trembled, and his shoulders subconsciously trembled.

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His heart was no longer fighting.

This was what it meant to have godlike swordsmanship!

For some reason, this term appeared in the minds of those Central Continent elites.

With his pure swordsmanship, he could kill a person with a single strike.

If this wasn’t swordsmanship, what was?!

“I’ll kill this person.”

Someone among the four people surrounding Xia Yi spoke. Then he paused and stepped out of the battle.

The sword followed him.

Before he came, the sword light had already transformed into a 100-foot-long stream that descended!

Sword Control with Will!

Half-step Sword Intent!

Second level of the Core Formation realm, half-step sword intent.

One could not fight such an expert unless one was at the same level!

Han Muye seemed to be suppressed by the pressure of the sword intent and could not move at all.

The old man sneered and shouted in a low voice, “You have some talent. Killing you amounts to killing 10 people from the Nine Mystic Sword Sect.”

The sword light swept down like the autumn wind sweeping away fallen leaves. In a hundred breaths, it was above Han Muye’s head.

The eight Central Continent elites were completely helpless against this sword light and could only watch helplessly as it descended.

They could not dodge such a sword light!

Han Muye wasn’t going to hide either.

A mysterious aura emanated from his body.

The old man’s expression changed. His eyes widened, and his sword light became faster.

Sword intent!

How could there be sword intent!

How could one cultivate sword intent before reaching the Earth Realm?!

Whether it was the eight elites or the Core Formation elder, they all widened their eyes as they watched Han Muye’s swords emit a profound and grand sword intent.


The Green Destiny Sword was raised. The sword that was infused with sword intent was dazzling and easily blocked the old man’s sword light. The Purple Flame Sword had already disappeared.

When it appeared again, it was at the old man’s neck.

Blood splattered everywhere!

Double Sword Intent!

He killed a Core Formation cultivator with one strike!

With the two swords in his hands, Han Muye pointed his long sword forward and said calmly, “Charge.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he suddenly turned around and flew towards Xia Yi and the three Core Formation sword cultivators.

Since he dared to save the people from the Central Continent, he naturally had to save them all.

After killing one Core Formation cultivator, killing three more was not difficult!

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