Mind Reading

Chapter 1.2

——What about moaning (1)?

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Shen Yi’s hand trembled and almost threw the phone out. His cheeks blushed and forced himself to type. 

——Men have to moan too? 

Su Tang typed tranquilly. 

——You can get up in the morning without a wake up call? 

Su Tang watched his face turn from red to dark in satisfaction before she added another sentence. 

——You are pretty self-disciplined. 

Shen Yi glanced at the screen, he leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes. The car model’s face switched between red and dark, eventually turning pale. 

Su Tang thought she went over the line with the pun and quickly typed. She tugged Shen Yi’s arm and lifted the phone to his eyes. 

——I’m sorry, it was a joke. 

Shen Yi forced a smile and shook his head before closing his eyes again. 

Su Tang blinked and tugged on him again. 

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Shen Yi stared at it for two seconds before nodding lightly. 

Su Tang sighed. As expected, not everyone could be on their phone in a dashing car. 

Su Tang patted the back of the driving seat, “Driver Chen, do you have any water in the car?” 

Old Chen glanced at the mirror and saw the pale looking Shen Yi, “Water doesn’t help.” 

Su Tang argued calmly, “And what helps?” 

Old Chen could smell the gunpowder in her tone and twitched his lips into a smile, opened the storage box next to the seat and took out a bottle of water. 

Su Tang took it and smiled, “Merde. (2)”

Old Chen blinked and recalled she said something similar to Shen Yi when she said thank you. It was a shame that he didn’t understand why Shen Tang smiled and hence he replied generously, “You are welcome.” 

Su Tang suddenly remembered the slogan she saw outside the language training institution before she went abroad: A wonderful life starts from learning another language. 

Su Tang opened the lid in satisfaction and passed the water after patting Shen Yi’s arm. 

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Shen Yi hesitated but still took it. He took a tiny sip and swallowed it with a frown after a while. 

Su Tang thought Old Chen gave them something he couldn’t drink and grabbed the bottle back in horror. She smelt it and took a sip too, and she turned to Shen Yi confusedly after confirming that it was just ordinary water. 

Shen Yi was watching her quietly with a forced small smile on his face. 

Su Tang put down the water. 

“Are you okay?”

Shen Yi shook his head. 

“Are you sure?” 

Shen Yi nodded. 

Su Tang wasn’t a faint hearted person and she had done everything she could do at this point. She put her phone down and sat properly so she wouldn’t disturb Shen Yi resting. 

Shen Yi didn’t open his eyes and Old Chen didn’t bother butt in again. He drove through the entrance of Boya Sanatorium and made many turns before stopping in front of an apartment building. Su Tang stayed quiet on the way too. 

It was half past eight, the sky was completely dark. Su Tang could see her grandma waiting for her with a smile from a distance under the soft lights in the front yard. 

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The last two years of classes in her university were intense, and so was her internship. The last time she came back was already two years ago. Her grandma was seventy years old, Su Tang came back without hesitation as soon as she graduated, deciding that she must stay with the only family she had. 

Su Tang wanted to get off the car as soon as it stopped, but she remembered the carsick man. 

Shen Yi looked as if he fell asleep. His head was tilted and leaned against the back of the seat. Su Tang hesitated and patted his arm to wake him up, “I’m here. Thank you for picking me up at the airport.” 

Shen Yi smiled palely. He sat up straight and fixed his slightly messy hair. He gestured ‘phone’ and Su Tang quickly took out her phone. 

Shen Yi took the phone, closed notes and opened contact. He quickly typed down his name, phone, e-mail, his address, and finally a selfie of him smiling like a sunflower before reopening notes again. 

——Text or email me anytime if something’s up. 

Su Tang swore that she was looking at him as if she saw an alien. 

Shen Yi laughed and added. 

——Say hi to Doctor Zhou for me. 

Then he gave her phone back. 

Su Tang nodded and put the phone back. Before she could stand properly, her grandma always rushed over and grabbed her hand with a smile, “Tangtang is back……” Then she waved at the person inside the car, but spoke to Su Tang, “Tangtang, have you thanked Xiao Yi yet?” 

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Before Su Tang could reply, Old Chen walked over with her luggage and a face full of smiles, “Yes, yes…… Doctor Zhou, you surely have a way of raising your child! It’s hard to find a pretty, smart, educated and well-balanced young lady like Design Su even with a lantern in hand!” 

Grandma never spoiled Su Tang but she loved others complimenting her granddaughter too. Even though she knew it was just flattering, she still grinned from ear to ear, “No, no….. She’s just a little girl!” 

Su Tang wasn’t interested in the polite conversation between them no matter how much of a chatterbox she was. She took the suitcase from his hand and said, “Thank you for the trip…… Mr. Shen isn’t feeling well, please drive him back first.” 

Before Old Chen said anything, her grandma’s face changed and looked at Su Tang nervously, “What’s wrong with Xiao Yi?” 

“Uh…… I think he’s carsick.” 

Grandma left Su Tang’s side and crawled into the car with a frown. She touched Shen Yi’s forehead and said something to him with sign language, Shen Yi also replied with sign language slowly. Su Tang couldn’t understand them but grandma’s kind expressions immediately turned stern seeing that Shen Yi didn’t put down his hand. Her gentle voice also turned strict, “Silly child…… Xiao Chen, hurry up, we are going to the hospital!” 

“Ah, okay……” 

Old Chen looked like a security guard who heard an officer’s orders and quickly climbed back into the driving seat. Su Tang saw her grandma shutting the door cleanly and the SUV springed away and made a u-turn as if it had eyes. 

The word ‘hospital’ circled in Su Tang’s head for a while before remembering that the light smell on Shen Yi was the smell of disinfectants in hospitals. 

The words for moaning and waking up in the morning sound similar, so she made a pun. Swearing in French.

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