Mind Reading

Chapter 2.1

The SUV quickly disappeared in sight after a few turns. Su Tang looked at her 30 inches large suitcase helplessly and muttered, “Who’s your biological grandchild again……” 

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Then she realized her grandma didn’t exactly give birth to her either. 

Although she was complaining, she loved her grandma dearly. Luckily she graduated, her grandma could rest and enjoy life if she found a decent job soon. 

Su Tang had the keys to grandma’s apartment. It had lifts and it wasn’t difficult to drag it up. Su Tang dragged her suitcase to a corner and glanced at all the plates and dishes on the kitchen counter, they were all cut up ingredients. Obviously, grandma wanted to cook after she was home so she could have some warm homemade food, it was a shame that the carsick Cinderella stole her away half way through. 

Su Tang laughed secretly, that Cinderella was way too fragile….. 

She just had dinner on the plane before it landed and she wasn’t hungry at all. She went to the bathroom and washed her exhausted body thoroughly after an eleven hour flight. After she dragged her suitcase into the room grandma cleaned out for her and finished unpacking everything, it was almost eleven. 

And grandma still wasn’t home. 

Su Tang called grandma, “Grandma, are you still at the hospital?” 

There was silence, and a light click of the door closing before grandma lowered her voice, “Tangtang…… Have you eaten?” 

“Not yet, I’m not that hungry…… Grandma, when are you coming back? It’s late already.” 

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Grandma sighed on the other side, “Xiao Yi is hospitalized, I’ll give him some company, I won’t be home tonight……” 

Su Tang frowned, “He’s hospitalized for carsickness?”

“It’s not carsickness…… Be good tonight, be careful of electricity and gas, sleep early, grandma will make you good food tomorrow……” 

Su Tang almost laughed and felt like she traveled back in time to when she was a child. 

“Grandma…… I’ll substitute for you, come back and sleep.” 

“No, no, I don’t need that much sleep at this age, it’s fine. Sleep well, you must be tired after more than ten hours of flight. Aren’t you going to an interview tomorrow?” 

Su Tang passed her resume to seven or eight companies in S City before she came back, the best one requested her to attend an interview tomorrow morning. 

Su Tang insisted, “Jet lag, I won’t be able to sleep tonight and I’ll be home watching TV anyways.” 

Grandma hesitated. 

“You might as well let me go and watch over that childhood friend of mine.” 

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Grandma laughed out loud, “Fine, fine. Come if you want. Boya Hospital, you remember where that is, right?”


This sanatorium was affiliated with Boya Hospital, Su Tang was always sick during childhood and grandma took her there every time, and she had deep memories of the disinfectant’s smell at the hospital. 

“Level 15, inpatient department.” 

Su Tang raised an eyebrow. That level was for special VIP wards, the fee for one day’s stay was almost equivalent to one month’s salary of the working class in S City. 

Was this Cinderella from Dubai? 

“Tangtang, it’s quite late, be careful on the way here……” 

“I will. Wait for me, I’ll leave right now.” 

Su Tang hung up and grabbed her bag. 

It was never a problem to get a taxi in front of the sanatorium no matter how late it was. Su Tang told the driver the hospital name and the driver soon stepped on the pedal. He talked starting from the name Boya, and to poetry, song lyrics to philosophy for an entire hour before he reluctantly parked outside the inpatient department at Boya Hospital. 

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It was way past visit time and no matter Su Tang said grandma’s name or Shen Yi’s name, the nurse on shift only replied with “come back tomorrow” with a poker face. 

Su Tang had no choice but to call grandma, and grandma told her to wait downstairs for a while. About fifteen minutes later, the lift made a gentle noise and Shen Yi walked out of the lift while holding onto grandma’s arm. 

Su Tang blinked before welcoming them, she saw that Shen Yi was dressed up and asked, “Grandma…… He’s leaving?” 

“No, he has to stay……” Grandma patted Shen Yi’s arm, “He woke up when I picked up the call and he just had to walk me down and pick you up……” 

Su Tang glanced at Shen Yi, who was smiling quietly next to grandma, “Thank you.” 

Shen Yi let go of grandma’s arm and took out his phone from the pocket. 

——Thanks for keeping me company, do you know how to drive?

Su Tang nodded. All civil engineering courses around the world treated women as men, and treated men as animals. She even drove engineering vehicles for her internship in France, she could even drive a bus if Shen Yi gave her one. 

Shen Yi typed on his phone and passed his car keys along with the phone.

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—— It’s too late, it’s too dangerous to catch a taxi. I can’t drive so take my car. 

Su Tang appreciated this man who was more considerate of her grandma than her. She took the keys and saw Shen Yi type another sentence. 

——I’ll go with you, it’s not safe for you to come back alone. 

Grandma saw their conversation and panicked, “No, no……” 

Su Tang realized that it was difficult to convince someone who couldn’t hear or speak. As soon as he shook his head gently but stubbornly without speaking, there was nothing she could do. 

Grandma frowned and gestured something with sign language but Shen Yi remained unmoved. Grandma soon gave up and sighed, letting the two young ones walk her to the carpark. 

That black SUV was Shen Yi’s car. Su Tang drove and Shen Yi helped Su Tang set up the GPS before sitting in the back with grandma. 

Su Tang glanced at the mirror from time to time and saw him holding grandma’s arm all the time and smiled quietly next to her. He looked like a gentle big dog, the last thing he needed to do was sticking its tongue out and wagging its tail. 

 He did not look like someone who needed to be hospitalized……

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