Speak of the devil, and he shall appear?

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This was the first time Liu Manman had wished that she didn't possess such a summoning ability. It had created a truly awkward situation for them.

In reality, though, there wasn't any reason to feel awkward about this situation. After all, the two cousins who had been love rivals in the past were now getting along very well with each other. Moreover, neither of them liked Jiang Mubai now.

Jiang Mubai didn't come alone. After he climbed into the kitchen, a girl followed behind him. Then, Jiang Mubai stood on top of the kitchen counter and pulled another boy through the window.

"That scared the hell out of me! The zombie was almost close to grabbing my foot just now! Thank goodness I managed to kick it away," the second boy that climbed into the kitchen said, sighing in relief as he sat down on the kitchen counter and leaned against the wall.

Liu Manman and the others also recognized the second boy. The boy was called Chen Beimo, and he was one of the male idols of the Music Department, similar to Jiang Mubai. The two boys even belonged to the same dormitory.

However, the girl who came with the two boys was an unfamiliar sight.

Liu Manman scrutinized the short-haired girl. The girl wore an indifferent expression on her face, and her skin was sickly pale. When Liu Manman exchanged gazes with the girl, she couldn't help but shudder.

The girl was…a little frightening.

"So it really was you! I saw a figure that looked like yours running past when I was in the Art Building!" Jiang Mubai exclaimed as he looked at Ren Nanying.

However, Ren Nanying simply responded to Jiang Mubai's enthusiasm with a faint nod.

Meanwhile, Jiang Mubai couldn't help but smile when he saw the person he liked again. Only, his smile faded a little when he noticed that Jun Zishu was also present.

"Speak softer. There are still zombies outside," Jun Zishu said indifferently.

Jun Zishu did not think she would come across Jiang Mubai of all people. However, it didn't matter. Neither Jiang Mubai nor his companions were important people. The only people she had to be wary of were Ren Nanying's two "close friends." Those two had yet to appear, and she couldn't help but wonder where they were right now.

Personally, Jun Zishu hoped it'd be best if they never came across those two. After all, even though they were ungrateful bastards, they were still living and breathing humans. While it might be troublesome if she helped them, it'd also look bad if she chose not to help them.

However, Jun Zishu didn't dwell on the matter too much, deciding to leave this decision for the future.

In the meantime, the other members of Room 412 quietly looked at the outsiders, their silent stares causing Jiang Mubai to feel incredibly awkward.

"Hello. I believe we've all met before," Jiang Mubai greeted.

"Mhm. Jiang Mubai and Chen Beimo, right?" Lin Su indifferently stated as she pushed her glasses.

Originally, Lin Su and the others were relatively happy to see other living people. However, one of these newcomers used to be the cause of a love triangle between two of Room 412's members, so this meeting was less than ideal.

Moreover, after their previous experience with Wu Zi, they also understood that the more people they had in the group, the less food they would have for everyone.

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Jiang Mubai awkwardly smiled, feeling a little taken aback by this situation. He didn't think he would meet both the person he liked and the person who liked him together. Moreover, seeing how they were leaning against each other, it appeared that they had suddenly become very intimate with each other.

Jiang Beimo, who knew about the love triangle, also found this situation incredibly awkward, so he kept his mouth shut to avoid worsening the situation.

"This person is?" Jun Zishu asked as she looked at the short-haired girl.

"Liu Yingtong, Medical Department," Liu Yingtong introduced herself in a deadpan tone, her expression muted.

"Oh, what a coincidence; we have the same surname. But if you're from the Medical Department, why were you with the two of them?" Liu Manman asked out of curiosity. However, she dared not look Liu Yingtong in the eye. She had the feeling that this short-haired girl could kill with her gaze.

"We were having a class on the Art Building's fifth floor when the zombies appeared. Many people ran out of the building, but some also ran upstairs. The three of us hid in a teacher's office on the fifth floor," Jiang Mubai explained, his gaze focused on Ren Nanying the entire time.

Noticing this, Jun Zishu leaned against Ren Nanying, blocking Jiang Mubai's view.

"But aren't you from the Medical Department? Why would you be in the Art Building?" Lin Su asked as she looked at Liu Yingtong. Logically, medical students should be attending class in the Medical Building. Why would they be attending class in the Art Building?

"The projector in my classroom was broken. My lecturer happened to have something to do at the Art Building, so he decided to borrow one of the classrooms there," Liu Yingtong answered as she sat cross-legged at a side, her short hair looking sharp and unrestrained.

"That is to say, you aren't familiar with the two of them?" Liu Manman asked.


"Ah, it's cold to sit on the floor! Come, come, come! Sit here with me!"

As soon as Liu Manman heard that Liu Yingtong wasn't familiar with the two boys, she promptly began treating Liu Yingtong with great enthusiasm. Although she still felt that Liu Yingtong was scary, the other party was also a girl. So, it wouldn't be good for her to sit on the cold floor.

"Why do I get the feeling that you're prejudiced against her?" Chen Beimo asked, feeling a little hurt by the difference in treatment. Moreover, Liu Manman didn't even try to hide her prejudice against them, instantly changing her tone with Liu Yingtong as soon as she found out that the other party wasn't close with him and Jiang Mubai.

"We're just standing on a unified battlefront," Liu Manman bluntly stated. With Jiang Mubai here, they'd be crazy to treat the two boys enthusiastically.

Ignoring the two boys, the girls began having a lively discussion among themselves.

Liu Manman: Hello. I'm the Literature Department's Liu Manman. We have the same surname.

Liu Yingtong: What a coincidence.

Liu Manman: All five of us are from the same dorm.

Lin Su: English Department, Lin Su.

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Xu Qiu: Economics Department, Xu Qiu.

Jun Zishu: Dance Department, Jun Zishu.

Ren Nanying: Athletics Department, Ren Nanying.

Liu Yingtong: Huh? Your dorm has five people?

Jun Zishu: Mhm. This person here is my relative.

Liu Manman: That's right. She's a supplementary member.

"What relative?" Jiang Mubai couldn't help but ask out of curiosity. Since when did Jun Zishu and Ren Nanying suddenly become relatives?

"She's my elder cousin," Jun Zishu said, smiling as she held Ren Nanying's hand.

"Since when did you two become cousins?"

Jiang Mubai was shocked. He had chased after Ren Nanying for so long, and Jun Zishu had chased after him for just as long, yet this was the first time he was hearing about this piece of information.

"We always have been," Jun Zishu nonchalantly answered.

"Why didn't you say anything to me?"

"Why must I tell you?" Jun Zishu asked with a confused expression, seemingly not understanding why Jiang Mubai would ask such a question.

The original owner had never told Jiang Mubai about her relationship with Ren Nanying because she felt unreconciled. Moreover, she never had a good relationship with Ren Nanying, to begin with. She worried that once she told Jiang Mubai that Ren Nanying was her cousin, Jiang Mubai would try to ask her for information on Ren Nanying. She'd probably get a stroke if that happened.

However, unlike the original owner, Jun Zishu didn't care about letting others know about her connection with Ren Nanying. On the contrary, she wanted to let Jiang Mubai know about it and be aware that he was the outsider in this triangle relationship.

Liu Manman: That's right. What obligation does my goddess have to tell you about this?

Xu Qiu: Are you very close to our Zishu? Must Zishu report everything about her family to you?

Lin Su: I ask that a certain someone be more sensible and objective in recognizing their own situation, okay?

The girls' prejudice was incredibly obvious.

Seeing this, Chen Beimo patted Jiang Mubai on the shoulder, hinting his friend to stop talking.

The other party had already made it clear that they disliked Jiang Mubai. Their dislike was also justified since Jiang Mubai had never shown Jun Zishu even the slightest smile in the past. Moreover, it was obvious that Ren Nanying and Jun Zishu were on the same front now. Thus, Jiang Mubai would only be criticized even more harshly if he continued speaking.

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Meanwhile, Jiang Mubai couldn't help but turn to Ren Nanying for help. Unfortunately, Ren Nanying had no intentions of speaking up for him as she simply kept her head down as she played with Jun Zishu's long hair.

As for Liu Yingtong, she kept silent since she didn't know what was going on.

After the silence continued for a moment, Liu Manman resumed chatting with Liu Yingtong, eager to learn more about their new companion.

Liu Manman: Is it true that the Medical Department doesn't give hints on tests?

Liu Manman was very curious about this question. After all, for a lazy university student, nothing could be worse than going into an exam without any prior hints.

Liu Yingtong: Mhm.

Liu Manman: Tsk, tsk, tsk. Those who persuade others to study medicine should be struck by lightning!

Xu Qiu: Those who persuade others to study law should receive death by a thousand cuts!

Lin Su: Why are you getting so excited as well…

Xu Qiu: I just got caught in the moment, hehe.

Liu Yingtong: What a coincidence. I'm studying forensic science.

The kitchen fell silent as the three girls who spoke before went mute.

Liu Manman shuddered when she heard Liu Yingtong's words. She also realized why the other party looked so scary now. It turned out that this scary-looking girl studied forensic science.

Contrasting her three roommates, Jun Zishu grew interested when she heard Liu Yingtong's words. Looking at the other party, she asked, "Are you interested in dissecting those little cuties outside?"

"Little cuties?" Liu Yingtong raised an eyebrow in confusion. Then, realization dawned on her, and her lips curled upward as she said, "Of course. I wanted to research them initially, but they keep attacking in groups. I nearly secured a specimen two days ago, but more ended up appearing, so I had to retreat. If possible, I really want to research them."

Liu Yingtong's eyes sparkled with interest as she spoke. Seeing this situation, everyone couldn't help but look at each other and wonder what Jun Zishu and Liu Yingtong were trying to do.

"You know how to conduct dissection, right?"

"Naturally," Liu Yingtong asked. "Why? Don't tell me you're going to secure one from outside?"

Liu Yingtong felt that this idea was a little crazy and incredibly dangerous.

"No need for that much trouble. Come with me."

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Jun Zishu stood up, and Liu Yingtong followed her.

Ren Nanying and the others knew what Jun Zishu was trying to do, so they didn't bother moving from their seats.

After opening the iron door, Jun Zishu opened the lights to the corridor.

Several zombies were neatly laid side-by-side along the corridor, all of them having varying degrees of damage to their bodies and faces.


Liu Yingtong made a sound of admiration, her admiration directed to both the people who killed these zombies and the people who lined these zombies side-by-side.

When Lin Su heard Liu Yingtong's surprised voice, she couldn't help but puff up her chest proudly. It was her idea that a family should be neat and tidy.

Afterward, Jun Zishu and Liu Yingtong dragged the closest zombie into the kitchen. Then, Jun Zishu turned off the lights in the corridor and closed the iron door.

"Are you going to start dissecting?"

"I don't have gloves," Liu Yingtong said, frowning in disgust as she looked at the zombie's decaying wounds. She didn't know what would happen if she made direct contact with this rotting flesh. If possible, she'd prefer to have a pair of rubber gloves.

"Will these do?" Liu Manman asked as she held up a pair of cheap, white gloves she found in the kitchen.

"They'll do, thank you."

Liu Yingtong accepted the gloves and put them on.

"Do you have a knife?"

"Of course," Liu Yingtong said as she took out a folding scalpel from her pocket and kissed its handle. "This is my baby."

The corners of Liu Manman's mouth twitched a little. No matter how she looked at it, this new friend of hers looked like a huge pervert.

"I'm very curious to find out how these zombies continue functioning normally after becoming moving corpses. Do they require sustenance? How does their metabolism work? Is there any mutation in their internal organs? Where are they getting their energy from? It's a pity that I don't have the proper equipment. I'm not sure if I can find anything useful even if I dissect them."

Liu Yingtong might have trained to obtain information from a corpse, but it was a different story for corpses that had died a second time. She wasn't confident she could find anything useful with only a scalpel.

Subsequently, the girls huddled around and watched as Liu Yingtong dissected the zombie.

Meanwhile, Chen Beimo and Jiang Mubai couldn't help but gulp nervously as they watched this frightening scene.

These girls must be demons, right?

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