Chapter 316: Go Poke a Scarlet Bee’s Nest

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Only after the main judge announced it, was there was a burst of inhalation in the hall.

“Lou Mu Yan actually won the championship, that’s incredible!”

“Yeah! The battle between her and Chu Han was so exciting, I’m still amazed about it when I think of it.”

The battle between Lou Mu Yan and Chu Han wasn’t only a showdown of strength, but also a battle of minds.

The fighting methods used between the two were exceptionally exciting. Even a fight between Sword Venerable Sword Masters might not compare.

Lou Mu Yan was at a disadvantageous position from the beginning due to the disparity in cultivation base, but with her extraordinary mind, she led Chu Han into her game step by step.

First, she destroyed the silver longsword he was accustomed to using, then used the advantage of the fire and wood dual Elemental Energy comprehension that she had comprehended to the Great Achievement Stage to hold back Chu Han’s Thousand Shadow Sword Skill he shot from his huge Deep-Sea Profound Ice Iron sword.

In fact, many of the people present were wondering how Lou Mu Yan resisted Chu Han’s ferocious black flame ball. After all, if it were one of them, if they directly withstood that move, even if they didn’t die, they’d be half-crippled.

Luo Ye and the others who lost against Chu Han couldn’t help but be moved. It turned out that Chu Han was so powerful. They didn’t wrongfully lose.

But Lou Mu Yan defeated Chu Han. This also meant that she was stronger than them, and it also aroused the valour of them men.

“I really didn’t expect that, aside from Lord Luo, those who entered the top three this time were actually two Sword Masters from little-known small kingdoms, and I have to admit that they’re both indeed very strong.” An elite genius from a superpower kingdom smiled bitterly.

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“Aye! Comparing oneself to another could definitely infuriate oneself to death. We can’t envy their talent.”

“Who would’ve expected that the trump cards of those two are so powerful. Not only are they both Sword Cultivators, but they also possess Spirit Flames.” Someone said enviously.

“Presumably, the two of them encountered a fortuitous opportunity before coming into this space.”

“Chu Han’s giant sword is made from Deep-Sea Profound Ice Iron and Lou Mu Yan’s golden sword is also refined from Heavenly Frost Golden Crystal and various rare Spars. If it weren’t that her metal attribute Elemental Energy hadn’t reached Great Achievement Realm, otherwise the power of her golden longsword definitely wouldn’t be weaker than Chu Han’s giant sword.

“After all, the value of the Deep-Sea Profound Ice Iron and the Heavenly Frost Golden Crystal are both Earth-Rank Spiritual Items.”

Lou Mu Yan’s Natal Magic Tool was engraved with a small Array to hide the material used for refining the sword body, but in the fight with Chu Han just now, after being frozen by the Deep-Sea Profound Ice Iron, the Array was damaged, and so also exposed its original form. Therefore, it was normal for Smiths above Grade 2 to recognise its original appearance.

“Tsk tsk, I only thought that Lou Mu Yan’s golden sword was very powerful before, but I didn’t expect it to be made of Heavenly Frost Golden Crystal. But why couldn’t we recognise it before?” Someone asked in confusion.

An Array Master said: “She arranged an Array on the golden sword.”

“So that’s how it is.”

There was an endless stream of discussions below, all revolving around Lou Mu Yan and Chu Han. Many even revealed expressions of pain because they had put all their bets on Chu Han.

Meanwhile, Si Nan and the others happily took the Spiritual Stones that they won from betting on Lou Mu Yan.

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In the central castle, the Elder of the Eight Extremes Sect glowed with an exceptional brilliance, as if he was the one that won.

“Hao Shan old man, give me the Array Chart now. As expected, this old man has good eyesight.” His old face was like a wrinkled chrysanthemum as he smiled.

The Elder of the Vast Mountain Sect rolled his eyes, displeased, but still tossed him the set of Array Charts that he had so much difficulty obtaining with an expression as if his flesh hurt, “Take it.”

When he was finished, he cursed inwardly: After lao’zi digs Lou Mu Yan to the Vast Mountain Sect, I’ll make sure you can’t even find a place to cry.

“I really didn’t expect that the final winner would be Lou Mu Yan, that little girl. Her talent is indeed extraordinary.” The Elder of the Medicine Sect was most optimistic about Lou Mu Yan among the Sword Masters in this competition.

The first condition for an Alchemist was for them to be able to possess the dual Elemental Energy attributes of fire and wood. The deeper the comprehension of the two attributes, the more conducive to improving the grade of an Alchemist. Even a Grade 4 Alchemist such as himself only owned the wood attribute at Great Achievement Realm.

If Lou Mu Yan was brought to the Medicine Sect to train, her future would be boundless.

Of course, the other Sect Elders sitting here all had the same idea in their hearts. They wouldn’t miss Chu Han, but they must win Lou Mu Yan.

After the competition, Lou Mu Yan and Chu Han didn’t leave immediately, but instead, quickly recovered from their injuries and cultivation base.

Half a day later, the main judge’s voice sounded again in the building.

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“After the finals of the Tian’ling Continental Tournament for Hegemony is over, us Organisers will activate the Great Spiritual Gathering Array a quarter of an hour from now to concentrate the surrounding Spiritual Force in this mountain forest here. You have ten days to absorb and improve your cultivation base.

“Ten days later, everyone will return to the building hall on the top of the mountain to gather, and the Elders of the Six Major Sects will personally select the Sword Masters who enter their Sects.

“The Continental Tournament for Hegemony has expressly stipulated that the top ten Sword Masters in the finals have the right to freely choose among the Six Major Sects, so we will pass the information about the Six Major Sects to the identity jade tablets of the top ten people through an Array. You will properly decide which Sect you want to join in these ten days.

“As for the other ninety people, you will wait for the Elders of the Six Major Sects to allocate your places. As for which Sect you go to in the end, it’s not up to you to decide.

“Alright. The Great Array is about to activate. You can leave to cultivate deeply in the ten days.”

“Senior Judge, can I ask a question?” Lou Mu Yan said after thinking for a bit.

The judge was slightly surprised, but he still liked Lou Mu Yan, so he replied: “Ask.”

“Are we going to be sent out of this space after choosing the Sect in ten days?” Lou Mu Yan asked.

“Yes. After ten days, the Great Array will teleport all the people gathered in the hall out of this space.”

Lou Mu Yan furrowed her brows. As expected.

“Then can we leave this mountain in the ten days?”

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After hearing her question, many people couldn’t help but twitch the corners of their lips. Once the Spirit Gathering Array activated, the Spiritual Force on this mountain would be several times that of the outside. Only fools would leave this mountain to go out.

“Yes, but you must come back and gather in ten days, otherwise it will automatically be regarded as giving up the opportunity to enter the Six Major Sects.”

“I’ve finished asking my questions, thank you Senior for clarifying my doubts.”

“No problem. You can all leave now. Of course, if you choose to cultivate in this hall, you can also stay.”

Lou Mu Yan didn’t leave immediately. After the previous battle, she already felt that a breakthrough was coming, so she closed her eyes and began to cultivate to break through to Peak-Phase Sword Monarch.

Chu Han also didn’t consider leaving this place to find somewhere to cultivate, so he also sat cross-legged on another side.

Many of the people present had no plans to leave. After all, after the Spirit Gathering Array was activated, their goal was to absorb the Spiritual Force crazily. There was no need to venture out in danger.

A small number of people left the hall for various reasons. But Lou Mu Bai and the others naturally remained.

Three days later, Lou Mu Yan didn’t go to the lobby to find Lou Mu Bai and the others, but after telepathically sending word to them, she called Ye Qing Han and left quietly.

After another two days, two figures emerged outside the forested mountains of the finals and headed towards a deep mountain.

Lou Mu Yan had been thinking about those Scarlet Bees for a long time. If she was teleported out of this competition space, then she would miss the opportunity, so she couldn’t wait as she called Ye Qing Han to go poke the Scarlet Bee’s nest together.

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