Chapter 317: The Method of Raising

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Lou Mu Yan took Ye Qing Han to the place where she provoked the Scarlet Bee’s nest last time.

“Mu Yan, do you want to contract those Scarlet Bees?” Ye Qing Han looked at the fist-sized Scarlet Bees with purely red bodies and his scalp felt numb.

The Scarlet Bees were social Demonic Beasts. If they were separated, their combat power wouldn’t be strong, but if they were dispatched in groups, even the powerhouses Sword Venerable and above would have a headache.

The Scarlet Bees had several attributes. Their tail thorn wasn’t only highly poisonous, but also paralysing. It was one of the Demonic Beasts that human Sword Masters and many other Demonic Beasts were most reluctant to provoke.

He didn’t expect Lou Mu Yan to have ideas for the Scarlet Bees. At the same time as being helpless, he was filled with pampering.

“No, I just want to make a contract with the Scarlet Bee Empress. These Scarlet Bees are all grown up, so they won’t live long after contracting. And it’s a waste of Mental Energy to contract so many Scarlet Bees.” Lou Mu Yan shook her head.

Ye Qing Han understood, “True. If you can contract the Scarlet Bee Empress, then each time she laid eggs, the Scarlet Bees would be branded with your Mental Energy and would obey your commands without needing to contract.

“However, the Scarlet Bee Empress isn’t that easy to contract. The Empress inside has to at least be Tier 7, and maybe even Tier 8. It’s different from other ordinary Demon Cultivators. Although its own combat power is weak, but there are tens of thousands of Scarlet Bee guards.” He thought for a bit then added.

Lou Mu Yan also knew that the Scarlet Bee Empress was difficult to contract, but she had come up with a solution recently, “I have a solution, but I need Qing Han to help me.”

“Sure!” Ye Qing Han would never refuse any of Lou Mu Yan’s requests and was very happy that she could ask him for help.

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Lou Mu Yan was just about to speak when there were sudden bursts of piercing screams from the bee nest in the distance. That voice was filled with extreme pain and exhaustion, and pressure filled the area.

“It’s the cry of the Scarlet Bee Empress.” Ye Qing Han’s face sank, “Hearing this sound, she’s a Tier 8 Demonic Beast.”

“Do you know why she screamed like this?” Lou Mu Yan looked sideways and asked.

She knew the Ancient Contract Skill and knew a lot about Demonic Beasts, but this was still limited to the Immortal Cultivation World.

There were many Demonic Beasts on this Continent that she had never even heard of before. In the Immortal Cultivation Realm, there were Gold-Devouring Insects but no Scarlet Bees.

The only reason she knew of Scarlet Bees was because she had read it in the Continental Demonic Beast Records in the Academy library, but the records were only general and not detailed.

Compared to Ye Qing Han, who came from a distinguished clan of Spirit Beast Masters, she definitely didn’t know as much as he did.

“She’s birthing offspring right now.” Ye Qing Han pressed his lips and said: “She should have reached the end of her lifespan.”

“Birthing offspring? You mean she’s giving birth to a new Scarlet Bee Empress?” Lou Mu Yan asked with furrowed brows.

Each generation of Scarlet Bee Empress would desperately give birth to a new Scarlet Bee Empress when their lifespan was near its end, and when she was giving birth, the entire hive was at its strongest.

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Those Scarlet Bees wouldn’t leave the hive no matter what happened. The plan she had prepared before seemed to be in vain.

“Yes. The centre of the hive is filled with Scarlet Bees from Tier 6 to Tier 7. She’s not far from giving birth. The screams just now means that she should have just started giving birth.” Ye Qing Han said.

Lou Mu Yan rubbed her chin and sighed, “I originally wanted to lure them away from the hive in waves with Spiritual Herbs that the Scarlet Bees like, but now it wouldn’t seem to work.”

Her initial plan was to make Bing Ji and Ye Qing Han’s Golden Eagle King hold the Spiritual Herbs to lure the Scarlet Bees away, and then she and Ye Qing Han would take the opportunity to go in and capture the Scarlet Bee Empress.

Now that the end of the Scarlet Bee Empress’s lifespan was approaching, even if she contracted her now, her lifespan would only be extended for a few months at most, and the contract value had been lost.

“Actually, it’s not necessarily a bad thing for the Scarlet Bee Empress to die.” Ye Qing Han thought a bit, then a wise smile rose on his handsome face.

Lou Mu Yan blinked and asked: “What do you mean?”

“The Scarlet Bee Empress is a Tier 8 Demonic Beast right now, so it wouldn’t be easy to contract, and it would also be difficult to raise and nurture. After all, she’s already used to being the only one in this space.

“But now that she’s about to give birth, we just need to wait for her to give birth to a new Empress, and you can directly contract the newly born Scarlet Bee Empress.” Ye Qing Han smiled lightly and said.

Lou Mu Yan smiled helplessly: “It’s a good plan, but I don’t know how to raise a Scarlet Bee Empress. Even if the contract is successful, but it’ll be difficult for it to survive.”

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She naturally thought of contracting the new Scarlet Bee Empress before, but Scarlet Bees were different from other Demonic Beasts. The newly born Empress was very fragile. If she took it away from the hive without the method of raising it, then ninety-percent of them would die prematurely.

“I have its raising method here.” Ye Qing Han smiled lightly. With a thought, a jade slip fell into his hand.

He handed it to Lou Mu Yan and said: “Mu Yan, I copied this method of raising from my Clan’s Secret Classics. I’ll gift it to you now.”

“It’s copied from your Clan’s Secret Classics? Can you give it to me? If it’s inconvenient, then you don’t need to. It’s not like I have to contract a Scarlet Bee Empress.” Lou Mu Yan didn’t want Ye Qing Han to be in a difficult position. After all, the precious Secret Classics of Clans weren’t allowed to be leaked by Clan pupils.

Ye Qing Han shoved it into her hands with a smile, “No worries. This is what mother left me. The people in the Clan aren’t qualified to interfere with me.”

The Ye Clan had regulations that didn’t allow the disclosure of the Secret Classics of how to breed Demonic Beasts, but this Secret Classic was left to him by his mother and didn’t belong to the Ye Clan.

It was just that his father had put it into the Clan’s Classics Library to encrypt and hide it, but the owner was still him.

And his mother once said that if he liked a woman who was also a Spirit Beast Master, then he could copy and gift this Secret Classic to her. Even if they weren’t fated in the end, it could still leave a memory as a souvenir.

His mother was a very open-minded and wonderful woman.

Lou Mu Yan saw that although he had a smile on his face, there was a bit of desolation in his eyes. Remembering his experience at home, she couldn’t help but feel a little uncomfortable.

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Ye Qing Han’s mother’s background should be extraordinary, otherwise he wouldn’t have so many secrets. But also because of this, he must have endured more things than others.

“Then I won’t be polite and I’ll accept it.” Lou Mu Yan didn’t want to brush off Ye Qing Han’s kindness. And she indeed needed such a method of raising.

“Look at the breeding method of the Scarlet Bee Empress. Let’s wait here for her to give birth.” Ye Qing Han said.


Lou Mu Yan’s Mental Energy penetrated into the jade slip and looked at it carefully, becoming more and more alarmed. She would furrow her brows at times while at other times, her eyes would sparkle as if she had comprehended something.

This copy of the jade slip contained not only the raising methods of Scarlet Bees, but also the introduction and raising methods of no less than one hundred rare Demonic Beasts. Its preciousness could only be imagined.

After scrutinising the raising methods of Scarlet Bees, she just realised that it was indeed fortunate that she had brought Ye Qing Han together. Otherwise if she raised according to her own feelings, then that new Empress might not survive for ten years in her hands.

In such a way, Lou Mu Yan studied the raising method in the Secret Classic, while Ye Qing Han cultivated by her side, and two days passed quickly.

On this day, the sky had only just lit, and the harsh screams in the distant hive gradually stopped. The aura also gradually weakened, indicating that the old generation of the Scarlet Bee Empress was about to pass away.

After another half a day, Lou Mu Yan and Ye Qing Han looked at each other and quietly felt their way towards the hive.

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