Chapter 318: Millennium-Old Royal Jelly

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Lou Mu Yan handed Ye Qing Han a talisman when approaching the hive.

“This is an Invisibility Talisman. As long as it’s attached to your body, and we don’t use Elemental Energy, we won’t be discovered. We’ll feel our way to the Scarlet Bee Empress’s nest in a bit and run away immediately after the contract is completed.”

This was the talisman that she spent a lot of effort refining before, but she didn’t expect to use it.

Seeing her sneaky, thief-like appearance, Ye Qing Han said with amusement: “Alright!”

After the two stuck on the talisman, their figures and aura disappeared instantly, and they walked quietly towards the centre of the hive.

The Scarlet Bee’s hive was very large, more than five metres high, and the outside was filled with Tier 6 and 7 Scarlet Bees patrolling back and forth.

The Scarlet Bees were a relatively special type of Demonic Beast, because it was directly birthed and controlled by the Empress of the Scarlet Bees, so their intelligence wasn’t that high, and they couldn’t transform into the human form.

The Scarlet Red Empress needed to reach Tier 9 to be able to transform into human form, but her intelligence was relatively high.

The two entered the central nest, which was filled with royal jelly, and there was a crooked cave in the nest.

Going down the cave, the age of the royal jelly continued to grow and it took about an hour to come to an end.

At the end, surrounded by orange-yellow Millennium-Old Royal Jelly, Lou Mu Yan’s eyes lit up.

This Royal Jelly was a good thing. It could not only improve one’s cultivation base, but also had the effect of maintaining beauty and youthfulness, and was one of the main ingredients for refining the Beauty Enhancing Pill and the Beauty Preserving Pill.

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“Qing Han, with this Millennium-Old Royal Jelly, we can refine the Beauty Preserving Pill that helps one maintain youth and immortal beauty. I’ll give you a few by then, and your appearance will last forever.” Lou Mu Yan said excitedly to Ye Qing Han telepathically.

All women loved beauty, even Lou Mu Yan was no exception. In her previous life, she took a Beauty-Preserving Pill to stay young forever.

In this life, she naturally wouldn’t let herself become a grey-haired, wrinkled old woman.

Ye Qing Han had a smile on his lips, “There’s such pills?”

If Lou Mu Yan refined this kind of pill, then those female Sword Cultivators would probably all go crazy.

Lou Mu Yan raised her chin and said with slight tsundere: “Of course. And only I know about the pill formula.”

The Beauty Enhancing Pill could beautify one’s appearance, and one’s face would appear younger and younger, but it was only useful if one took it long-term. On the other hand, the Beauty Preserving Pill could keep one’s youthful appearance forever, but the main ingredients for refining this pill required several rare Spiritual Herbs and she didn’t have it all.

When she accidentally broke into this Scarlet Bee’s hive before, she already had the idea to take the Royal Jelly, and when she refined the Beauty Enhancing Pill and sold it, she would not only make huge money, but it was also a long-term business.

There was no figure of the Scarlet Bee Empress here. Lou Mu Yan used her Mental Energy to sweep around constantly, then finally discovered that there was a faint aura coming from a piece of Royal Jelly.

She walked over quickly and entered the Royal Jelly with Ye Qing Han. Sure enough, there was a door made of honeycombs behind the Royal Jelly. Pushing through the door and into it was a small space.

The light in the space was very good, and there were several corpses of the Scarlet Bee Empress within. The newest one’s lifeforce dissipated just before they entered, and the corpse was relatively large.

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Beside her was a crystal clear and transparent honey-yellow bee pupa, with a strong beating aura of life.

“Mu Yan, quickly go make a contract.” Ye Qing Han said.

Lou Mu Yan took off her Invisibility Talisman and walked cautiously in front of the bee pupa. After finding that there weren’t any strange changes, she quickly dropped a drop of blood essence onto the pupa.

Then she chanted a difficult incantation silently as she constantly formed seals. Circles of jade-coloured light covers enveloped her and the bee pupa.

After an hour, the jade-coloured light cover lit up and turned into two streams of light that entered into Lou Mu Yan and the bee pupa’s bodies respectfully.

Lou Mu Yan wiped the fine sweat on her forehead. Although this new Scarlet Bee Empress was just birthed, but its Mental Energy was exceptionally strong. If it weren’t for her Mental Energy being even stronger than that of the bee pupa, then she would’ve been backlashed.

“Mu Yan, how is it?” Ye Qing Han asked with concern.

Lou Mu Yan smiled lightly and said: “This bee pupa’s Mental Energy is so strong that I almost failed.”

“Even you almost failed with your Mental Energy?” Ye Qing Han said in surprise: “No wonder we’ve never heard of someone contracting the Scarlet Bee Empress. So it’s because their Mental Energy is too strong and can’t be contracted.”

Lou Mu Yan’s Mental Energy was several times, or even more than ten of times his, yet she almost failed. Then it really was that few people could contract this kind of Demonic Beast.

He used to wonder why those high-level Spirit Beast Masters didn’t contract social Demonic Beasts like the Scarlet Bees. Once successfully contracting such Demonic Beasts, then they would definitely be exceptionally powerful. So it seemed that it was because they were too difficult to contract.

Scarlet Bee swarms weren’t only difficult to find, but also required the Spirit Beast Master to have stronger Mental Energy than the Scarlet Bee Empress. It truly was difficult to meet those two conditions.

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“Yeah! Fortunately we’re lucky. If I contracted the old Scarlet Bee Empress of Tier 8, then I might’ve failed. Maybe I’d even be backlashed at the same time as failing.” Lou Mu Yan sighed with lingering fear.

Her Mental Energy was indeed very strong, but her cultivation base held her back. If she encountered that Tier 8 Scarlet Bee Empress, unless she asked Mo Yan to help suppress her, otherwise her chances of successfully contracting her would be only half.

“Not good, there’s a riot happening among the Scarlet Bees outside.” Lou Mu Yan’s expression suddenly changed and she quickly put away the contracted Scarlet Bee Empress and the corpses.

Then she took out her longsword and channelled Elemental Energy into it, and slashed it towards the edge of the nest. The Royal Jelly flowed out in an instant.

With a thought, she put all the Royal Jelly into her interspatial ring.

The interspatial ring refined by Great Master Wu was very large, and had a special independent space, perfect to hold these Millennium-Old Royal Jelly.

After these were done, the two heard the harsh [BUZZ BUZZ!] sounds enter their ears.

After the death of the old Scarlet Bee Empress, the Scarlet Bee swarms waiting outside only had a lifespan of at most ten years. Their mission was to protect the new Empress Bee to be born from her pupa and to breed new Scarlet Bees.

And the reason why Lou Mu Yan and Ye Qing Han were able to succeed so quickly was thanks to the hierarchy of the Scarlet Bees. The Empress’s nest wasn’t allowed to be entered by other Scarlet Bees.

However, she contracted the new Bee Empress, so the Scarlet Bees who were waiting outside suddenly had their connection cut off with it, and so the crazy riot broke out.

“Escape!” Lou Mu Yan grabbed Ye Qing Han’s hand and rushed towards the outside of the cave using her Flash Steps.

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It wasn’t that the Invisibility Talisman couldn’t be used, but once that talisman received attacks, they would reveal their true form and their speed would be even slower.

Tens of thousands of Scarlet Bees rushing in would inevitably dispel the stealth effect, and they would be in trouble.

Ye Qing Han held Lou Mu Yan’s hand tightly, and a layer of cyan light circled out of his body to wrap around the two of them. He quickly escaped at her pace.

As soon as the Scarlet Bees rushed in, they found the two of them and barred their fangs, fiercely spewing a variety of colours of poisons, flames and icicles to attack them.

Lou Mu Yan flipped her hand and an orange flame jumped out and burned a lot of Scarlet Bees to death.

Ye Qing Han constantly slammed his palm wind towards them. His palm wind carried a special kind of Elemental Energy, making the crazy Scarlet Bees not dare to approach.

In the end, the two of them just managed to find a way out from of the swarm of tens of thousands of bees.

Running all the way, both of them were injured. The two of them continued to condense and support the cyan light and orange light cover, but they couldn’t stand the deadly attack of the Scarlet Bee swarm.

The Scarlet Bees were like moths to a flame. Even if they died, they wanted to drag them back.

In the end, the two had to try their best to escape the Scarlet Bee’s nest. The moment Lou Mu Yan exited, she had Bing Ji return to his original form and escape quickly.

But the Scarlet Bees behind followed closely, and if anyone was present, they would definitely be shocked.

One would see a huge Ice Luan flying towards the outside of the mountain as a beam of light, chased by swarms of Scarlet Bees behind. However spectacular and magnificent one pictured this scene, it would be so.

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