My Vampire System

Chapter 931: Chapter 931 The debt

Quinn knew that his soul weapon wouldn't last forever. Especially since it seemed to have no downside while he was using it. He thought it was possible that it could stop at any moment, and it had done just that. However, the bad news didn't stop there as the system messages continued to pop up.

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[Your soul weapon 'Shadow Overload' time limit has ended]

[Time limit for soul weapon depends on the number of MC points the user has]

[The shadow will now be returned to those that it was borrowed from]

The second line made Quinn wonder if the others were able to increase their MC points or if he had more that had learned the shadow ability if he could have used his Soul weapon for longer.

Still, the worst news was yet to come.

[You must now pay your debt for using Shadow overload]

[-40 total MC points]

[0/200 MC points remaining]

As expected, there was some sort of cost for Quinn using such a powerful soul weapon. He knew that once it ended, he would no longer have any MC points to be used, but for the cost, it had taken it from his total MC points.

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Before when Quinn would check his stats, it would state that he had a total of 240 MC points. When using the shadow, this number would go down, and after some time, it would always recover back up to the max number.

It seemed the cost for using this soul weapon was lowering the maximum amount of MC points for his shadow ability. However, looking at it now, it didn't even look like he had enough MC points to activate the Enhancement soul weapon. Without the other shadow users MC points, it didn't look like Quinn had the requirements to use it again.

Looking at Cindy, Quinn could see that her face was still disfigured, but the shadows attached to her were still there, slowly fading away.

"We have to finish her off." A voice by Quinn's side said.

"The vampire settlement is in trouble. I just never expected it to be from one of our own leaders and one I trusted at that." A softer voice spoke. When Quinn turned his head, he could see a woman with the most gentle eyes riding on top of a giant black wolf with a horn.

Looking around him, Quinn noticed that the leaders, Sunny, Muscat, Muka and Lee, had returned. They all were standing by his side, but it wasn't for long, as each of them went rushing in towards Cindy.

As they ran forward, there was one more which had crashed directly in front of her, breaking the ground beneath him as he landed.

"I still have some fight left in me!" Borden said, grabbing her by the arm and lifting her above his head, slamming her to the ground.

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She soon got up, but then Muka was already directly behind her. Seeing a fist going towards her, she decided to rush the blood up from the ground once again like a waterfall. Still, as Muka's fist continued to go forward, it looked like the waterfall split apart, letting his hand go through, punching her in the c.h.e.s.t.

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'His damn ability, what a lucky guy!' Cindy thought.

"Noir, Keep her busy!" Sunny shouted. The giant wolf responded, shrinking in size, and started to move just as fast as any vampire leader. It pounced in and out, striking at the armour, moving Cindy's body like a rag doll.

The only weapons she had on her that was possibly fast enough to strike the familiar was her wh.i.p.s, but Lee, using his strings, was keeping her far too busy for her to properly use them. As quick as Cindy was destroying them, Lee made new strings yanking her hand here and there.

Eventually, Cindy managed to find a break and took a step back, but her foot was soon found landing on something. It lit up, and her whole body was frozen in place. This was the power of the Muscat family. The ability to set up traps.

With her staying still, Borden didn't waste this opportunity to hit her as hard as he could in the head once again. Although she couldn't move her legs, she could move her hands and lifted them, protecting her face. What she didn't expect was just how powerful Borden's strike would be, crushing her arms, and the force continued to be felt through them.

Cindy was able to heal parts of her body with her ability, but the leaders and Borden were just dealing too much damage, not giving her enough time to recover.

"Cindy!" A voice shouted from the other end, all the way back from the execution stage. "It's time for your end. It's our win." The one who had said these words was Bryce. He was still heavily hurt from before and was using his sword and Kazz by his side to help him stand.

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"Haha!" Cindy started to laugh. The shadow had finally disappeared from her face, and she was able to use her ability once more, and the first thing she did was return her mouth back to what it once used to be. "A Dalki, a Punisher, ex-humans, and all the vampire leaders are working together. You know, if there was one thing I didn't expect, it was that under your rule, all of these types of people would be working together. You call this a win, I think if I was you, this would be a huge loss."

Using all the blood that had spilt inside her own body, she decided she wouldn't heal the wounds. Instead, she planned to activate the power in the blood armour. The others, seeing it light up, all leapt and stepped away.

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Everyone could tell it was dangerous, however, this was just a trick on Cindy's behalf. The armour started to fade, and she quickly used this time to reverse the damage done to her hands.

"Screw you all!" She shouted, lifting her hands. At that moment, all the blood in the vampire settlement from the damage done by the eighth family was lifted into the air. It looked like red raindrops that were frozen in time.

"Not this move again!" Nate said. "This is what beat all those vampire leaders last time."

"And I can't use the shadow either." Wevil noticed attempting to use it there and then.

It seemed like letting Quinn borrow their powers made it, so he was actually using them, so they would have to wait for them to recover as well.

Before, it was just the square, this time, it was blood from the whole settlement, and no one felt like they could block this attack, or survive it this time.

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"Leaders, stop that attack!" Bryce shouted.

Cindy's hands were trembling. It looked like she was struggling to hold such power, and she was still gathering it in order to summon the skill.

'Is she weak?' Quinn wondered.

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Using her ability, she had used up MC points just like every other ability, so at some point, she wouldn't be able to reverse the damage anymore, and she had taken a heavy beating from the leaders and Borden, even Quinn before.

The sheer power of the blood ability wasn't the only reason she was struggling. She was feeling weaker than she had ever felt at the moment. She had used the last of her MC points to heal her hands and was planning to take everyone down with this last move. She didn't care if she died as long as she could pull off this attack, and Quinn had noticed this.

'If she's this weak, then there is one thing I can do.' Quinn thought.

A shadow skill that didn't require any MC points to use but was dependent on how weak the person was in front of him. It was a gamble because if Cindy wasn't weak, then the skill would be useless.

Gathering his hands together, a dense black blob started to form from his shadows, then when the time was right, he threw it out. From his hand, a giant ball came out towards Cindy, splitting open as if it had a large mouth ready to gobble her up.

[Skill Shadow Eater]


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