Chapter 124: Perfect Cleansing Potion, Queen of Darkness

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After obtaining the class [Holy Crusader], Su Ming had completed the quest [Visiting Holy Crusader Karen Le] and he gained 50,000 experience points.

After that, Su Ming went to the streets of the capital and looked at the effects of his new talent and skills.

[Power of Holy Crusader – Talent]

Quality: Gold

Effect: Holy light damage +20%, holy light damage gains 50% spell penetration, and restrained damage to dark creatures +50%.

[Demon Hunting Sword – Diamond]

Level: 1 (0/900)

Effect: Use Holy Light to condense the demon-hunting sword and stab the enemy to reduce their defense by 30%, and deal [600+ spell attack X350%] Holy Light damage. If the enemy is a dark creature, the effect/damage will become double. Cooldown Time: seconds. Consumes 200 MP.

The effect of both the skill and the talent was pretty good. From now on, his damage against dark creatures would increase when he attacks them.

After that, he opened the panel of [Eye of Holy Judgement].

The sin storage had reached 334,420.

Su Ming directly activated [Sin Conversion] and gained a total of 33 free attribute points.

He added all the free attribute points to his Spirit, and his spell attack improved greatly.

“By the way, I should go to the merchant and buy some cleansing potions.”

Su Ming thought to himself.

He directly found a merchant in the royal capital and spent 1 million gold coins to purchase a [Perfect cleansing Potion – Diamond].

As long as the class template and race template did not exceed Diamond grade, this item could be used to obtain a perfect state of the current class and race template.

Su Ming decisively used the medicine.

The system notification sounded.


“Congratulations on using the [Perfect Cleansing Potion]. Your attributes have reached the perfect state of the current class and race template.”

He opened his personal panel and saw that all of his attributes had skyrocketed.

ID: [Cang Hai]

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Level: 41 (4.06 million / 6.65 million)

HP: 219540

MP: 145476

Attributes: Strength 6395, Physique 5942, Agility 4978, Spirit 5999

Attack power: 12790/12718

Defense: 6687/3716

“These attributes are too explosive.”

Su Ming was very satisfied.

When he was at level 41 in his previous life, his attributes were less than one-fifth of his current attributes. This was an enormous gap.

His physical attack and spell attacks had exceeded 10,000.

Su Ming walked towards the teleportation array while thinking of this and continuously used the healing technique to brush BUFF.





Ding, congratulations on obtaining 1 layer of [Blood Reflux – BUFF].”

Ding, congratulations on obtaining one layer of [Shield Blessing – BUFF].”

Soon, [Blood Reflux] reached the maximum level, which could prevent the enemy from stealing HP, and absorb the enemy’s HP to restore 50% HP.

However, this buff was actually very difficult to use because of the BUFF [Broken Hope].

Because after being attacked, the enemy couldn’t restore his health at all.

Apart from that, [Shield Blessing] had also reached 50 layers.

As long as the shield existed, it could restore [maximum shield value x 5%] of HP per second, and could withstand 1.5 times the damage.

This meant that if Su Ming only had a little bit of HP and his shield value was refreshed, he could recover 12,062 HP per second!

All shields could withstand more than 360,000 damage in total, which was one and a half times more than his HP.

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After brushing the BUFF, Su Ming returned to the Dragon City.

He looked around and sighed, “I can’t stay here much longer.”

Su Ming was currently staying in Dragon City, mainly for tomorrow’s Dragon Festival.

The reward of the first place had the items he wanted.

“I’ll head to the ocean and look for the abyssal gap where Elos is after this matter is finished.”

Su Ming thought to himself.

Originally, he planned to go to the ocean after getting the [Destiny Clock]. However, the emergence of the mysterious dungeon and the dimensional dungeon had disrupted his schedule.

As for the quest [Returning the Silver Moon Divine Stone], he was not in a hurry for the time being.

5 map fragments had to be gathered to open the dungeon of the Silver Moon Temple and 3 of them could only be obtained from special BOSSes.

Just collecting these map fragments would take a lot of time.

Moreover, the Dragon God of Light had used an Epic grade item and Legendary grade equipment as a reward for his previous Diamond grade quest.

He was far more interested in the quest rewards of the Dragon God of Light.

It was afternoon, and with Attila’s flight speed, he would easily reach the location where the 30-49 abyssal gap was located before dusk.

“Let’s start the journey.”

Su Ming headed toward the teleportation array.

“Teleportation target: Leot City.”

“Teleportation cost: 1000 gold coins.”

“Do you want to teleport?”


The cost of teleportation was one thousand gold coins at a time. It had to be said that this cost was really expensive.

However, there was no way around it.

Players could only use a teleportation array to travel to an area 5,000 to 6,000 kilometers away.

Su Ming paid the money, and his figure disappeared from the teleportation array.


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[Current Location: Holy Light Kingdom – Leot City, Teleportation Platform no. 3]

In an instant, Su Ming arrived at this famous port city, the city of the God of War – Leot.

The event [Trial of Champions] was held by the Temple of War God.

This event was open to all worlds of [Origin], but each world only had 1 ticket.

The number of applicants was still more than 500, and it would take some time before the competition could start.

He came to the port.

Which way should I go to find Elos?

This thought appeared in Su Ming’s mind.

Tick…… Tick……

The [Destiny Clock] started to work.

[55], [0], [165], [84]…..

“Attila, fly in that direction.”

Su Ming summoned Attila and told her to carry him and fly in the direction where the countdown timer was [0].


An hour later, Attila landed on the ocean island with Su Ming.

A group of demons was wandering in the woods of the island.

Su Ming found the Demon Warlord who possessed the Abyssal Crystal through the [Destiny Clock].

[Devil Warlord -Silver]

Level: 35

Title: Boss

HP: 1.12 million / 1.12 million

Attack: 21000

Defense: 12000/5800

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Skills: Blood Slash LV5, Brutal Slam LV5, Blood Whip LV4

Boss Aura: In the nearby area, +10% to all attributes of friendly units lower than their own title.

Sin: 0

“Kill this human and sacrifice his soul to the great Queen of Darkness!”

The Demon Warlord roared.

The demons behind them rushed like a tidal wave.

“Queen of Darkness?”

Su Ming frowned, looked at the demons, and waved his hand to cast [The Fall of Blazing Sun].

The Holy fire condensed into a bright sun, which fell from the sky. With a bang, the holy sun rapidly expanded and a golden fire enveloped an area of 100 meters.





The demon’s swarm was wiped out in an instant. Su Ming used a few more skills and killed the Demon Warlord.

Ding, you killed the Demon Warlord and gained: 270,000 experience points, 200 reputation points, and +2 free attribute points.”


A series of system notifications sounded.

Su Ming walked over to pick up the dropped items.


“Congratulations on obtaining: 255 gold coins, [Blood Slash Skill Book – Bronze], [Abyssal Crystal]……”

He decisively used the Abyssal Crystal.

A black spell formation gradually appeared on the ground.

Ding, do you want to teleportation to the [30th Abyssal Gap]?”


Su Ming’s figure disappeared from the place.

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