Chapter 125: Ancient God’s Reward, Mythical BOSS!

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In the 30th Abyssal gap.

With a full gray moon hanging in the sky, a dark temple stood high above the ground.

The surroundings were very quiet, and Su Ming did not find any demons.


A gust of wind entered his ears. When Su Ming raised his head, he only saw a black shadow in the sky. Its speed was extremely fast.

Just as he was about to use flash to retreat, a notification sounded in his ears and he couldn’t help but stop moving.


“The coordinates of the player’s follower [Elos] have been detected. The follower system is officially activated!”

In a blink of an eye, a body was thrown into his arms.

It was Elos.

She stretched out her slender hands and clutched Su Ming’s clothes tightly, for fear that he would leave.

“Mr. Adventurer, I always believed that you would come to me. Thank you.”

She buried her head deep into Su Ming’s arms and murmured softly.

“Yeah, I’m here.”

Su Ming softly spoke in a rare, tender tone.

Ever since Elos’ favorability for him had reached 100, he had treated her as his own person.

When he reached Mythical level, he would be able to summon Elos in the real world.

Su Ming used his probing skill on Elos.

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At this time, her appearance had changed drastically.

Her long golden hair had turned into soft black hair, and a pair of black wings grew out of her back. Only her blue eyes were still clear and gentle.

The holiness and seductiveness blended perfectly into her.

Su Ming looked at the attributes of Elos.

[Queen of Darkness Elos – Mythical]

Level: 35

Title: Lord

Life value: 15.12 billion / 15.12 billion

Attack: 504,750 million

Defense: 280,000 / 150,000

Skills: God’s body, The Power of Silence, Light and Darkness Reincarnation LV10, Ultimate Dragonization LV10……

Sin: 1258

Su Ming: “….”

For a moment, he thought that he was mistaken.

When did Elos become a mythical BOSS?

Looking at her skill list, he saw a series of supreme skills and unbelievable attributes.

He couldn’t help but wonder what happened after the dark magic spell swallowed Elos.

“Elos, do you remember how you came to this abyssal gap?” Su Ming asked.

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“After being swallowed by the magic spell, I appeared in the dark, deep sea. Later. I swam out of this pool.”

Elos said.

Then she stretched out her finger toward a pool in the temple which was surrounded by three dark dragon-shaped statues.

Su Ming took a few glances but didn’t see anything unusual.

“Forget it, it’s useless for me to think so much.”

He shook his head and stopped thinking about the change in Elos.

Anyway, he had a mythical-level follower now. If he took Elos to fight monsters, wouldn’t his level go up like a rocket?!

Su Ming was a little bit tempted.

He immediately said: “Let’s go. We should leave this place first.”

“No.” Elos shook her head helplessly: “I am bound by the power of rules. I can’t leave the temple.”

“Can’t leave?”

Su Ming frowned slightly.

Elos was the final BOSS of the 30th Abyssal Gap. The only way to get her out was to kill her and revive her after leaving the Abyssal Gap with [Time Rewind].

However, the problem was that Elos was his follower.

Because of the protection of the power of rules, no harm could be caused between the two parties.

“It seems that I can only seek help from the Dragon God of Light.”

Su Ming opened the quest panel and clicked the [Submit] button.

Ding, affected by an unknown power, you are about to be teleported to the [Projection plane of the Void Sea].”

The system notification sounded in his ear and a mysterious power acted on him.

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He came to the void once again and met the Dragon God of Light – Barrones.

Before Su Ming could ask anything, the Dragon God of Light took the lead and said: “Mortal, I know what you want to ask, but I can’t transfer Elos to the main world because the rules that bind Elos have the effect of shielding Holy power.”

“The current situation can only be solved by the Dragon God of Space, Osimute, but I don’t know where he is.”

Hearing this, Su Ming was a little disappointed.

“I understand.”

Since the Dragon God of Light couldn’t make a move, he could only wait for himself to become stronger and rescue Elos himself.

“Anyway, mortal, thank you for your help. This equipment will be your reward for the quest.”

The Dragon God of Light waved his dragon claws and a stream of light spanned hundreds of thousands of light-years and came in front of Su Ming.

Ding, congratulations on completing the Diamond grade quest [Searching for Elos]. You have gained 300000 experience points, 10000 gold coins, free attribute points +16, [Holy Robe of Light – Epic].”

Su Ming obtained his second Epic grade equipment.

He put away the equipment, looked at the Dragon God of Light, and asked, “Respected Dragon God, I’ve always wanted to know one thing. You said that Elos is a special existence but what exactly is special about her? Is she special because she has special rules?”

After hearing his question, the Dragon God of Light explained.

“In this universe, one will be able to attain the position of Supreme God after mastering a rule. On the other hand, a higher realm, the Eternal God Realm, requires the mastery of several rules.”

“Elos has the power of the three supreme rules, darkness, light, and an unknown rule. The moment she becomes a Supreme God, the restrictions of the world rules will be lifted.”

His voice paused for a moment. The Dragon God of Light stared at Su Ming and his tone fluctuated:

“But now you are the one who is chosen by us. Judgment, time, death, sealing, and exchange, five supreme rules have appeared in a human being. I have never seen such a thing in my whole life. Human, I look forward to the moment when you ignite your supreme divine fire!”

“Is that so?……”

Su Ming seemed to have heard similar words from the Dragon God of Destiny.

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Becoming a Supreme God was really attractive for him.

Su Ming couldn’t help but think about his talent [Life Grace].

It was the world’s only Eternal-level talent.

Could it be that the purpose of my rebirth is to break and rewrite the rules of the world?

Su Ming was very skeptical about this idea.

Of course, it was useless for him to think about these questions before he became strong enough.

The Dragon God of Light sent Su Ming back afterward.

In the Dark Temple of the 30th Abyssal Gap.

Su Ming looked at Elos and solemnly said, “One day, I will take you out of this place.”

“Well, I believe you!”

Elos murmured softly.

She raised her head to look at Su Ming, and a strong affection appeared in her eyes.

“Mr. Adventurer, can I be your woman?”

“Of course.”

As a single person who had lived for 24 years, Su Ming inevitably had a hint of nervousness when he looked at Elos’s beautiful face.

At the same time, there were some expectations.

After calming down, Su Ming looked at Elos with a smile.

The relationship between the two of them completed its transformation.

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