Chapter 126: Holy Robe of Light – Epic, the clearing of Dragon Festival

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Ding, welcome back to [Origin].”

The next morning, Su Ming returned to the hotel.

He still remembered the taste of last night.

Su Ming looked down at the mark on his palm.

[Seal of the Dark Temple]

Quality: Special

Effect: With this mark, you can travel to and from the dark temple in the 30th Abyssal Gap.

Although Elos could not leave the Abyssal Gap, she could give others the authority to open the teleportation array to the Dark Temple as the BOSS of the Abyssal gap.

With the mark of the Dark Temple, Su Ming could go to see her when he had time.

At this moment, the system notification sounded.

Ding! Holy Light Kingdom Announcement:”

“The Dragon Festival event held in Dragon City has now begun. Players who have the qualification to participate can go to the event NPC in Dragon City to sign up. This event has generous rewards, so players are invited to participate to their heart’s content.”


The announcements were repeated 12 times, and all the players became excited.

Dragon City had started promoting the event two days ago, so players were already aware of the existence of the Dragon Festival.

“Ahhhhh!!! Why can only those players participate in the event who have pets with dragon bloodlines? It’s not fair!”

“Upstairs, didn’t you see the prefix for the event? Hey, I’m not talented, I only have a hybrid dragon wolf pet.”

“Bull sh*t! Brother, does your pet really have a dragon bloodline? Is the team full? Please let me in!”

This event was very special.

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As long as the player’s pet had a hint of dragon blood, it could participate in the Dragon Festival.

“The event has finally begun.”

Seeing the system notification, Su Ming was overjoyed.

He lifted his feet and walked towards the location of the event NPC.

On the way, Su Ming took out the equipment rewarded by the Dragon of Light.

It was an Epic-grade robe!

[Holy Robe of Light – Epic]

Part: Body

Attributes: Defense +850, HP +7500, Physique +240, Agility +250, Spirit +275

Special effect: Cooldown time reduction +20%

Additional skills: [Holy Blessing Barrier: Creates a barrier with Holy power, which can resist attacks with damage less than [1000+spell attack X450%] for 3 seconds. Cooldown Time: 30 seconds. Consumes 400 MP.]

Equipment requirements: level 35 priest

Su Ming equipped the new robe and his spell attack exceeded 13050.

A few minutes later, Su Ming arrived at the event NPC to sign up. He just summoned Attila and let the NPC take a look.

Ding! Congratulations on registering for the Dragon Festival event and obtaining the item: Dragon Shrine Participation Proof x1.”

Su Ming opened the event panel and looked at the rules of the event.

[Dragon Festival]

Duration: 2 days

Event rules: Participating players can create a team of one hundred people and go to the event dungeon [Dragon Tower] for trial. The dungeon system randomly assigns teams to compete. The loser will fall to the first floor, lose his points, and start the challenge once again.

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Rewards: This event will be ranked according to the points possessed by the teams. At the end of the event, the higher-ranked teams will receive more generous rewards.

“There are no changes in the rules of the event.”

Su Ming thought to himself.

He recalled the event in his previous life and remembered that [Dragon Tower] had a total of 1,000 floors.

There was a special trial upon passing every 200 levels.

The teams that clear 200, 400, 600, 800, and 1000 first will receive a special reward for the event as well as a lot of points.

Su Ming opened the information panel of the dungeon.

[Dragon Tower]

Level: 35-45

Category: Event dungeon

Suitable for: 1-100 people

The number of teams: 2972/??

Victory condition: Unknown.

There were many teams in the dungeon. After all, the competition requirements were not strict. Any player could participate as long as their pet contained a trace of dragon blood.

There were many monsters in the wild that met the competition requirements and they could be easily caught as pets.

95% of players in the Dragon Kingdom participated in the Dragon Festival event.

Su Ming was just about to click the [Enter] button when he suddenly received dozens of system notifications.

“Player [Phantom Shadow] has applied to join your team. Player message: Big Boss, I am willing to offer 2 million gold to join your team.”

“Player [Seven Light Chaos Hunter] has applied to join your team. Player message: Big Brother, please take me! I’m willing to pay for it!”

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Many guilds tried to join Su Ming’s team. After all, they were well aware of Su Ming’s strength.

As long as they entered Su Ming’s team, the first place would definitely be theirs.

Su Ming directly declined all the invitations.

Each time someone passed 1 floor of the dungeon, they would get points.

If they had teammates, the points would be divided equally among each person.

Su Ming was naturally reluctant to do such a thing.

He also needed a lot of points to buy the items he wanted.

Immediately afterward, he entered the dungeon alone.

His opponent on the first floor was a team of thirty people with average strength.

Su Ming immediately cleared the field with [Fall of the blazing Sun].

2 floors…… 5 floors…… 10 floors……

Su Ming’s speed was as fast as a rocket. The number of floors that he passed increased very quickly. Not a single team could face his attack.

When he reached the 40th floor, he finally met a familiar player.

“Victory conditions for the 40th floor: 1- Defeat [Night Blade Team no. 1]. 2- Kill the dungeon BOSS of the 40th floor. If one of these conditions is met, you will be considered victorious.”

“Guild leader [Night Blade Flame], it seems that your luck today is not very good.” Su Ming smiled.

Players of [Night Blade Guild]: “……”

” [Cang Hai], hurry up and attack. It’s not like we can beat you.”

[Night Blade Flame] said helplessly.

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It was hard to imagine that a hundred players were standing together and waiting to die.

“Don’t worry, you will only die once in my hands.” Su Ming smiled and cast [Fall of Blazing Sun].

The Holy fire condensed into a blazing ‘little sun’ that fell from the sky, and the rapidly expanding golden holy fire swept across an area of 100 meters.






The players of the [Night Blade Guild] watched as the flames drowned them.

Ding, you killed player [Night Blade Flame], +4 points.”

Ding, you killed player [Night Blade Eternal Cry],+4 points.”

The [Night Blade Team no. 1] was destroyed, and it directly fell to the first floor of the dungeon. Their points were also cleared, and they needed to start over once again.

Ding, congratulations on your victory and passing the 40th floor, +40 points.”

Su Ming entered the next floor.

Following that, he encountered various guild teams.

[Sky Profound Guild], [Immortal Shadow Guild], [Black Moon Guild]……

Basically, every guild team that encountered Su Ming stood still and waited to die.

Of course, there were some guilds who tried to resist Su Ming.

However, after Su Ming used his skill [Hurricane Siphon], the enemy still couldn’t escape the fate of being killed instantly.

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